AP Language and Composition The Scarlet Letter Essay by tommyadams

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									AP Language and Composition: The Scarlet Letter Essay

Assignment: An allegory is an extended metaphor in which the author uses the
characters, objects, setting, or other literary elements to teach a moral lesson. The literary
elements the author chooses have two meanings: one literal and one symbolic. Allegory
deals with the symbolic meaning. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, is an
allegory. He uses the characters and objects to teach a moral lesson. Decide what moral
lesson Hawthorne wants the reader to learn. Then, using three characters, or three
symbols (objects) write an essay to show the reader how Hawthorne creates the moral
lesson through your chosen characters, or symbols. Your essay must have an
introduction with a thesis statement, body with adequate support, and a conclusion.

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