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                               The question each woman asks herself                                                              5
                               Stefania & Lisa                                                                                   7
                               Marina & Giusy                                                                                    9
                               The answer                                                                                       11
                               Are you dissatisfied and looking for a solution?                                                 14
                               The 3rd generation solution(*)                                                                  17
                               3nergy®                                                                                          19
                               In re-code® only top quality isoflavones                                                         21
                               re-code®                                                                                         23

* re-code® is an adjuvant for weight control within a regime of a balanced diet allied to the regular
( )

  taking of exercise.
      WARNING: this catalogue has the sole objective of explaining, in a simple and direct way, the characteristics of the product
      known as re-code®. Any information and or simplification is aimed at facilitating the comprehension of the presented
      concepts. It is necessary to specify that re-code® is an adjuvant for weight control within a regime of a balanced diet allied
      to the regular taking of exercise. Any reference to the specific properties of the single constituents cannot be attributed
      to the final product.
The question each woman asks herself!
     As we will see in the following pages, Stefania, Lisa, Marina and Giusy are
     very different women, with differing lifestyles, yet they all share the same
     problem: they are not happy with their figure.
     Despite their many attempts, they have not managed to control their
     weight to the extent and in the points they wished.
     Within the sector of well-being products ZUCCARI – mindful of the client
     as always – has adopted an entirely new and innovative approach to this
     issue in order to find a real answer to the question that each woman asks

     Keeping fit…
     why do all my
     attempts fail?


Stefania, 38 year old, lawyer
  When not working in court, she dedicates her time to her favourite activity:
  shopping! She has 32 pairs of shoes, but her real passion is for body
  treatment products. She is still seeking out her better half and she is fighting
  the signs of ageing.
  She has always had an enviable figure, despite the appearance of some
  unwelcome chubbiness: all at once she has noticed some unpleasant
  bloating on her arms. And she loved so much to wear those sleeveless tops
  in the summer…

Lisa, 42 year old, housewife
  Her daily routine is organized around Luca, Federico and Marco: her three
  men! Shirts to be ironed, socks to be washed, Federico and Marco to be
  taken to the gym, to the friends, to the swimming pool. And don’t forget all
  those tasty lunches she cooks them! Lasagne, roasts and cakes and just a
  salad with a sprinkling of oil for her.
  At the weekends they all go trekking in the mountains, but despite the
  healthy exercise and the dieting, she is not able to get the figure back
  that she used to have when she first conquered Luca.


Marina, 56 year old, pensioner
  Every morning she loads her 3 grandchildren into her city car and after
  having dropped two of them off at the school, she takes little Elisa to the
  park which, since last year, now has slides and swings.
  For a couple of months, she has been going to Jaun and Pilar’s salsa dance
  class, where she met Franco. They often go out for dinner together to
  upmarket restaurants and Marina has put on a number of pounds…
  she would like to go on a diet, but she refuses to give up those romantic

Giusy, 32 year old, beautician
  Always knowledgeable on current fashions, she attends every interesting
  further education course with one single goal: her clients’ satisfaction!
  At the end of the day she gets back home to her partner, but she is unhappy
  as she has contributed to improving the appearance of her clients, but she,
  herself, is not able to control her weight: it has become an obsession.
  She knows everything by reading specialized magazines and websites, she
  actively takes part in forums and blogs but no one has given her the right
  tips on how to lose weight yet.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Women store more than men?
We, women, are naturally pre-disposed to preserving our fat reserves in
order to be always ready to bear children.
Despite a modern lifestyle resulting in an increase in the average age of
women’s first pregnancies, nature prepares the female organism for this
event well before their 30’s.
The answer
    The human organism is endowed with regulatory systems which ensure
    our survival even in stressful situations. When on a hypo-caloric diet,
    for example, given the reduced in-take of nutritional elements, our body
    reacts by activating its defence systems and by compensating for the new
    nutritional regime.

