The Frisco Employes Magazine February Keeping Fit and Dieting by benbenzhou


The Frisco Employes Magazine February Keeping Fit and Dieting

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									                                                                                                                                                    Pagc 59

must have been very enjoyable indeed.
a s Tom has been I t h e hospital ever
since he came back.
   Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Stokely and daugh-
ter. Marilyn, spent the holidays in sunny
   X r . J. R. ~ o l l a n d , formerly c a r die-
tributor In this office, has been trans-
ferred to Rlpthevlile. Ark. His new title
Is comnlercinl agent. H e has the best
wlshes of all hls Chaffee friends in his
new caoacitv.
         .    -
                Frekht Honre
   We were too hasty in boastlng of our
new oosition of steno-clerk, a s the Dosi-
tion has already been abollshed. Brad-
ley Sherwood, who has been on this job,
has had to return to his home in Keokuk,
                                  - -
Iowa. because he was too vouna in s e n r -
ice to "bump."
   One of our boys is wearlng a btoad
smile these days, a s he has taken unto
himself a wife.          I t is Nathan Carle.
yard clerk, who was recently married to
Miss Alma Witt. They a r e both well
known and Hked In this vklnitv and have                                                          A G O O D WATCH DESERVES A GOOD CHAIN
the best wlshes of many rrienhs.
   Xrs. A. W. F a y recently had rn her                                                          IT'S a      g o o d watch. You k n o w it. The c h a i n
guests. Mrs. Lou Curry, of Chillicothe,                                                          o u g h t t o be just as good. Strong. Sturdy.
3Irs. Hattie Stelter. of Ste. Genevieve..                                                        Able to u n d e r g o day-in, day-out wear, every
and Mrs. Ida ~ u r l e y ; Steele, No.                                                           day, w i t h o u t strain. A Simmons Chain!

I       EASTERN DIVISION                          (
                                                                                                     You'll find S i m m o n s C h a i n s good-looking
                                                                                                 too. N o t frilly, b u t in k e e p i n g w i t h y o u r
                                                                                                 watch. A n d n o m a t t e r which o f t h e m a n y
                                                                                                 d e s i g n s y o u like, t h e p r i c e will be reasonable.
    ST. LOUIS CAR DEPARTMENT                                                                     The c h a i n illustrated is a yellow gold-filled
                                                                                                 Dickens, 48994/2, a n d costs $11.25, alone.
       LOU1S E SCHUTTE. Reporter
                                                                                                 Y o u c a n see t h i s c h a i n , a n d m a n y others, a t
    -4st h i s Is t h e Inltla1 r e p o r t for
St. Lalcls C a r Department. w e wlll In-
troduce you to t h e personnel. W a l t e r
J. GllleSple. g e n e r a l foreman c a r de-
                                               the        The swivel says
                                                                            0   it's a Simmons   t h e watch inspector's. R. F. S i m m o n s Co.,
                                                                                                 Attleboro, Massachusetts.

p a r t m e n t : L+3n Penn. foreman of ln-
spectors ; Dexter Toblas. chief clerk ;
William Gorman. bill clerk ; and the
                                                          SIMMONS                                                    CHAINS
-vrlter, s t e n o g r a p h e r .                    exceedingly busy a t this time repairing          home, she dlscovered that her house had
    Ell1 Gorman r e n d e r s beautiful dupli-        damage resulting from the snow and sleet          been partially destroyed by lire e s a re-
 -ations of s o w numbers. heard over                 storm which occurred during the flrst             sult of defective wlring. Most of the
 h e radio. "Tobe" recently of Monett.                part of January.                                  furniture, clothing, etc.. was badly dam-
 omes v e r v n e a r being a n efficiency                                                              aged by smoke and water. However we
 hxpert. T h a t is a l l t h e t a l e n t we can                                                      a r e glad to learn that the loss 'was
 boast of.                                              F. L. & D. CLAIM DEPARTMENT                     covered by Insurance.
    Gus Stein h a s returned to u s from                                                                    Nettie Sartori, voucher clerk, spent a
 bemphls. h l s job a s piece w o r k checker                       SPRINGFIELD, MO.
 rt t h a t point havlng been abollshed.                                                                Pew days with her brother and famlly
 l e displaced J o h n n y Schwend, w h o is                                                            in Cherryvale, Kansas.
 low inspecting in Llndenwood yards.                             DAZEL LEWIS. Reporter                      Katherine Young, of t h e OS&D depart-
    We extend o u r s y m p a t h y to J o e                                                            ment, has purchased a lovely new home
                                                                                                        in Beacon Hill addition.
   us ell, c a r carpenter, in t h e recent               - . . Alr
                                                          The . -. Line Suecial bowIinc team.
