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Salon Cosmetique offers             Salon Cosmetique
simple styles and haircuts to:
 fancy up-dos
 men’s cuts
                                      At Vatterott College School of
 Cornrows                                    Hair Design
 hair art
 clipper cuts                              11818 I Street
 Manicures                                Omaha, NE 68137
 Pedicures
                                             (402) 778-4056
 Facials
                                       Toll Free: 1-877-438-2308
 Extensions
 make-up
and much more!

Come as one or as a group for
 Proms
 Parties
 Birthdays
 Senior Citizen’s Day
 Anniversaries
 Graduation
and get one service or a day of

Ask about our special rates for        All services are performed by
any occasion. We provide flat        cosmetology students in training.
rates for little girls’ birthdays
and grooming parties.
      Specialty Days                                                                         Specialty Requests
                                                     Service Menu
Senior Citizen Day: Tuesday & Thursday                                                    Specialty Styles (up-do’s)
                        10% off services   All prices are starting prices. Check with     Short/Medium hair        $20.00
                                            salon receptionist for final cost prior to    Long Hair                $30.00
Mom’s Day Out: Mini Spa Day                             starting services.
           includes facial, manicure,
           and hair style      $35.00      Hair
                                           Haircut                              $10.00    Short/Medium hair       $20.00
Birthday Parties: Hairstyle & mini         Haircut and Style                    $13.00    Long Hair               $30.00
                 manicure                  Blow-dry Style                       $7.00
                (for up to 10 children)    Re-conditioning treatment            $7.00     Hair Extensions
                                           Permanent Color (starts at)          $30.00    (Please bring your own hair)
                                  $50.00   Highlights OR Lowlights (start at)   $30.00
                                           Partial highlights (per foil)        $6.00
                                                                                          Short/Medium hair        $30.00
Hero Days: All policemen, firefighters,    Relaxer                              $30.00    Long Hair                $35.00
medical personnel, & teachers. Every       Nail Care
day.                                       Manicure (Basic)                     $10.00    Clipper Art             $17.00
                     25% off any service   Pedicure                             $20.00
                                           Paraffin treatment                   $6.00     Extension Removal       $10.00
Corporate Day: We partner with any         Artificial Nails
 businesses & organizations in the area    Full Set                             $25.00
for GREAT discounts. Check with your       Fill                                 $12.00
               employer or organization.   Nail Art and Design                  $2.00
                                           Polish change                        $5.00
                                           French manicure                      $6.00
                                           Facial Treatment                                                Hours
                                           Facial                               $20.00                  Walk-In Only
                                           Treatment mask                       $6.00
                                           Brows                                $7.00               Tuesday-Thursday
                                           Lips                                 $7.00                9:00AM-2:30PM
                                           Permanent Wave                                            4:00PM-8:00PM
                                           Short hair starts at                  $27.00                   Friday
                                           Long hair (below shoulders) starts at $32.00                9AM-2:30PM

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