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ARBONNE GET TOGETHER Moisturizing by benbenzhou



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									                             ARBONNE GET-TOGETHER
                                  Peel Party

Greet each guest as they arrive, and have them come to the sink for the Sea Salt Scrub.
Use this time to learn their name, and build a rapport with them.

Introduce yourself - My name is __________, and I am a __________ with Arbonne
International. I am very excited to share Arbonne with you tonight!
My goal tonight is that you all have a great time, you’ll experience awesome
products, and you’ll find out about an amazing company!

Thank hostess – Thank you to XXX for having everyone here tonight! (Present the
hostess with the gift certificate for $100 in free products.) You get this too when you host
an Arbonne party. Plus, XXX will also receive a FREE Sea Salt Scrub when 2 of you book
your own show. And this anti-aging body care set when 3 of you book your own
show….and she really wants these goodies!

Have the hostess say a few words about why she wanted them to hear about Arbonne.
(favorite product, what she’s using, etc.)

Tell them what you’re going to do – Tonight I’ll share with you a little bit about
myself and about Arbonne – which is a fabulous company that isn’t laying anyone off right
now! In fact, we’re GROWING! And then, you’ll get to try some of our best products out!

Tell your story – Again, my name is _______, and I’ve been doing this business for
_______. Insert your introduction here....

Let’s play a game!
I’m going to tell you a story about Arbonne through the course of a game. You’ll learn
about the history of Arbonne, but also you’ll have the opportunity to win a great product by
listening for the words “right” and “left.” When you hear one of these words, pass your
product either to the left or to the right.

The story goes like this…
All right! What is Arbonne, you say? Well, let me tell you right now what it is all about.
Arbonne was founded 29 years ago by a man named Petter Morck who left Norway for
Switzerland to create a skin care line that would be Pure, Safe, and Beneficial. Petter had
been part of the skin care industry for a number of years, and he knew that many
ingredients being left on the skin were not good for it. Petter knew that the right way to
begin was by putting together a team of leading biochemists, biologists, and cosmetic
chemists. This right-minded team worked for years and finally found the right ingredients
for its skin care. Arbonne was founded!

Arbonne has left the United States and is now available in Canada, Australia and the UK.
We are also on the right path to further developing the Hispanic market here in the United
States and all over the world. That’s right, we have become a global company!

Because Arbonne’s products are made from pure botanicals and extracts with only a 1%
preservative base, they can’t be left on the department store shelves. Most products
created right here in the US can be left on the shelves for 5-10 years. That’s right,
Arbonne has been “green” for 29 years. That’s one of the reasons why Petter chose to have
independent consultants bring these fabulous products right to you!

Arbonne is committed to protecting our natural resources through recyclable packaging.
Arbonne is a certified Vegan company, and is recognized for being “cruelty-free.” You can
check us out on and Arbonne has done the right research for
you. What is being left on your skin from Arbonne’s products are healthy ingredients.

I will be telling you a lot about the Arbonne difference, and why our products are right to
be left on your skin. So let’s get started right away. Please pass your gift to the right. If
you are left holding this gift, congratulations - you are the winner!

(Pass out catalogs and pens – encourage them to write their name on it.)
       - my gift to you
       - lots of great products in here that we won’t get to talk about today
       - you’ll want to take this home and read through it later
       - you can mark off what you love with these stickers...

I cannot wait for you to feel the difference in your skin! (Hold up the gold bag)
You are going to love what this does for your skin!

Try the products –
This is our patent-pending anti-aging skin care system called NutriMinC Re9. Unfortunately,
it’s a fact of life that matter deteriorates. This product line repairs, prevents, and reverses
the visible signs of aging. Only 10% of aging is genetic – we can actually control the other
90%. Do you know anyone who wants to look older than they are? Me either, except
maybe a 20 year old – we’ve got products for them too.

Besides what they have done for my skin, my 2 favorite things about these products are:
1) It is SO EASY and takes less than 2 minutes to do. I love my sleep!
2) Pump packaging means you don’t waste any and the products last for 6-9 months!

