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									 Greek Theatre Masks

Content Area: Visual Arts
Grades: 5-8

 Task Description:                               The student will:
 Students will learn about ancient Greek
                                                     1. Learn about Greek theatre masks through teacher
 theatre masks in terms of their use,
                                                     powerpoint presentation and student exploration of Ashes2Art
 importance, design, materials, and
                                                     website and other resources. (Nat. Standards: I A., IV B.)
 aesthetic, using the Ashes2Art website
 in conjunction with other materials. The
                                                     2. Work in groups to select an ancient Greek play from which
 students will split into groups of 4-5 and
                                                     each student will select a character. (Nat. Standards: I A., I B.)
 will select an ancient Greek play. Each
 student will select a character from the play
                                                     3. Create masks to represent the character chosen using clay,
 and will create his or her own theatre mask
                                                     tools, and paint. (Nat. Standards: I B., II A., II C., III A., III B.)
 to represent the character chosen. After
 creating their masks, the students will put
                                                     4. Present their play (or scenes selected) to the class. (Nat.
 on the play (or selected scenes).
                                                     Standards: III A., III B., VI A.)
 Background or Instructional                         5. Explain the relevance of the play chosen to ancient Greek
 Context/Curriculum                                  life. (Nat. Standards IV C., VI A.)
 The focus of this lesson is to utilize the
 study of art history and ancient Greek
 theatre while incorporating technology.         Time:
 Additionally, by having students work in        (In forty five minute class periods)
 groups to study and present sections of             • 1 class for intro, pwpt, review of Ashes2Art and other
 Greek plays language arts components are            resources. Students will also split into groups and choose plays
 incorporated within the lesson.                     during this class
 The attachments in this lesson directly             • 1-2 class(es) to design and make masks
 coincide with the website ( http://www.             • 1 class to decorate masks and practice plays ) and suggested               • 1 class to present plays
 classroom discussion.

 The Attachments to this lesson include:
    • Powerpoint
    • Rubric

Greek Theatre Masks|                                                                         1
Materials and Tools:
       • Plaster (to make molds of the students’ faces-
       teacher will need to do this)
       • Clay tools (to carve designs into plaster)
       • Tempra/Acrylic Paint
       • String to tie on masks

Visuals and Resources:
       Ashes 2 Art website:

       1. Andronicos, M., Chatzidakis, M., Vassos, K. The Greek Museums. Caratzas Brothers, Publishers,
       New Rochelle, NY.
       2. Petsas, Photios. Delphi Monuments and Museum. Krene Editions, Athens, Greece.
       3. Boardman, John. Greek Art. Thames and Hudson, London.

       I. Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

       II. Using knowledge of structures and functions

       III. Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas

       IV. Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures

       VI. Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines

Greek Theatre Masks|                                                     2
National Standards:
I. Understanding and applying media techniques and processes:
      A. Select media, techniques, and processes; analyze what makes them effective or not effective in
           communicating ideas; and reflect upon the effectiveness of their choices
      B. Intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and
            processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas

II. Using knowledge of structures and functions:
       A. Generalize about the effects of visual structures and functions and reflect upon these effects in
            their own work
       C. Select and use the qualities of structures and functions of art to improve communication of their

III. Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas:
       A. Integrate visual, spatial, and temporal concepts with content to communicate intended meaning in
           their artworks
       B. Use subjects, themes, and symbols that demonstrate knowledge of contexts, values, and
           aesthetics, that communicate intended meaning in artworks

IV. Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures:
      B. Describe and place a variety of art objects in historical and cultural contexts
      C. Analyze, describe, and demonstrate how factors of time and place (such as climate, resources,
          ideas, and technology) influence visual characteristics that give meaning and value to a work of art

VI. Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines:
      A. Compare the characteristics of works in two or more art forms that share similar subject matter,
          historical periods, or cultural context

Greek Theatre Masks|                                                            3
       1. Present powerpoint, websites, reference books, etc to class

       2. Break students into groups and have them choose a Greek play

       3. Each student will then select a role in the play chosen

       4. Students design their masks

       5. Create a plaster mold of each student’s face (be sure to have them make the facial expression they
          need and hold it!)

       6. Once dry, remove the plaster and place in a dry area to set

       7. Have students decorate the masks using the paint and clay tools

       8. While the masks dry, students will practice their plays

       9. Once the masks are ready, each group will present its play to the class!

Greek Theatre Masks|                                                          4
(0-No Attempt, 1-Needs Improvement, 2-Satisfactory Attempt, 3-Exceeds Expectations)

                                              0                   1                     2                       3
Comprehension of Lesson                No attempt to     Little               Comprehended, but      Comprehended with
                                       comprehend        comprehension        with extra help        no extra help

Group Contribution                     Did not           Contributed little   Contributed to the     Contributed to the
                                       contribute to     to the group         group with some        group with ideas and
                                       the group                              ideas                  suggestions, ready to
                                                                                                     help others
Mask Design                            Does not          Design does not      Design depicts         Design depicts
                                       attempt to        depict character     character              character with strong
                                       design mask       selected             with minimal           facial expression
                                                                              embellishment          and creative
Use of Tools and Materials             Does not          Does not use tools Uses tools               Uses tools
                                       attempt to use    appropriately      appropriately, but       appropriately and
                                       tools                                with help                efficiently with no
Presentation of Play                   Does not          Participates with    Attempts to depict     Depicts character fully
                                       participate in    little attempt       character and          and remembers lines
                                       play              at depicting         remembers lines with   well
                                                         character or         help
                                                         remembering lines

Greek Theatre Masks|                                                                        5

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