                                                             .    - --
                                                                                                            W. Shumate, carload         D/R clerk
 l e a t h of hls wife.                               composed of girls i n the clalm -depart:          sampled the southern tobacco which L:
    Christmak Day. Bill Gorman and                    ment, won the championship for the flrst          L. Rangert sent to F. L. Pursley. Mr.
 bl'rs. Gorman w e r e in Memphis w i t h             half of the 1 9 2 9 season. The ~ e r s o n n e l Pursley fllled out a hospital permit
  heir parents.                                       of the team 1s a s follows: Loree Acton.          while Shu w a s gettlng the Are started
                                                      captain : Marie hIorelock, Frances Gus-           in hls pipe and wan readsr when Walter
                                                      tin, Lenora Sutherland and Mamie Gurley.          passed out.      Abe Martin thinks there
         SIGNAL DEPARTMENT                                Virginia Hasler, popular voucher typ-         should be a law against allowing bogs
           SPRINGFIELD, MO.                            ist, is the proud owner of a gorgeous            to use such stuff.
                                                      k a r a t diamond the mounting of whlch is
                                                      set with ten s h a l l diamonds.
    MATILDA C. HOFFhIAX. R e p o r t e r                  During the holiday season, Clara                    GENERAL STOREKEEPER'S
                                                       Krmes, supervisor of the typing bureau.                   OFFICE-SPRINGFIELD
                                                      extended hospitality to her niece. Nbs
   R. W. T r o t h , office engineer, s p e n t       Hclen Patrick of St. Louis.
  he holidays w i t h his p a r e n t s a t Valley        Betty Adams. Ale clerk, accompanied                   STELLA COAMEGTS,Reporter
 :enter, Kansas.                                       bv her mother and sister, recently en-
    Mrs. F. C. H a r p e r a n d son Wallace.         joyed a motor trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
 wife a n d son of s i g n a l supervisor a t         and Coffeyville. Kansas.                               miss Pearl Opden. formerly Ale clerk
 Paola. Kansas. visited relafives In Le                   Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McCormack spent            for the accounting department in this
 Roy, Kansas, t h e l a t t e r p a r t of De-        t h e week of .January 6 to 1 . inclusive.
                                                                                        1               office, was married on Sunday, Novem-
 :ember.                                              in Miami and Tampa. Florida. where Mr.            ber 24th. to Mr. Lawrence Hornocker of
    Nrs. W. G. Nash, w i f e of s l g n a l           &feCormack attended meeting of the                Indianapolis, Indiana.       The marriage
 maintaher a t Stroud. Oklahoma, has                  National Claim Prevention Commlttee               came a s a surprise to her many Priends,
 returned t o h e r home a f t e r a visit in          and subsequent sesslons of the South-            but only our best and sincerest of wishes
 3~ringfleld.                                          eastern Claim Conference.                        a r e theirs for a lonp and happy married
    Mrs. H. W. Wait. w i f e of s i g n a l               On J a n u a r y 1, H. E. Walters, OS&D lifc. Before they left for their new home
 rnaintalner. Thayer, i s v i s i t i n g rela-        investigator, resigned to engage in the          In Indianapolis, they were presented
 tives in Aurora.                                     furniture and hardware business a t               with a lovely coffee urn, the gift from
    The signal department extend their                Branson. Missouri. Before his deDartUre           Pearl's friends of this office.
 sympathy to Mrs. C. I. Garton. wife of                he was presented with a set of golf                  George Wood spent his vacation visit-
 ~ s s i s t a n t inspector in the death of her       clubs a s a farewell remembrance Prom            Ing a t various points on the Frisco.
 lather, which occurred a t Purdy. Mo.                 111s co-workers. We all wish Mr. Wal-            namely: Pensacola. Memphis. Birminz-
 December 28.                                          ters every success in his new line of            ham and Tulsa.