I’m going to show you how to get the best results, and the most bang for your buck. This is
my favorite part, because you get to try the products and feel the difference on your own

Step 1 - CLEANSE: Hydrating Wash: One pump is enough to do your whole face and
remove your make-up. It cleans without stripping or drying your skin. It is not good for
your skin to feel “squeaky clean.”

I’ll give each of you one pump of the wash and a towel, and you go to a sink to wash your
face. But – you cannot move until I say so, because we’re going to have a race to see who
the first person back is. (give each person pump and towel). Go!

Now, before we put the Regain Enzyme Peel on our faces, we’re going to play a little
game to learn more about it. This gift is wrapped in several layers. Each layer tells us a
little more about this product. The last person to get the gift gets to keep it!

Layer 1: This anti-aging exfoliate is gentle and easy to use, pass this to the one with the
highest heeled shoes.
Layer 2: Made from natural fruit and plant extracts, pass this to the one who has had the
most snacks.

Layer 3: It uses sugar cane, papaya, pineapple and oat bran, pass this to the one who is
the biggest sports fan.

Layer 4: It purifies and revitalizes the look of tired skin, pass this to the one whose house
you are in.

Layer 5: You will love how this peel makes your skin look and feel, pass this to the one
whose skin you’d like to steal.

Layer 6: It can be used overnight or for a quick pick me up treat, pass this to the one who
lives on the furthest street.

Congratulations! Now let’s give it a try!

Step 2: Enzyme Peel: An exotic cocktail of natural fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate to
reveal a more even complexion and noticeably smoother looking skin.

Wait 15 minutes for the enzyme peel to “work its magic!” While waiting talk about the
Arbonne Difference.

Turn to Page 1 -
   Company founded in 1980, 29 years old
   Products formulated in Switzerland, made in USA – you get the benefit of European skin
    care formulas - very advanced!
   45 day money back guarantee on all products

Turn to Page 4 –
Arbonne has been in business for 29 years, and they’ve never once paid for TV advertising,
or magazine advertising, or paid a celebrity to do their advertising for them. So how did
Arbonne become a 500 million dollar company without any advertising? THE PRODUCTS
ARE THE BEST! Our clients LOVE THEM and reorder them. People can’t help but talk
about Arbonne products!

Here is what makes our products different and stand out in the marketplace. So, what I’m
going to do tonight is show you the Arbonne Difference. There are so many companies out
there, it’s hard to sort through all of the advertising and the hype to know what really good
skin care is! I’m going to teach you about ingredients and reading labels and paying
attention to what you’re putting on your skin. Remember, your skin is a living, breathing
organ and whatever you put on your skin goes into your body. We know this is true
because of certain medications, like the estrogen patch or nicotine patch. Your skin is a
delivery system, so you want to make sure that you’re using the finest ingredients on your

Let’s play a game while you learn about this. You’re going to need your purse handy! I’ll
say a letter of the alphabet, and you find something in your purse that starts with that
letter. The winner of the game gets a free gift!

    All of Arbonne products start with a base of whole botanicals and plant extracts. That
    is our base formula, and that’s why our products work so well, and are healthy for you
    to use. Every product must be PURE SAFE AND BENEFICIAL!

P – Stands for PH CORRECT

    Have any of you ever worked at a pool, or been a lifeguard, or maybe you have a
    pool? Have you ever seen them put those little strips into the water to test the
    levels? Those are pH strips like this one here. The pH scale measures acidity to
    alkalinity. This end is a strong acid like lemon juice, and this end is a strong alkaline,
    like bleach or Comet cleanser.

    Believe it or not, your skin has a pH, should be 5.5, which is slightly acidic. That’s
    because your skin is your body’s first line of defense against bacteria, which cannot
    survive in an acidic environment. When you use products that disrupt this pH
    balance, it can make your skin overly dry, overly oily, breakout-prone, and leave you
    more vulnerable to every little germ and bug you meet!

