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RIFB E Keeping Fit and Dieting


RIFB E Keeping Fit and Dieting

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									                                                                finding the ways that work

                           Dear Friend,

                               Thank you for visiting Environmental Defense’s and
                           requesting a Low-Carbon Diet Kit. The choices we make in our everyday lives can have a
                           profound impact on global warming. By making a few simple changes in your own life, you will
                                                           finding the ways that to reduce global warming pollution in
                           be joining millions of other Americans who are workingwork
                           their homes and communities.

                               Your Low-Carbon Diet Kit contains a brochure of useful tips to reduce your use of fossil
                           fuels that emit carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming. By cutting back on the
                           energy you use in your home and car, you will be creating a healthier world for today, and for
                           future generations.

                               You’ll also find a notepad with a ten-step checklist, a door hanger with seasonal tips for
                           fighting global warming and two magnets – one for your dishwasher, one for your washing
                           machine. Use these helpful reminders to keep your low-carbon diet on track.
                                                           finding the ways that work
                               If you have children, the Low-Carbon Diet Kit is a great way to get them involved. Help
                           them learn about global warming and why it’s important to cut back on carbon emissions. Teach
                           them to recycle. Remind them to turn out lights and close windows. Show them that low-carbon
                           living can be good for you, good for the planet and a good time.

                              I want you to have fun with your Low-Carbon Diet Kit. But I also want to remind you that
                           global warming is the most serious environmental issue of our time.

                              Whether you saw the campaign’s television spots, heard our radio ads or read our web site,
                           you know that global warming threatens to dramatically change the world we live in.

                               But the good news is that it is not too late to stop the devastating effects of global warming.
                           If we all do our part, we can undo the damage we’ve done. Following the steps outlined in your
                           Low-Carbon Diet Kit is a great way to start.

                                     Thank you and good luck on your diet.


                                                                                   Fred Krupp

                           P.S.         Do your part to fight global warming. Use the enclosed Low-Carbon Diet Kit to cut back
                                        on your carbon emissions. And don’t forget to check up on your progress by visiting our
                                        Carbon Calculator at Thank you.

                                                                •                  •
Recycled (30% Post-Consumer) Paper
Start Protecting
  Your World Today
           finding the ways that work

     Tips to Live With

           finding the ways that work
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       Purple: 189- cyan

                                                 Get the Kids Involved!
        Blue: proc
        Yellow: 5-1
         Green: 298-
                                     ic Book
                 are Fran   klin Goth

                                               Put Your Whole Family on the Low-Carbon Diet.
Global warming will affect us all. But it is our children who will inherit the planet from us.
Get your kids on the right track by teaching them carbon-conscious habits as early as possible.

      Things To Do: Mom and Dad                                         Things To Do: Kids
 K    Remind kids to turn off lights                                K   Always turn off lights when leaving a room

  K   Show kids how to recycle                                      K   Sort glass, metal and plastic recyclables

  K   Take a family walk or bike ride                               K   Close all windows when heat or air is on

  K   Teach kids about the dangers of global                        K   Make sure mom and dad are sticking
      warming at                             to their Low-Carbon Diet

  K   Use the Carbon Calculator at                                  K   Use the Carbon Calculator at to set                        to check your
      family diet goals                                                 familys carbon weight
    How Global Warming Can Impact You                                CARBON-CONSCIOUS
    Global warming is caused when gases – primarily carbon           PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT:
    dioxide from cars and power plants – trap heat inside our
    atmosphere. Most people know about global warming,
    but few understand the impact it will have on our planet.        Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)
                                                                     CFLs last up to 13 times as long as standard
    Massive heat waves. Severe drought. More violent                 incandescent bulbs. Use these tips to choose
    storms. These are a few of the serious threats global            the right CFL for you:
    warming poses to our health, our safety, our economy,
    our future. But it’s not too late to act.                        1   Start with one bulb to ensure the kind of
                                                                         light you want. Look for bulbs labeled
    How You Can Impact Global Warming                                    “2700º Kelvin” or “warm-white.”
    There are dozens of practical things you can do to cut
    global warming pollution out of your daily routine. This        2 Know your watts.To replace amore light
                                                                      at lower wattages.
                                                                                         CFLs emit
    Low-Carbon Diet Kit provides simple, effective steps you             40 watt bulb, buy a 11-14 watt CFL. For a
    can take to protect your world today – and the world our             standard 150 watt bulb, a 38-42 watt CFL
    children will inherit.                                               will do the trick.