    We a r e also sorry to learn of the                work, but regret to lose him from our                Miss Ernla Goddard spent a few days
 rleath o! the mother of Mrs. J. A. Simp-              ranks.                                           a t Thanksgiving time vlslting friends in
 son. In Kansas City on J a n u a r y 16th.               J. R. Lodge, OS&D Investigator, has           New Hampton. Iowa.            Although the
 She was burled a t her old home in                    been re-employed In this office to All a         temperature was 13 degrees. E r m a says
 Hountain Grove. Mr. Simpson is maln-                  vacancy created a t the time H. E. Wal-          she did not notice the cold there a s much
 talner a t Lamar.                                     ters left the service. Mr. Lodge was             a s here.
    Mrs. H. Barron, wife of assistant en-              formerly e m ~ l o y e d In the office of dl-        Glen Elsev has left this d e ~ a r t m e n tt o
 gineer. has been called to Jasper, Ala..             vision and stores accountant.                     take up work in the signal department.
 on account of the serious illness of her                 The afternoon of January 11, will long        We a r e sorry to lose Glen, but wish hlnl
 .. - -.--
   . .
 mnther.                                               be remembered by Gcrtrude Whitaker.              all the success possible in his new work.
    Our construction and repair gangs a r e            dictaphone operator, or upon returnlng                Several in this department had t o
hurry to get to their remaining d a y s of                   ruined but Joc w a s fortunate to have
vacatlon in beforc t h c new ycar s t a r t e d              this loss covered wlth Insurance, though
but think evcry one got w h a t w a s com-                   he w a s o u t t h e price of a new lock for
ing to them.                                                 hls gears, for he wants to m a k e doubly
  Mrs. Gertrnde Crowe ancl Miss Maude                        s u r e of kceping h b c a r henceforth.
Bedell s w n t New Year's d a s in K a n s a s                   Mr. 0. H. Miller a n d famlly spent
City.                                                        J a n u a r y 4 and G in Overland. Mo., near
     Speaking of weather-Springfield can                     St. Louls.
well makc a record for a varlety of                              Mr. C. C. Meyer, stock clerk, is spend-
weather in onc week's t h e .                                ing J a n u a r y 1 8 a n d 1 9 with his a u n t ,
    P a u l Lowery h a s been awarded po-                    Mrs: Wm. Wrlght, of Bellevllle, Ill. A t
sitlon made vacant by Glen Elsey re-                         present, however. Mr. Meyer's home h a s
signing and Belton Hambree w a s awarcl-                     qulte a bit of sickness. a s his two grancl-
ed position held by Paul.
     Miss Pearl F a i n s p e n t a few days
                                                             chlldren a r e ill.                                          hll Materials ReaW-Freight                            Paid
with relatlveq n e a r Mexico. Mo.                                     PURCHASING DEPARTMENT                              Buy direct from the big Aladdin Mills a t
    Cigars and chocolates were passecl to                                                                                 wholesale prices Shlprnent is made In senled box
thls offlce t h e morning of J a n u a r y 4 :                              ST. LOUIS, MO.                                c a r - h e l g h t prepald. Safearrival gunranteed.
t r e a t s from Mr. E d g a r Morgan. whose
m a r r l a ~ e X i s Helen H y d e took place
               to                                                        W. I.. RITTER. Reporter
                                                                                                                                                          Save $200to $1000
evenlng of J a n u a r y 3. O u r h e a r t y con-                                                                                                        Ahddln Homesare cut-
gratulations a r e offered.                                                                                                                                o-fitat theMlllon huge
                                                                  W e a r c pleased to learn t h a t 15. W.
                                                              Gatzert's w l l e Is recoverlng from t h e el-
                                                                                                                                                          1abor-saving machines.
                                                                                                                                                          instead of o n the job.
                                                                                                                                                          where labor and lumber
DIVISION STOREKEEPER'S OFFICE                                 fects of a recent automobile accident.
                                                              W e all wish h e r good luck a n d a speedy                                                 -te   costs dear1   .You nave
                                                                                                                                                          tk,di%erenee anBget the ~b
         SPRINGFIELD                                          recovery.
                                                                  Three cheers for o u r own R. B. Xc-
                                                                                                                          6R00tll~ 4 4
                                                                                                                          -  -                            est-pom-e?-           bw.
                                                                                                                                 WE PAY FRWHT -
                                                              Brldc. .newly elected prcsident of the
                                                              Frlsco Men's Club.                                          Join the thousands of
                                                                                                                          sstieeed A M i n home own-
                                                                                                                                                          What You Get
                                                                  And three more cheers for Yours truly.                  -build    our hope themod
    Tom Branson took charge of t h e RUB-                     newl; elected presldent of the purchas-                     ern Ahid% Read*-CutWW.
ply c a r on t h e hlgh llne l a s t tllonth.                 inp department nine bowllng ball t h r o n -
over the O s c r o l a sub.