                                                   Lean mass (muscle mass) is the main
                                                   consumer of energy (Fig. 1); therefore a
                                                   lowering of the base metabolism rate results
                                                   on a generalized slimming which causes a
                                                   reduction in the lean mass (Fig. 2). This
                                                   non-localised weight loss causes the so
                                                   called yo-yo effect (Fig. 3), i.e., at the end
                                                   of a diet, since the body has got used to the
                                                   new metabolic level, it burns less calories and
                                                   therefore the lost weight is soon regained
                                                   with interests, in the form of fat mass.
           Fig. 1         Fig. 2          Fig. 3
           Before         During          After          Lean mass                Fat mass
           a diet         a diet          a diet

    This is why – more often than not – diets do not work!

    This mechanism is even more evident in us, women, who experience
    a much greater difficulty in losing excess fat than men. The concept
    of beauty is innate in our species and depends on evolution, which has
    favoured the development of a female body shape capable of resembling
    the hormonal profile of the woman, by locating the fats in specific areas to
    attract the attention of a potential sexual partner.

it is just a question of
Those imperceptible hormonal
variations provide the answer
to the initial question:
Keeping fit…
why do all your
attempts fail?
Our woman’s body is a very sensitive organism, constantly undergoing
modifications and changes, which are manifested both on a monthly cyclical
basis, and in the various phases of life.
Each one of us, in our heart, is well aware of the fact that hormones are
responsible for our shape and the changes to the body since our birth.
Once past 30, our body starts a hormonal path of ups and downs, of
progressive oscillations which are so slow as to be almost imperceptible.
This path ends with menopause, when we understand the meaning of
those changes we unconsciously experienced over the previous years.

                    From 30 years      During              The oscillations of
 Up to 30 years     onwards            menopause           the estrogens is the
 The hormonal       The estrogenic     The estrogens       main reason for the
 concentration      levels             significantly       accumulations of
 is characterised                      decrease            subcutaneous adipose
                    decrease in                            in certain critical areas,
 by a rapid         an irregular                           such as the arms and the
 increase           way                                    hips. Over the age of 30,
                                                           the typical hormonal
                                                           fluctuations in the female
                                                           organism cause those
                                                           changes in our body
                                                           which result not only in a
                                                           weight increase, but also
                                                           in a gradual shifting away
                                                           from the classical image
                                                           of a woman’s figure.

If our hormonal system were balanced, as it used to be when we were
young or as is the case for men, a light diet and a bit more physical exercise
would be sufficient to maintain our bodily shape. Over 30 years of age, the
question is not simply to control weight, but to shape those critical areas!

                              1  st


Are you dissatisfied and
looking for a solution?

                 2    nd

The ‘90’s           The 1st generation of weight control products
            Thermogenic products: caffeine, iodine or Citrus auranthium based
            Fat blockers: containing active principles like the famous chitosane
            Sugars blockers: with phaseolamin or green coffee
            Appetite suppressants: with griffonia and yerba mate

         Some active principles                    Other active principles
         Even though effective from a clinical     The evident disparity in the
         perspective, they are present in such     results obtained from in vitro
         small quantities in the final product     and in vivo testing, is testimony
         that no visible result is manifested.     to a scientific inconsistency.

From 2000           The 2nd generation of weight control products
           Diuretics: are based on the assumption that the body retains water
         and fats in order to store toxins, which are consumed during meals and
         produced by the organism.

         The declared objective of these products is to eliminate excess toxins.
         Though this method actually works, it does not communicate to the body
         how to allocate the fat masses correctly.

The products on the market still do not address the core issue of the problems
linked with slimming difficulty: the question “Keeping fit… why do all your
attempts fail?” has yet to be fully answered!

...keeping fit
easy as it was
when you were
The 3rd generation solution(*)
     Though the answer is physiological and self-evident, it took 3 years of
     intensive research by ZUCCARI’s r&D Department to find a solution. Instead
     of focusing on the symptoms (weight) ZUCCARI’s experts concentrated
     on the root cause (hormonal imbalances), and came up with a system to
     effectively address the heart of the problem.

     This food supplement contributes to restoring the correct hormonal balance,
     which enables the messages transmitted by the hormones to reach our
     organs as occurred earlier in life, like helping our body to remind how it used
     to lose weight when we were younger, when our organism knew where
     to collocate the fat masses that reflected the classical image of a woman.

     restoring the equilibrium means re-coding the messages transmitted by
     the estrogens and to selectively allocate the fat masses at the right points.