    Most cleansers on the market are very alkaline, a pH of 13, which strips the acid
    mantle from your skin allowing bacteria to penetrate your skin. Many toners used are
    very acidic and very drying, a pH of 0. All Arbonne products are already pH correct
    which cleans the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells without disrupting the balance.

    Let me show you what that looks like: pH pencil test


    How many of you have ever heard the word “hypoallergenic?” Well, you probably
    don’t know that according to the FDA:

    “There are no federal standards or definitions that govern the use of the term
    “hypoallergenic”. The term means whatever a particular company wants it to mean
    and manufacturers are not required to submit substantiation claims to the FDA.

    Skin care products are tested using the Repeat Insult Patch Test. These tests take
    place at the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development, and rate the
    reaction of a product on a scale from 0-8. Arbonne only releases products that test to
    0 – no reaction. Most other companies call their products hypoallergenic if they rate
    under a 4.


    Did you know that most products are dermatologist “recommended” not dermatologist
    tested? Think about the commercials that say…. “4 out of 5 doctors recommend….)
    What does that really mean?

    Often a company will spend millions of dollars on samples for advertising purposes;
    they give these samples to the dermatologists requesting that they pass them out.
    This is dermatologist recommended. Our products are also tested by
    ophthalmologists and pediatricians to be sure that they are safe.

     Arbonne products are NEVER tested on animals in any form.

     Do you know where ingredients like tallow, glycerin, lanolin, and collagen come from?
     They come from a rendering plant. A combination of euthanized pets, road kill, and
     the other parts of animals not eaten by humans are steamed cooked and the lighter
     fatty material that floats to the top is used in skin care and cosmetics.

M – Stands for without MINERAL OIL

     Mineral and Baby Oil are the exact same thing. Mineral oil is a by-product of
     petroleum and gasoline. It does not allow your skin to breathe. Mineral oil also keeps
     the good ingredients from entering your skin. It can actually even dry out your skin
     since it doesn’t allow hydration deep down. Imagine wrapping your entire body with
     saran wrap, and then applying aloe to your skin. What would happen? The saran
     wrap would prevent the aloe from getting in. This is exactly what happens with
     mineral oil.

     Mineral oil is in 98% of lotions, cleansers, creams, foundations, powders, etc. Any
     ideas why? It is widely available and cheap! Arbonne chooses to use only botanical
     oils in our products rather than synthetic oils.

     (show the cracker example)


     Did you know that fragrance and chemical dyes are the #1 cause of allergic reaction
     or sensitivity? Also, skin care companies are allowed to consider fragrance as their
     trade secret so they are not required to list specific ingredients on their labels. (show

Who has the most cards??? Give a prize!

Okay everyone, so that’s what makes Arbonne products different. As you can see, we
have over 350 products in our catalog. I could talk about all of them all night, but I don’t
think you want me to do that, so we’re just going to focus on our top 3 selling products.
This is what just about everybody gets. They are: the Sea Salt Scrub you already tried,
and the anti-aging skin care we’re going to try in a few minutes, and our fabulous makeup

Turn to page 7 –
Here is the Skin Type Product Chart where you can find products for all skin types: oily,
dry, combination, acne prone, sensitive or mature. Note that the NutriMinC RE9 skin care
is recommended for all skin types. That is because it is self-adjusting, meaning it adjust to
what your skin needs, bringing moisture to dryness and controlling oil production.

Time is up! (Give each guest a warm towel to wash the peel off)

Step 3 - TONE: Toner: A mist you can spray directly on your face or on a cotton pad. It
restores skin balance and closes your pores. Most other toners on the market are made
with SD Alcohol 40 (main ingredient in AquaNet Hair Spray).
Step 4 - REPLENISH: Reactivating Facial Serum: Use this serum day and night before
moisturizing. It increases moisture retention and will also increase healthy cell turnover.
It also diminishes the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

Step 5 - CORRECT: Corrective Eye Cream: One pump is enough for BOTH eyes. Use
your ring finger to apply this eye cream that will visibly firm, moisturize, and reduce the
appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Step 6 - PROTECT: Moisturizer: SPF8 Day Cream: It is rich in antioxidants, protects
your skin from the environment, and prevents moisture loss throughout the day. Reduces
the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by strengthening and firming the skin.