    Mr. H a r t Howard and Mr. W.G . Conk-
                                                              e r s club.
                                                                  I f they would keep t h e girls off t h e
                                                              alleys when we a r e bowling, we would
lin a r e commlttwmen of the Frlsco Men's
Club from thls d e ~ a r t m e n t , so shoulcl
you be seeklng information as to spe-
                                                              have a ten eye c l u b a s k H e r b Clay.
                                                                  Lewls Cunninaham, o u r offlce boy. s a y s
                                                                                                                                                          catalog FREE
cial meetings and entcrtainmcnts, see                         he npent Christmas smoklng one of his
them.                                                         TIncle Jim's cigars and helping his girl
    Everybody watches his step and thc                        ~ l a v m a t e s c a r r y Christmas presents to
                                                             :sunclay school.
other fellow's too, to avoid accidents d u r -                    Norman Cool. m a n a a e r of o u r llle
Ing the bad weather. however. J i m HOP                                                                                   All s e t t r a c t l v e de-
ton w a s Injured by a fall several days                      room, s a y s he helped his glrl bake a                     signe. B U Mone 9   0 4L n
                                                              cake Christmas eve.                                         dav or two and s a ~ e kbor
a g o and had to be off work about a week.
b u t we a r e glad he w a s not seriously                        And while all this w a s ~ o f n g        on. H r r b
hurt.                                                         Clay slept on a n d on !
    At the present writing, Charlie Twig-                         All through o u r recent bowling con-
ger if off from work, sick with the flu.                      test, Irwin n ' e g e y r w a s heard murmur-                   Ed Nease and p a w a r e bullding
    P a u l Plerpont trucker. Is t h e proud                  ing to hlrnsrll.            I s u r e m u s t keep in       bridges In and around Salem. Mo.
f a t h e r of a bab; girl. born J a n u a r y 14.            practice."                                                      Blll Skyles a n d g a n g recently have
    We falled to mentlon l a s t month. t h e                    L. I,. W h i t e a n d Lucille Meyer have                been repairing brldpes on Ule malh line
death of Mr. J l m Ollver's brother of                       been n=rc busv t h e ~ a s t few weeks                       e a s t of Newburg. Mo.
~ u l s v l l l e . Ky., who dled suddenly of                cL6;ntina 'lurnbek.                                              General repalr work in a n d around St.
h e a r t trouble November 24. Mlsfortunc.                       R. R. XcBrfclr *says his radio is too                    Louls i s helng done by Fred W a t t s a n d
also c a m e to Mr. Ollver l a s t week. when                sensitlvc a s it picks u p e ~ ~ r y t h l n gYours          gang.
hls son. George Lee. a g e 22 years. dled                    truly's m a p not be as sensltive. b u t If                      J l m C a r t e r and g a n g a r e dolng brldge
of a c u t e pneumonia. H e took slck on                     you w a n t to h e a r a n exact reproduction                                             work at Monett. Mo.
                                                                                                                          and b u l l d l n ~r e ~ a i r
T u s d a g a n d dled Thursday. SIr. Oliver                 of t r l ~hammers. automatic clrllls a n d                       *neral        repalr work on bnlldlnis In
h a s t h e slncere sympathy of all his                      d r r e l c ~ h a n t s howllnrr f o r a drlnk all           Sprlnpfleld is belng done by Cunnlnfihnnr
Prlends.                                                     a t . t h e came t h e . come out a n d Ilsten.              ancl Raron's gang.
    J a m e s Ross is off from n-ork a t pres-                    Irenc 3Iaus s a y s s h e i s glad t h a t long
ent. account of t h e Illness of his wife.                   h a i r a n d long s k l r t s a r e coming back a s
    Geo. Qraham's son. Clyde, who at-                        Rernlce Howcr always told h e r t h a t thosr-               A G R I C U L T U R E A N D REFRIGERA-
tended Missourl Universltv a t Columbla                      y e r e t h c cood old d a y s when they wore                          TION DEPARTMENT
w a s taken sick e a r l y I n t h e fall and                 cm long.                                                                S P R I N G F I E L D , MO.
