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LINCOLN, Abraham, letter.

Abstract: President Lincoln wrote to Rep. Cyrus Aldrich (Minnesota) regarding a case
concerning Illinois land warranties, for which Lincoln was attorney for the defendant,
Daniel Clapp.

Biography: Cyrus Aldrich (1808-1871) was a Republican representative from Minnesota
(1859-1863). From 1849-1853, he was receiver for the United States land office at Dixon,
IL. During that time the government disallowed several claims and Lincoln and Judge
Logan were engaged to defend one case, that of Daniel Clapp..

Lincoln, at the time he wrote this letter, was in private law practice in Springfield, IL. An
unsuccessful applicant for Commissioner of the General Land Office under President
Taylor, Lincoln later ran for the U.S. Senate in 1858, during which the famous Lincoln-
Douglas debates occurred.

Scope and content: The letter, entirely in Lincoln’s hand, is a single sheet, written on
both sides. Lincoln was responding to a question from Aldrich concerning the legal status
of certain land warrants filed in the Vandalia, Palestine, Danville, and Dixon, IL land
offices. Lincoln was counsel for Daniel Clapp, who contested the government’s
disallowing of his claim. While Lincoln did not recall all of the details, he believed the
case may still have been on the docket. Lincoln underlined several sentences for

Inclusive dates: 6 December 1862
Restrictions: Use of, and access to, the original document is restricted. A transcription
and photocopy are available for researcher use.
Volume: Single sheet, written on two sides
Accession number: 1947.28

Box 1

Folder:        Contents
     1             Letter from President Abraham Lincoln to Representative Cyrus
                   Aldrich, 6 December 1862.

     2               Photocopies, transcription, supplemental information.

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