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Software Developer Resume Example by mplett


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									                                   JESSE KENDALL
        123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183 ▪ (305) 555-5555 ▪

                               SOFTWARE DEVELOPER
 Creative, highly organized candidate; expert in the design, development, and delivery
 of cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions. Extensive qualifications in
all facets of project lifecycle development. Proven ability to integrate out-of-the-box
thinking and problem-solving analysis to improve processes, systems and methodologies.

                                   Key strengths include:
   Project Management             System Maintenance             Consultation
   Personnel Training             Strategy Identification        Quality Control
   Project Budgeting              Software Support               Issue Resolution

             Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, ABC University – Miami, FL

                                    TECHNICAL SKILLS
Languages:        Cobol
Hardware:         IBM Mainframes and IBM AS/400
Software:         CICS, TSO/ISPF, OS/VS1, OS/VS2, OS/VS2 MVS, OS/MVS XA,
                  PC Network, IBM Utilities, ACCUCHEK, Doall, VSAM

           SOFTWARE DEVELOPER | ABC Solutions, Inc., Miami, FL, 20xx to 20xx
Designed an inventory control system using Visual Basic 6.x, MS SQL Server, and ADO for
a window blinds manufacturer. Developed a customer order system using Visual InterDev,
ASP, VBScript, and MS SQL Server; allowed customers to place orders or check the status
of their existing orders. Conceptualized and created a database for customer orders and
the inventory control system using DBArtisan. Added triggers and various constraints,
including referential integrity and checks to maintain data integrity and apply
business rules.

      Implemented a sophisticated algorithm to find inventory according to customer
      order and minimized the wastage.
      Ensured quick response time by using stored procedures to create data reports.
      Produced a complex search engine to find the product according to the specified
      criteria utilizing Active-X controls such as ADO and DataGrid, widely used to
      populate the search results.
      Devised a sophisticated security system to deter unauthorized use of the

            SOFTWARE DEVELOPER | BCD International, Miami, FL, 20xx to 20xx
Served as a team member; designed and developed automation software systems for
consumer goods using Visual Basic 5.x, MS SQL, and Windows NT. Developed point-of-sales
invoice generation, cash receipt handling, on-the-fly stock level calculation, and
post-sales MIS, including turnover for commission calculation by product group for
sales workforce and parameter-driven reports. Maintained the details of inventory,
shipping, and forwarding.

      Successfully implemented the order processing based on the FIFO algorithm.
      Automated the purchasing and inventory control, including monitoring and issue of
      purchase orders.

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