brought home Thanksgfvlng a n d is still
a u l t e slck a t hls father's home. but a t                     BRIDGE AND BUILDING DEPT.
t h e ~ r e a e n tw r l t l n e he Is able to be 1111
                                          ~~       -
                                                                       EASTERN DIVISION                                              ]<PI'.& I>ICI.K. -porter
s&ieand                             slowly.
                 is ~ G p r d G ~ n g
    Mrs. Geo. A. Stephcn of Ottawa. Ill..                                                                                    Gilcs Walker antl Gltmn              Ernest Jones
formerls lML% B e r t h a Reed of this de-                                                                                had a most exciting wild                  t u r k e y hunt
partment. spent the Christmas holidays                                                                                    n e a r Pornona. Mo.   No               success, but
a t home, a n d me a r e glad she did not                        E d Euliss was off from work a few                       plenty of thrills.   During             t h e big hunt
forget h e r E'risco friends. for she vlsltcci               d a y s during thc latter part of J a n u a r y on
t h l s offlcr twice            durlng h e r s t a y in      account of sickness.
Springfield.          She Is well a n d likes h r r              Dock Garrootte recently w a s off about
new home flne.                                               sevcn days with a bruiscd foot h e rc-
    3Ir. IMpnr Morgan, supply c a r m a n ,                  ceivcA when h e w a s helping t a k e out :r                 FORT SCOTT ADVERTISERS
and Mlss Helen Hvde of 1 4 0 6 Broadwav.                     bridge on t h c old main line between
thls city, were uhlted in marriage the                       Phelps antl Jefferson avenues.
c v m l n p of J a n u a r y 3. 3lr. and Mrs.                   Eucl Jones w a s off a few d a y s when h r
J a c k Gannon were present a t t h e cerc-                                                                                      We Fill Your Hoapital Preami~tlons
                                                             fell and h u r t his hip c l u r i n ~thc ice am1
mony. They left t h a t evening f o r sev-
eral clays' s t a y In Tulsa. Okla.                   Our
                                                             sleet s t o r m wc had in January. H e w a s
                                                             working a t the stock yards when h e
                                                                                                                            The PRICHARD-BLATCHLEY
best wishes a r e thelrs for a long and
happy life together.
                                                                 1,eRov R a v iq in t h e Frisco hospital
                                                                                                                                     DRUG COMPANY
    I v a n Chittenden of this clrpartment                   a t St. ~ o u i s : H e took sick right a f t e r                         The Rexall Store
s a y s It looks as If he Is going to have to                Christmas ancl went to t h e hospital. ~ \ t
be t h e next one to be marrird f r o m t h i s              this writing it h a s not been clrcided yet                    S. \\-. Cor. Main & W a l l P h o n e 170
department o r else bc t h e l a s t one.                    w h a t t h e trouble i s b u t we wish for him                          FT. SCOTT. KANS.
    Claude Truck i s t h e proud possessor                   n speedy recovery.
of a new Essex coach. b u t h e i s careful                      Melvin H e n d r y i s u p a n d around now
In t a k i n g it o u r d u r l n g t h e bad weather.       n i t e r a n o ~ e r a t i o n for aoDrndicitis b u t
                                                                                                          --- -
    Xr. 0. F Kemm, stock clerk spent
                    .                                        is not workina yet. W e h&e t o see hlm
two clays before New Years w'ith his                         back on t h e job soon.                                                          FIRST TRY
brother. P a u l W. Kemm. of Wichita.                            T h e bridge a n d building department
    J o e Earl. store trucker. had t h e mls-
                                                             wishes J i m J o n e s cood luck on his . - ..
                                                                                                  -.  . .. new
                                                                                                      -. .-
                                                                                                          -   .             "BOB BOLES"-Caterer
                                                             job on t h e central -division. W e h a t e to
fortune to h a v e his D u r a n t coupe stolen              see him leave Sprlngfleld.                                          Catering to Those Who Want
one night a b o u t Christmas time while he                                    ~
                                                                 C h a r l e ~ Wallace a n d Kane h a v e re-
a n d hrs wife attended a n &ntert&m&l                       cently been repairing the'-water t a n k - i t                        T H E B E S T I N FOODS
a t Pipkin J u n i o r Hlgh.             A f t e r several   Osceola, Mo.
days' search. t h e olflcers located it. T h e                   Mr. Brown and g a n g a r e repalring
door lock had been broken a n d tires                                                                                       Goodlander Hotel                    Ft. Scott, Kana
                                                             bridges on t h e H l g h Llne.
