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					 Art for Seniors

           Prepared by
      Patricia Thompson
             May 2007

  West Haven High School
     1 McDonough Plaza
West Haven, Connecticut 06516
             Mission Statement
         We at West Haven High School
Commit to an education that promotes critical thinking,
communication and problem solving.

Advocate the development of student talent, as well as
collaboration with parents and the local community.

Reinforce the values of mutual respect, courtesy and

Encourage students to develop responsibility,
accountability and self-discipline.

Art for seniors

Goal .To offer seniors the opportunity to take an art class
that will allow them to explore a variety of artwork and
how art affects our lives.

   Objectives:
   Students will study a variety of different cultures, art
    styles, trends and artists
   Students will learn to express themselves in there own
   Students will learn to analyze, interpret and formulate
    artistic ideas as they relate to themselves and the
    world around them
   Students will understand the vocabulary of color and
    how it will play an important part of there adult life

               Art for Seniors Course Description

An art course designed for grade twelve students only. This course will
provide students with no previous art background a general and practical art
experience. A variety of art media and concepts will be provided to help
students develop an understanding of the role art plays in their lives.
Exposure to general art history and theory will enhance the student’s
personal art judgment.

                              Unit 1
           Personnel Identification with Art Style

 To have students openly express their type of style and form to create a
personal logo.

 To have students express themselves of likes and dislikes and to expose
them to different styles and colors and cultures to help them see how art
from the past and present has influenced their style. They will then have to
create a personnel logo

Students will be exposed to many different commercial and familiar logos as
well as cultural representations. From this they will research different types
of lettering from different time periods or they may brainstorm and create
their own styles. Students will learn the principles and elements of design to
create there own personal logo that will be there signature in both personal
identification as well as business. Once designs and thumbnails have been
evaluated the final design will be chosen, enlarged and used on all artwork.

Student’s work will be evaluated on creativity and how they used outside
resources to develop their own personal logos. Neatness and color will also
influence there final grade as well as an oral presentation as to what they
learned about themselves and what influenced them most on there choices of

                                        Unit 2


Students will study various artists and understand how the visual Arts are a
form of communication and create their own artwork that can be used in
personal interior design

To have students understand the principles and elements of design and
sensory and expressive features of the visual arts.
Students will create their own artwork.
Students will be able to critique a piece of artwork specifically using color


Understanding and be able to understand the elements and principles of
Be able to use the vocabulary
Understand and produce a Color Wheel
Review pieces of artwork to understand color theory and how it was used.
Students will produce personal artwork based on the Impressionist period
and Henri Toulouse Lautrec and Pop Art.

Analyze and critique personal work as well as that of other students on how
well elements and principles were used and if color theory was successfully

                                      Unit 3



To have students create 3-D art work using mixed media

Students will understand why people make masks from various cultures and
time periods.
Students will interpret the emotional intent of a mask using their analysis of
a mask’s formal characteristics
Students will learn to incorporate different elements to construct technically
sound pieces of artwork.


Expressive clay and or paper Mache masks with special attention to
Japanese time periods and Mardi Gra. Myths and beliefs will also be
explored from other cultures.


Critique art works with emphasis on modeled form, which conveys
expression and emotion.
Complete in a timely manner
Structure. How technically sound the finished pieces are and the use of
mixed media
Oral presentation of influences

                                              Unit 4

Students will use Mixed Media and drawing skills to create a series of Portraits

To introduce life drawing to build a series of self-portraits using drawing, painting,
collage and digital photograph.

Drawing students will learn to plan and create an accurate self-portrait.
Photography students will design an X-Ray into their souls by visually representing their
thoughts, emotions and experiences through the media of photography
Students will create a collage and learn to tell a personal story through mixed media and
photographing objects.

Accurate renderings of a self-portrait. Use of different medias and execution of the
principles and elements of design

                                       Unit 5

                                  Interior Design

To have students create a single living space

To have students using all the knowledge they have gained on Color Theory,
themselves and the element and principles of design and apply it to design a
simple 3-D living space

Evaluating color and its human emotion.
Exploring textures
References different design show and possible careers
Drafting design to scale and create finished 3-D structure


The technically sound finished structure. The use of color and textures and
the creativity used to decorate the interior with found and bought accessories

Art Assessment Rubric

Students Name

Class Period

Circle the number in pencil that best shows how well the assignment was
completed based on the criterion.
                                  Excellent Good      Average Needs
                                     10       9-8        7-5       4 or less
Criteria 1 –

Criteria 2 –                       10         9-8        7-5      4<

Criteria 3 –                       10         9-8         7-5      4<

Criteria 4- Effort: took time to
Develop idea & complete project.
Good use of class time           10           9-8         7-5     4<

Criteria 5 – Craftsmanship –
Neat, clean & complete? Skillful
Use of the art tools & media.       10        9-8        7-5      4<

50 x 2 100 possible points

Final Grade _____________________________________


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