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Cricket Academy

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									Bracewell Cricket Academy


       Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11   1
•   New Zealand is extremely popular in terms of tourism, especially backpackers due to its
    diverse range of geographical features, extreme sports and cosmopolitan cities. It is one of
    the most recently populated land masses, settled by the Maori’s only 1,000 years ago. The
    Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, Land of the long White Cloud.
•   New Zealand consists of two main islands, the North and the South. The North Island, home
    to the major cities: the capital Wellington and “The City of Sails”
•   Cricket is the major summer game in New Zealand and as such receives a great deal of
•   Most seasons at least 2 visiting International teams play I day and Test series against the
    Black Caps.
•   Napier is situated on the East Coast of the North Island and as such has one of the best
    climates in New Zealand with very much a Mediterranean feel.
•   Napier hosts International cricket as well as 1st class and national age group tournaments, it
    boasts some of the best cricket facilities in the country and the best cricket wickets.

                                    Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                                2
                  Program Summary
• Academy managed by former Test Player and Level 3 Coach Brendon
• Located in Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, Test and 1st Class Cricket
• Fitness Program
• North Island Tour
• Club Cricket in the Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association Competitions
• Home Ground, Nelson Park, Napier
• Practicing with the Elite
• Work Availability
• Coaching courses and opportunities
• Sports Lodge Accommodation

                            Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11               3
                              Brendon Bracewell

• Player                                          • Coach
   – Blackcap 1978-1989                                 – Level 3 NZC
   – Highest wicket taker in NZ domestic                – 20 years experience
     1st class cricket in 1989-90                       – BCA Director of Coaching from 1997
   – The Bracewell family is an icon of                   to present date
     New Zealand Cricket, with 4 brothers               – Northern Districts Development
     all playing 1st class cricket and 2                  Coach 1992-1997
     playing international cricket                      – Northern Districts Under 21 coach
   – Brendons son Doug (19) is also a 1st                 1992-1997
     class cricketer and recently                       – Head Coach Napier Old Boys Marist
     represented New Zealand at the U19                   2007- present date
     World Cup in New Zealand.
                                                        – Brendon is a highly driven coach who
   – Brendons brother is John Bracewell                   expects the full commitment of his
     the ex BlackCap coach and current                    players and demands 100% effort.
     Gloucester coach

                               Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                             4
                                      Hawke’s Bay

The City                                            Countryside and Coast
•   The Art Deco Capital of the world               •     Fruit Basket of New Zealand
•   Very cosmopolitan and vibrant                   •     Over 50 wineries
•   Summer holiday destination                      •     Miles of fantastic coastline and beaches
•   Local Airport with connections to the           •
    major cities in New Zealand
•   Great Mediterranean Climate – the best in
    New Zealand
•   The World famous Mission Concert
•   International Cricket and Rugby Venue –
    McLean Park

                                  Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                                  5
                                    Fitness Program

Gym Program                                          Fitness Coaching
•   Gym subscription to Sparta Gym, Napier,          •     Most training takes place at Nelson Park                                 •     Fitness includes both aerobic and
•   Only 300 metres from the Sports Lodge                  anaerobic training
•   Basic Gym also at the Sports Lodge               •     All Academy members are guaranteed to
•   Cricket Specific fitness training                      go home fitter and stronger
•   Gym fitness work and flexibility training        •     Brendon is a specialised and experienced
                                                           training taskmaster
                                                     •     Each Academy member with receive an
                                                           initial fitness evaluation from a
                                                           professional physio, from with an
                                                           individualised training plan will be

                                   Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                                  6
                         Cricket Development

Cricket Coaching                                      A Typical Day
•   Spin Bowling skills focusing on target and        •     07:30-08:00   Breakfast
    ball revolution                                   •     08:30         Run/swim at beach
•   Bowling Machine sessions to improve               •     09:00-10:00   Fitness inc Gym work
    batting and wicket keeping                        •     10:30-11:30   Bowling Machine work
•   Fielding skills and a variety of fielding         •     11:30-12:00   Fielding drills
    practice drills
                                                      •     12:00-13:00   Lunch and swim
•   Pace bowling development- analysis of
    action, run up etc                                •     13:00-15:00   Team net session
•   Video analysis of players techniques              •     15:00-16:30   Free/personal training
•   Group net sessions with other academy             •     17:00         Dinner
    players                                           •     18:00         Rest and leisure
•   Twice weekly club practice sessions

                                    Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                              7
                                        Cricket Tour
                                        Sight Seeing