311% Jones and little Glenn Wade. visited
a n uncle, on whose farm the excltement
took place. Better luck next season.
   We a r e so sorry to hear of the sudden
call of Mr. D. E. Eicher to his sister's
dcathbed. in Iowa.
   We a r e very glacl to hear of thc re-
covery of Mr. G. 0. Gilbert. of Talihina.
O k l a , and his family. who have been
reriounlg ill with the "flu" and pneu-
   Mr. Jaspcr Thonlas attended a n all-
clay e x - s ~ r v i cmen's reunion a t his old
11o1ne In Greenfield. December 27.
   1Ir. Paul C. Potter, assistant daily
agent. suffered qulte a loss when the
bank of Fnlr Grove. Mo.. closed its doors


         0. 1,   OuSLEY. Rcportcr
   \Vo extend our sincere ssv-npathy to
1iis.s Alpha 'ordz       of this department
whose mother passed away January 14.
followlng a brief illness.
   Mi.s.9 Maude Gorsuch. stenographer. was
auvay on vacation several days last month
during which tlme she visited friends in
Kansas City.
   Benton Curtis. who has been absent
from the telegraph offlce for several
weeks account sickness. 1s improving and
e x ~ e c t q to resume work within a feur
clays. H e is heing relieved by extra
messenger Otls A. Divan.
   F. C. Schmidt. operator. and wife have
recentlv returned from Ft. Worth aPter
severai days'
                     vlslt with thelr son.
Schmidt was relleved by operator C. C.
   Prank W. Bayless, telephone main-
                                                  ere's a schedule of heal
tainer. and famlly spent a few days this
month vlslting relatives in Coffeyville.
   Mahx Llnster. son of G. F. Llnster.
                                                    for all railroad men!
a=lstant superlntendent telegraph. w a s
married December 28, to Mlss Helen
.Jolins of this clty. They will make thelr
                                                   RAILROAD lead busy lives. ~ c h e d u k s
                                                                MEN                              and connections
home in Bhicago. Mahx havlng recently              to make--emergencies to meet, traffic must move'
.secured a position there.
    MISS Mayme Conroy. PBX operator.                  Oftentimes only a few minutes for meals. Railroad men
Kansas City, has been off d u t y several
clays account serious illness of her               know the importance of keeping fit. One necessary precau,
mother who is somewhat improved a t
thls tlme.                                         tion is to include su5cient roughage in the diet. Kellogg's
    Miss Mary Lou Diss. PBX operator.                           is
                                                   ALL~BRANroughage. Eaten regularly, it insures proper
I't. Scott, has been enjoyin a vlslt from
her brother. Ned, of ~ e t r o % .                 elimination. I t is a delightful food! T w o tablespoons daily
                                                   -in severe cases, with every meal-is          pitively par*
       MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT                       anteed to relieve and prevent temporary and recurring
          LINDENWOOD, MO.                          constipation or money will be refunded.
%. >I.   S I M P S O N and J. 11. CUNNING-
                 HAM, Reporters
                                                      In addition, Kellogg's ALL-BRAN     contains an abundance
                                                   of iron, which builds blood, strengthens the entire system
   \\:. B. Smith and wlfe spent Christmas          and makes men better fitted physically to meet the strenuous
y!th thclr brother and slster a t Decatur.
   Mrs. Jack Rubln spent the holidays.
                                                   demands of everyday railroad service. Eaten with milk or
December 25 to J a n u a r y 3, vlsltlng her       fruits, it adds valuable vitamins to the system.
fnrnlly a t Springfield, Mo.
   The new Arsenal street vladuct over                                           with
                                                      Eat Kellogg's ALL-BRAN milk or cream, with fruits,
thc Frisco Lindenwood yards was com-
pleted and formalls~ opened January 8.             in soups and salads. N o meal is so hurried you cannot in,
while a blinding snowstorm raged.
   Now that the new 1930 model auto-                            s
                                                   clude t h ~ simple and delicious precaution of health. Your
mobiles a r e on the market owners of                                                   I
                                                   grocer has Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. t is served everywhere.
those orphan cars a r e really worried.

Some have been accused of c h a n d n r thc
name plate on thelr radiators-not       %en-
                                                   Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek.
tioning any names !
   George Spragoe was with us f o r a few
days the flrst half of January.