       Recover Night Cream: Protects against water loss while it strengthens, firms, and
encourages cell recovery while you sleep. Your skin dehydrates while you sleep, so the
night cream creates a protective barrier to preserve moisture.

Step 7: Retaliate Wrinkle Filler: This product is like a miracle in a bottle! It contains
GABA (Gamma Amino Butryic Acid…decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles). You
will see a noticeable difference in wrinkles and crow’s feet after using the wrinkle filler.

Step 8: Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer: This is my absolute favorite product! This is
the perfect blend of ingredients to tone, smooth and minimize the appearance of fine lines,
wrinkles and enlarged pores. It feels like velvet going on your skin!
(Imagine the makeup primer like the primer you put on your walls before you paint. The
purpose of the primer is to prepare the walls so that the paint is more vibrant and lasts
longer. That’s the same purpose of your makeup primer!)

Step 9: Line Defiance Liquid Foundation: SPF 15: We complete our beauty routine
with a liquid foundation that goes on so smoothly after the primer. One of the great things
about this foundation is that it contains SPF 15 which we know is essential for protecting
our skin against damaging sun rays.

How amazing does your skin feel?

(Put all products back in the bag and zip it up.)

Alright everyone: This is the system you are going to want to go home with
tonight! It’s unbelievable what it will do for your skin. When you add in the enzyme
peel, wrinkle filler, makeup primer and liquid foundation for the “I Want It All” set, it makes
it even more amazing!

Oh, and one more thing! When you purchase this set, you also get one treatment product
FREE – it’s our “facelift in a bottle” – the Transforming Lift. The lift promotes the production
of collagen and elastin – which we know is what holds everything up. Regularly $45, but
FREE with the set.

Okay, so I know you’re thinking yeah, yeah, that sounds great but how much does it cost?
Let me tell you – no joke – the RE9 set is HUNDREDS cheaper than any other anti-aging
line. You get a 6-9 month supply of 6 products plus one free for $298.50. That is a
phenomenal price considering the ingredients, technology, and packaging. You
cannot go into a department store and get 7 products of this quality for less
money. In fact, here’s a little market comparison of some of the most popular skin care
lines out there. (pass around the Market Comparison)

Three Ways to Win
So, there are 3 ways that we can work together:

1) If you’d like to SPEND money and become my client, I promise that you get the best
products in the world, and you also get me as your consultant. I give great customer
service because I really appreciate and take care of my clients - which is partly why they
keep coming back to me! I’ll also let you know about promotions and specials throughout
the year.

2) If you’d rather SAVE money, your second choice is to become a Preferred Client. You’ll
have the same benefits as a client, but you’ll also receive a 20% discount on ALL of your
purchases, including today. The sign-up fee is $29, which will allow you to shop at the
discounted price for an entire year! You can even shop online yourself and still get the 20%
discount. That takes $60 off the price of the RE9 set today. Plus, when you spend at
least $150 you’ll also get one free product of your choice (recommend one of your
favorites, like the makeup primer).

3) Arbonne has the best products and a great hostess rewards program, but the ABSOLUTE
best thing we have to offer is our income opportunity. This is for those of you who want to
MAKE money!

Insert your closing here.....

Booking Reminder
No matter which of the 3 Ways to Win you choose, you’re DEFINITELY going to want to be a
hostess. You’ll get $100 in free products at your party just like __________, plus you’ll also
receive ________________ today for selecting one of my open dates on this card. (pass
out Open Date cards)

Finally - I know you’re excited to start shopping, and I want to help you find the
right products for your skin and your budget. We’ll be checking out in the XXX room, and
you can pay with cash, check, or credit card. If anyone needs to get going, I can take
you first.

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