Sample Letter to Community Leaders

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					              Sample Letter to Community Leaders


Dear [Community Leader, School Principal, Law Enforcement Official….]:

We at [YOUR PROGRAM] need your support in our efforts to end sexual violence in
our community.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Thursday, April 5, 2007 is Sexual
Assault Awareness Day. April is set aside across the nation for every community to
collectively focus upon the societal problem of sexual violence and the ways in
which services like ours are working to end this violence and seek justice for its

Please look at the enclosed (information sheets, statistics, announcement about
event, etc.). You can help us greatly by sharing this information with the community.
Our hope is that you will help to prevent and heal sexual violence by (be specific
about your request…making an announcement, placing information on bulletin
boards, speaking to the public, etc.).

We are excited to be joining the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence, the Florida
Department of Health Sexual Violence Prevention Program and dozens of
communities in Florida in hosting events during the month of April. It takes all of us
together to strengthen communities and end sexual violence. Someone from our
program will be contacting you within the next few weeks to confirm your support in
making Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2007 a success. Thank you so much for
your help.