                                                          * re-code is an adjuvant for weight control
                                                         ( )

                                                            within a regime of a balanced diet allied
                                                            to the regular taking of exercise.

you eat phytoestrogens every day?
Phytoestrogens are contained in almost 300 species
of plants. Foods, such as soya, legumes, cereals,
garlic, carrots, fennel, liquorice, hops, apples,
potatoes and sage, are just a few examples
of commonly consumed foods rich in
phytoestrogens. In particular, the
isoflavones come mainly from
soya seeds and legumes.
                ZUCCARI’s patent that optimizes the assimilation of the

   Isoflavones                                            Lactic ferments
Isoflavones, which are plant hormones                 Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus
present in many species, are the                      acidophilus are autochthonous
natural solution to compensate for                    microrganisms which are not always
fluctuations in hormonal levels.                      present in a sufficient quantity in
Since hormonal functioning is                         the human intestine. The state of the
determined by molecular structure,                    intestinal flora of each individual is
and isoflavones are very similar                      strongly influenced by many factors,
in structure to that of female                        therefore, an extra aid to the intestine
hormones, they are the most suitable                  micro flora is necessary for creating
phytoestrogens to compensate for                      favourable conditions for the complete
shortages in the female body.                         absorption of the isoflavones.

                    It is a molecule present in the peel of the Malus
                    pumila, the common apple. Its task is to increase
                    the bioavailability of phytoestrogens by favouring
                    their absorption in the intestines. It is an ingenious
                    molecule which acts like a key opening a door,
                    ensuring access to the isoflavones. Phlorizine has a
                    very similar molecular structure to the isoflavones
                    and probably it primes the intestine to more
                    effectively assimilate its weaker “brothers”.

Pueraria is a synonymous
of youth.
Better known as kudzu in the
West and ge-gen in the East,
it is rich in isoflavones. Its Latin
name, Pueraria, means “which
makes young”.
In re-code® only top quality isoflavones

                        is one of the 10 most common allergens1
                        has a high risk of being genetically modified: soya is used
                        in many different fields and is therefore unscrupulously

     These two drawbacks prevent soya from complying with ZUCCARI’s strict
     qualitative standards.
     ZUCCARI’s constant research for new natural raw materials led to a far better
     alternative to soya; the Pueraria lobata, a creeper known for its extraordinary
     anti-ageing properties.
     Standardised extracts of this plant reach concentrations of up to 80%,
     making this plant one of the main and most important alternatives to
     soya as regards to content of isoflavones.
     The Pueraria lobata grows spontaneously in environments unfriendly to
     other plants, and that is why it is GMO risk free. It is regarded as a weed it
     has not been subjected to any artificial genetic modifications to improve its
     botanical features.

       The European Directive 2003/89/EC on food labelling, lists the most common allergens, responsible for 90% of
     the food allergies in the world, which therefore must be cited on the label. Among them, soya and its derivatives.

your body
and remember
how easy
keeping fit was
when you were
re-code® is the product for the physiological weight control, designed to achieve
results by focusing on the problem’s root cause, hormonal imbalances, rather than
the symptoms, weight increase.

       Its elements have been carefully selected from the best provided
                                 by Nature.

                           Phytoestrogens                   The 3 constituents
                           Lactic ferments                  making up
                           Phlorizine                       ZUCCARI’s patent

                                                            The perfect pair
         Dandelion                  Equisetum               for drainage and

                                    Prebiotic               The stimulating duo
         rhubarb                    fibre                   for gastro-intestinal

                                    Fermented               Bosom buddies for
         Collagen                   papaya                  an anti-aging effect,
                                                            both inside and out

  The re-code® constituents that aid 3NERGY® make consumption a sensible
  decision to take by women in menopause, very young women or persons
  not suffering from hormonal imbalances. In this case the beneficial effects
  deriving from the consumption of re-code® come from its detox, antioxidant,
  re-mineralising, stimulation of the immune system and skin toning actions.

                                                Graphic code: REC-CAT-01-10-GB
how easy
keeping fit
was when
you were

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