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					Activity: Chinese Opera Masks                                                  Time: 2 periods            Grade: high school

Objectives/Standards:                                              Materials:
    1.   Students will understand and use visual                   Paintbrushes
         arts as a means for creative self-
         expression and interpersonal                              PowerPoint
         communication. (creating masks to                         Plaster gauze strips
         represent themselves)
    2.   Students will understand the, media,
                                                                   Mask molds
         techniques and processes used in the                      Water & cup
         production of visual arts.(plaster gauze)                 Scissors
    3.   Students will understand the
         relationship between visual arts and                      Pencil, paper to sketch
         history, culture, and society. (Chinese                   Paper towels
         Opera mask histoy)
    4.   Students will demonstrate a capacity for
         critical and sensitive response to various
         visual arts experiences.

Motivation/ Procedure:
    Talk about history-A grand performance casted by several performers in vibrantly colored costumes moving along to swift
    and dramatic music.
    Used mainly either as painted on face or worn as decorated masks.
    Opera masks make it possible for a single performer or actor to cover various roles or characters in one show.
    Performer can change faces several times as required. Use of masks makes changing faces easier and manageable even by a
    sole performer.
    Different designs or patterns on masks are assigned to specific characters.
    Color stirs up specific emotions and allows the audience to feel and understand the story being told.
    Today, color continues to be used to indicate emotions or give clues about the identity of a character.
    Discuss color meanings-
     Red -used on masks indicates a positive character. Red can also mean prosperity, loyalty, courage, heroism, intelligence and
    Purple is sometimes used as a substitute for red. Can represent justice and sophistication.
    Black means that the character is neutral. Black also indicates impartiality and integrity.
    Blue faces are also an indication of neutrality. In addition, blue can show stubbornness, and fierceness.
    Green shows that the character is violent, impulsive and lacks restraint.
    Yellow tells the audience that the character is cruel. Yellow can also mean evil, hypocritical, or sly.
    White faces indicate that the character is evil and hypocritical.
    Gold and silver show the audience that the character is a god or a demon. The character also may be a ghost or a spirit. Gold
    and silver symbolize mystery.

Procedure – discuss power point history of masks/meanings of masks. Ask the students to create a mask
that represents who they are as individuals through designs and certain colors and also following
guidelines to resemble Chinese opera style. Demo on how to cut plaster gauze- get plaster gauze wet by
dipping in a cup of water-then place gauze in strips on the mask mold-smooth plaster out on mask mold to
make it smooth with fingers (more smooth it is, easier to paint on later)-while that plaster is drying have
students sketch their design for masks- next art class have them paint on their masks.

Symmetrical- One side is the exact same from other.
   1. Did the student(s) understand the history and importance of Chinese opera

     2. Did the student understand the procedure of creating masks?

     3. Did the student correctly resemble the Chinese opera style? –such as making
        masks symmetric, lots of color and intricate designs

Google image ‘chinese opera masks’

Don’t get plaster in eyes/nose-
Wash plaster off hands after mold is set
Don’t eat paint!
Make sure each station is cleaned –somewhat messy project

 x       Aesthetics                Notes:
 x       Art History               Ask questions to get them involved-
 x       Critical Thinking         Make sure they understand how to express
 x       Cultural Study            themselves by making their own masks through
                                   design & color that represents themselves like in the
 x       Curricular Integration
                                   Opera to show each character.
 x       Design Elements
 x       Problem Solving
 x       Self Expression
 x       Tool Skills

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