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									8     Canadian Mennonite June 28, 2010

    CPI, under the direction of Bryan Butler,      minister has read it thoroughly and is
    has set up a learning centre, a small space    about to call for more discussion.”
    with only 17 computers, nine of them              It is all in keeping with CPI’s overall
    donated by Habitat for Humanity.               vision, says Hubert, who founded CPI
       Butler, who grew up in Three Hills,         in 1997 following a 23-year career in
    Alta., but has spent 10 years in Africa as     post-secondary education, including
    an educator under Mennonite Central            eight years as college president and 10
    Committee (MCC) and other non-                 years with MCC. CPI’s vision, he says, “is
    governmental agencies, kick-started the        to develop and demonstrate models of
    Honduran project in 2009 with a $60,000        peacemaking and peacebuilding that can
    fundraising campaign to bring systematic       be emulated by others to address the
    learning to this city of 50,000 and the        structural causes of conflict in Central
    surrounding villages, where very few           America. The ultimate goal is to reduce
    people have progressed beyond Grade 6          the likelihood of more war in the region.”
    due to a lack of education infrastructure         Having served at the official level
    and opportunities.                             with MCC and Mennonite Economic
       Hubert and Butler think that by bring-      Development Associates, Hubert says
    ing the computers—preloaded with an            CPI is using the best from their mod-
    approved Spanish junior high school            els and from Habitat for Humanity in
    curriculum—to people in the commu-             developing housing, land ownership and
    nity, they can give locals a way to im-        education initiatives in Honduras. Λ
    prove their own lives. In a pilot project,
    two women in their 20s who work at the         Meetinghouse is an association of North
    CPI office in Santa Cruz, have completed       American Mennonite and Brethren in
    the Grade 8 curriculum after a whirlwind       Christ publications. Dick Benner is editor/
    18 weeks of study.                             publisher of Canadian Mennonite, a          Here is one happy dad, able now to
       The next stage sees 30 people, includ-      Meetinghouse member publication.            provide adequate housing and perhaps
    ing many adults, signed up for classes.                                                    schooling for his young daughter.
    Each must sign a “sweat equity” agree-
    ment, requiring them to teach two other
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