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									             Y5 iPod Touch Project – Planning Meeting


Present: Tim Bleazard (Challenge CLC), Laura Clark, Fran Andrews, Sadie

Meeting notes:

Tim mentioned a site tweeted by Simon Haughton where pupils do not need
to have an email address to sign up for some sites. Tim will investigate.

Fran said that her children were rapidly improving in their use of iPods when
given independent ‘free’ time.

Tim asked if there had been any issue with the iPods so far – Laura
mentioned that sometimes there were issues with iPods failing to launch
apps. Chris had said that a reinstall of the app resolved this problem.

Tim mentioned an app called ‘Clocks’ – Fran and Laura said that this would
be useful for work which they were planning for next week. Tim will investigate
this evening.

Chris mentioned the new update to software on 21st June – will take a whole
day. This update brings iMovie which is similar to Windows MovieMaker. This
would allow pupils to simultaneously edit videos without the need for a
computer – and the issues around bandwidth/wireless connections

Sadie asked: can we get more Maths games? More four operations games
would be useful. Chris suggested that 24 would be a good start for higher
ability children

Sadie said that she thought Wikipedia was too difficult for her children and
asked if there was a better alternative. Tim said that an app/site called Infant
Encyclopedia may be useful – but possibly only KS1 contents?

Suggested by Y5 team - Things which would be of use:

      3D shape and possibly 2D shape app
      Anything for topic ‘Life cycles’ in science
      Contrasting localities
      Any Dracula-related apps?
      Persuasive writing? Any more literacy related apps?

Issue with children accessing YouTube – can this be prevented? No. As the
app ships with the iPod it cannot be removed. Aware that this is a potential e-
Safety issue. Also, cannot monitor pupil use. Only thing we can do is monitor
as closely as we can and punish any offences with immediate suspension of
iPod use.

Tim mentioned Keep vid as a safe way around using YouTube – avoids issue
with using YouTube – can download and sync to devices

Fran asked: Are there any phonics/spelling apps? Chris will look into. Many
are American, which is frustrating!

Comic Touch – could create comics about Dracula? Can also use for

Story Cubes – great for story starters, nonsense sentences, complex
sentences. Fun and a good stimulus for creative writing

Best now to take away then iPods and have a play to get the best ideas of
how to use it – Y5 team only just received

Tim asked if they had been left out for children to use at any time. Fran had
said that they had been for looking at photos of Whitby, but not much else.

Could ultimately create ‘How to’ guides – Record with flip cams and sync to
iPods - Chris could come in to support this and to sync content immediately?

After previous conversation with Fran, Chris asked: Could there be a use for
the iPods in individual or small group work? Cite Callum Wood as an
example. Met positively by all staff. Groups: Reluctant writers, EAL, ‘Arhams’
of the world – enthused by technology.

Some point between 11 and 12 tomorrow – Chris to collect names of children
who may benefit from individual or one to one support

Interesting Ways by Tom Barrett – edte.ch/blog

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