Sample CEO Endorsement Letter - DOC by robpearson


									Sample Thank You Letter
Dear Fellow Employee,

The focus of this year’s United Way campaign was: “What Matters.” You should feel proud that
we at (organization) raised more than $___, a __% increase over last year, to help people in our
community that need it the most. That’s what matters.

Our contributions will be invested in the 32 funded programs at United Way’s 20 agencies by
knowledgeable volunteers according to need and proven ability to produce positive, measurable
results. Those programs will use our dollars to:

•       Strengthen Children and Families
•       Increase Self-Sufficiency
•       Respond to Crisis
•       Promote Health and Well-Being

The lives of one in three people in our community will be touched by our collective effort.

On behalf of your co-workers, our community, and myself, thank you for caring!



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