                                                                    3 Measure before buying. Some larger
    TEN SIMPLE STEPS TO A                                             CFLs may not fit smaller lamps. Measure
                                                                         your shade before making a purchase.

    Replace Light Bulbs. Perhaps
1   the quickest way to save energy
    at home is by replacing standard                             LOW-CARBON LIFESTYLE
    bulbs with CFLs (see above).
    Carbon savings: 500 lb./year
                                                                 Stop Air Leaks. Plug air leaks in windows and
2   Adjust the Thermostat. Keep close tabs on
    your home’s temperature. Lower it a few
                                                            7    doors to increase energy efficiency up to 30%.
                                                                 Carbon savings: 650 lb./year
    degrees in the winter. Raise it in the summer.
    Carbon savings: 350 lb./year for every                       Fully Insulate Your Home. Cut carbon and
    2° reduction                                            8    reduce your heat bill by 25% by insulating
                                                                 attics, pipes, ductwork and flooring.
    Check Your Hot Water Heater. Keep your
3   water heater below 120° and insulate your pipes.
                                                                 Carbon savings: 2,000 lb./year
    Wrap older heaters in an insulating jacket.                  Keep Your Car Tuned Up. Tuning up your
    Carbon savings: 250 lb./year                            9    car can save you hundreds of gallons of gas.
                                                                 So align those wheels, inflate those tires, check
    Use Less Hot Water. Install low-flow
4   shower heads to use less water.
    Carbon savings: 350 lb./year
                                                                 that engine and mind the spark plugs, sensors,
                                                                 filters, hoses and belts.
                                                                 Carbon savings: 28 lb./gallon of gas saved
    Cook More Efficiently. When possible, use
5   microwaves, pressure cookers, crock pots –
    they’re much more efficient than conventional
                                                            10                 Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. Sorting
                                                                          finding the ways that work
                                                                               glass, plastic, batteries and other
                                                                               recyclables costs you nothing,
    ovens. Carbon savings: Varies                                              but saves you considerably.
                                                                               Carbon savings: 1,200 lb./year
                                                                                                                     Recycled (30% Post-Consumer) Paper

    Limit Use of Appliances and Electronics.
6   Wash clothes in cold or warm water, not hot.
    Run only full loads when washing clothes and
    dishes. Turn off electronics when not in use.
    Carbon savings: 450+ lb./year
                                                                          finding the ways that work
 WASHING MACHINE                           DISHWASHER
Use cold or warm water, not hot        Run ONLY when full
Fill only to appropriate water level   Use energy-saving setting
Combine loads, when possible           Don’t use heat when drying
CO2 Reduction: 500 lbs/year            CO2 Reduction: 200 lbs/year
    Tips for Fighting
  Global Warming This
Take these simple steps to cut carbon
out of your global warming diet
this summer.

• Keep it cool. But not too cool! Turn
  your thermostat up a few degrees,
  even more in less-used rooms.
• Keep your shades down to block
  the sun and heat.
• Clean or replace any air conditioner
  filters, as recommended.
• Air dry your clothes, when possible.
  Enjoy that summer-fresh smell!
• It’s nice out! Don’t drive. Take a
  walk or ride your bike to do that
  next errand.

      finding the ways that work
     Tips for Fighting
   Global Warming This
Take these simple steps to cut carbon
out of your global warming diet
this winter.

• Don’t overheat your home. Adjust
  your thermostat down a few degrees,
  even more in less-used rooms.
• Here’s a bright idea: Install energy-
  efficient fluorescent bulbs for most-
  used lights, especially outdoors.
• Bright idea #2: Get in the habit
  of turning lights off as you leave
  a room.
• Tightly close and seal all windows
                                          Recycled (30% Post-Consumer) Paper

  to keep heat inside.
• Put outdoor security lights on
  timers or motion sensors.

       finding the ways that work
finding the ways that work

                                      K Turn off

                                      K Keep your
                                        closed tight

                                      K Run dishwasher
                                        ONLY when full

                                      K Wash clothes in
                                        warm or cold
                                        water, not hot

                                      K Adjust your
                                        thermostat –
                                        lower in winter,
                                        higher in

                                      K Recycle paper,
                                        plastic, glass,

                                      K Walk, bike,
                                        carpool, use
                                        mass transit,
                                        when possible

                                      K Buy energy-

                                      K Choose
                                        products over

                                      K Check your
                                        car’s tire

                             Recycled (30% Post-Consumer) Paper

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