• Cricket Tour                                        • Sight Seeing
•   During the Christmas and New Year Break                 –    Mahia Camping
    (Club Cricket finishes during this period)              –    Gisbourne
•   Games arranged with Club sides                          –    Wellington
    throughout the North Island of New                      –    Central Hawke’s Bay
•   Places visited                                          – Taupo
     – Gisbourne
                                                      • Activities
     – Taupo
                                                            –    Golfing
     – Tauranga
                                                            –    Swimming
     – Rotorua
                                                            –    Surfing
     – Mt Manganui
                                                            –    Fishing

                                   Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                   8
                      Practicing with the Elite

• 2009-10
   –   Blackcaps
   –   Bangladesh
   –   Australia
   –   Pakistan
   –   19 World Cup
• 2008-9
   – Blackcaps
   – India
   – West Indies

• 2007-8
   – England
   – Blackcaps

                         Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11   9
The Home Ground
   Nelson Park

                   •    1st Class Venue
                   •    6 pitches
                   •    Best Wickets in New Zealand
                   •    Fantastic Setting
                   •    Great Practice facilities
                   •    Club Rooms
                   •    International Practice Ground
                   •    World renown Groundsman, Phil
                        Stoyanoff who has produced wickets for
                        the IPL as well as Internationals at McLean
                        Park, Napier

Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                                10
                                  Working In Napier

Cricket Opportunities                                General
•   Coaching with the Hawke’s Bay Cricket            •     Bar Work
    Association                                      •     Fruit Picking
•   Coaching with Local Clubs                        •     Always available for guys wanting extra
•   Site Screen Attendant at International                 income
•   Junior Coaching
•   Scoring
•   Cleaning
•   Umpiring
•   Groundwork

                                   Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                                 11
                    Coaching Courses and Opportunities

                                                   • Coaching Opportunities
• Coaching Courses                                 •     Paid work is available as follows
•   The Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association run a             –   One – one
    number of courses during the season                   –   Group coaching
    which Academy members are encouraged                  –   Hawke’s Bay Junior Development
                                                          –   Local Schools
    to attend.
                                                          –   Local Clubs
•   These courses are ideal preparation for
    the coaching opportunities available to
    the Academy members
•   Coaching a team course
•   Umpiring course

                                  Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                            12
                                        Club Cricket

•   The Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association run all club and school cricket in Hawke’s Bay
•   Club Cricket comprises
     –   Premier Grade
     –   Senior Grade
     –   Senior School Grade
     –   3rd Grade
     –   4th Grade
     –   Womens Grade
•   The Standard of the Premier Grade is very high with many District and 1st Class players
    involved. Visit for more details
•   As an Academy member you will have the opportunity to play Premier Cricket if you are good
    enough, in the past the majority of Academy players have played in the Senior Grade. If
    possible the Academy like to put its own team in the Senior Grade with the best players being
    given Premier Clubs.

                                   Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                           13

• The Sports Lodge
   –   5 minutes from Napier City Centre
   –   200 yards from Nelson Park
   –   Sky TV
   –   Wireless Broadband Internet
   –   Computer
   –   Gym
   –   3 Bathrooms

                               Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11   14

     (We are happy to offer any period of stay and will send a specific quote to meet your requirements)

• Full Season                                             • Half Season
•   Airport Pickup                                        •    Airport Pickup
•   26 weeks (0ct-March)                                  •    13 weeks (Jan-Mar, or Oct-Dec)
•   North Island Tour                                     •    Gym Program
•   Gym Program                                           •    Accommodation
•   Accommodation                                         •    All meals Monday-Friday
•   All meals Monday-Friday                               •    Local Club Fees
•   Local Club Fees                                       •    Use of Academy Vehicles
•   Use of Academy Vehicles                               •    Daily Cricket Coaching
•   Daily Cricket Coaching                                •    Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association
•   Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association                            Supporter Membership
    Supporter Membership                                  •    Academy Clothing
•   Academy Clothing                                      •    Coaching a Cricket Team Course
•   Coaching a Cricket Team Course
                Cost 4,950GBP                                              Cost 2,300GBP

                                       Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                                   15
                                  How to Apply

Process                                               Contact Details
•   Contact Brendon or Paul                           •     Brendon Bracewell
•   Discuss arrangements                                     –    EMAIL
                                                             –    TELEPHONE   +6468365104
•   Pay Deposit $1250nzd to confirm place
•   All details are arranged and contract sent        •     Paul Anderson
    out                                                      –    EMAIL
•   Balance of fees to be paid before arrival                –    TELEPHONE   +6421586870
•   Arrival should be during the 1st week of
    October if coming for the full season or
    the 1st week of January if coming for half
    the season
•   Please note places are strictly limited

                                    Bracewell Cricket Academy 2010-11                                       16

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