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IT Research Resume Example


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									                                        JESSE KENDALL, Ph.D.
                        123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • 305-444-4444 • jkendall@notmail.com

                                       IT • RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
Analytical and results-driven professional with ten years of relevant experience in numerical and mathematical modeling, and
algorithm and software development. Expertise in solid-state physics and materials science. Widely published author, invited
speaker, and American Physical Society journal referee with a background in research and scientific writing. Highly regarded
for intense research and scientific collaboration with physicists from prestigious universities and top national laboratories.

                                                  AREAS OF EXPERTISE
    •   Theoretical Physics: Condensed Matter, Solid State Physics, Quantum Physics, Strongly Correlated
        Electrons, High Tc Superconductors, Statistical Physics, Many-Body Physics, Field Theory
    •   Mathematics: Probabilities, Statistics, Complex and Real Analysis, Functional Analysis, Calculus, Mathematical
        Methods for Physicists
    •   Computational Physics: Monte Carlo Simulations, Bayesian Inference Methods (Maximum Entropy), Self-Consistent
        Techniques for Solving Integral Equations, Lanczos Diagonalization Techniques
    •   Computing: Developing Numerical Algorithms and Writing Codes, Massive Parallel Computing (MPI, Open MP)
    •   Supercomputers: Oak Ridge National Lab, Ohio, San Diego, and Pittsburgh Supercomputer Centers
    •   Programming Languages: Fortran 90/95, C, C++, Perl, Mathematica, Pascal, BASIC
    •   Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows
    •   Software: Expert Knowledge—MPI, Linear Algebra Package (LAPACK/BLAS), Numerical Recipes,
        CVS Repository, LaTeX, Linux Applications; Advanced Knowledge—OpenMP, Microsoft Excel

                                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Research-Associate, Post-doctoral, University of XYZ, Miami, FL, 20xx-Present
Mentor a team of graduate students and conduct research in condensed matter physics with a focus on problem identification,
problem solving, and results interpretation. Research and write scientific papers. Participate in scientific conferences and visit
institutes, universities, and national laboratories in research collaboration.
    •   Served as a principal investigator on a proposal for a time award for TeraGrid resources.
    •   Published 18 academic papers and attended numerous invited talks.
    •   Played an integral role in Fortran code development. Wrote tens of thousands of lines of code, optimized and debugged
        old codes, and developed and implemented new algorithms.
    •   Selected as referee for American Physical Society journals.
    •   Initiated and spearheaded high-profile projects in collaboration with graduate students from the University of Cincinnati,
        Stanford, the University of California, Davis, and the University of North Dakota.

Graduate Research Assistant, XYZ University, Miami, FL, 20xx-Present
Designed and developed the Process Analysis and Tradeoff Tool (PATT), funded by National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) and Northrop Grumman Corporation through Software Engineering Research Center (SERC). Provided
requirements specification, document design, software modules, the test plan, and test cases. Devised process models to
simulate the IEEE 12207 software development process to estimate software project performance.
   •    Managed the entire software development process, including requirements gathering and analysis.
   •    Designed, created, and tested PATT; provided enhancements to handle new requirements.

EDUCATION          XYX University, Miami, FL
                   Ph.D. (ABD) in Systems Science (Software Process Modeling/Simulation and Optimization)
                   M.B.A, Emphasis in Management of Innovation and Technology (MIT); GPA: 3.8/4.0
                   B.S., Electronics and Communications Engineering

TECHNICAL          Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Project, Visio, Crystal Reports,
                   Visual Basic, Java, C, COBOL, JavaScript, VBScript, MODL, UNIX, ASP, XML, HTML, DB2,
                   SQL Server, DB/400, IDMS, VSAM, XDB, FoxBASE, TSO/ ISPF, CLIST, JCL, CL, SPUFI

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