   At this mritlng W. B. Murney is stlll
reported on the sick Hst. W e wish him
a speedy recovery and return.
   Andy Brayflcld vislted In Kansas City.
No.. the flrst part of January.
   George Thomas of the water service
department is the proud father of a n 8-
pound boy-little     Dave Jean-born      De-
cember 27.
   Charles Loague of the water service
department spent Christmas visiting the
home folks clown a t Dixon. Mo.
                                                                              T b e popular Health Combination is
   ?dr. and Xrs. W. B. Berry and daugh-
ter. Lucy 31aud. were holiday visitors a t                                                  -
                                                                              Kellogg's ALL B R A N and Kellogg's
the home of their daughter. Xrs. B. X.                                        KaffeeHag Coffee-realcoffee with 97%
Jlumell.                                                                              of d e cafferneremoved.
                                                                                                                              Page 63

Sprlngfleld.    All wlres were down be-
tween EpringflelU and Marshfletd and
west o   f Nlchols Junction. Traln dls-
patchlng w a s rather dlfflcult f.01- a day
o r two. The sltuatlon was somewhat re-
lieved by placlng dispatchers a t polnts
other t h a n Sprlngfleld. Dispatchers Long
and DeBerry went t o Lebanon, Lewls to
Nonett, and every dispatcher put In
more than hls regular elght hours untll
t h e wlres were 0.K. agaln. Mr. Watts
also helped out by cuttlng In a New-
b u r g and dispatching tralns untll the dls-
patchers arrlved a t Lebanon.
    Wish t o thank the "Klght Owls" for
t h e beautiful flowers they so klndly sent
m e durlng my sojourn a t the Frlsco hos-
pltal In St. Louls. They were greatly
appreciated. I can sssure you.

                                                         Your boots'         "3
                                                                     "whiskers                                                    .
                                                         How long have your baots been        "U, 3 Patrols are lined. They
                                                         in service? Just a short time?       have a reinforced vamp that is a
                                                         And you need new ones already?       further assurance of extra long
                                                            Or can you count on them giv-     wear. They have a very heavy
                                                         ing you long wear? Then they         white sole and bumper heel that
                                                         must be "U. S." Blue Ribbon          laughs every time it's used for
                                                         Boots.                               kick-off purposes.
   The hrrrrtirlg cxpeditioit o f Joe Mc-                   You will find this "U. S." Blue      Look for the blue bind a t the
Carttrey, Frisco ~rrachinist at Linden-                  Ribbon Ebony Boot, pictured in       top-it's    t h e sign of genuine
wood, Mo., 7ans n stcccessful one, ac-                   actual service above, one of the     "U. S." Blue Ribbon Footwear.
cording to the nccompanykrg picture.
The deer was shot on his Awrting trip                    toughest you've ever worn. What
fhrough fhe woods o f eastern Arkansas               .   "whiskers" they'll have before                    MADE BY
drtring Decentbcr.                                       they've finished their service!      United States Rubber Company
                                                            And yet these boots are very       The World'e Lrgesl Produeor of Rubber
 ASSISTANT BUPERINTENDENT'S                              light-wearing them all day won't
                                                         tire you.
      A,   f. BREBHEARS, Reporter                           As for rubbers, "U. S." Patrols
   Conductor B. C. Barham, brakemen                      give longer wear than any other
Dan Bay. Wm. P. Baumgartner and                          rubbers we know of. From men
H a r r y Hutcheson comprlse the traln crew
on the new local whlch operates on a                     who "squirrel" marly cars a day
trl-weekly schedule between St. Louls
and Newburg. replacing the two locals                    and from men who ride the cush-
whlch formerly operated St. Louls to
Stanton and Stanton to Newburg.                          ions, we've had the highest praise
   Three more names have been added to
the llst of those who have been cut off
                                                         for the wearing quality of these
the brakemen's extra board a t St. Louls.                extra heavy rubbers.
They a r e : B. W. Adams. H. N. Moore,
and A. A. McDonald.
   We a r e glad t o s a y t h a t Mlss Helen
Fellows, operator, Is back wlth us a t
thls writing, after havlna been conflned        66
to the Frlsco hospltal In St. LOUIS for
a short while on account of illness
   Even though t h e weather haa been very
dlaagreeable of late, there a r e those who
still traverse the hlghways vla motor.
Noel Turner and Leroy Umlauf, brake-
                                                heavy footwear

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