The Introductory Letter by tommyadams


									                         The Introductory Letter

The introductory letter is a reflection. That means that it’s informal, and
it’s supposed to show what you have been thinking about as you worked
on this project. Give the reader a glimpse into what’s been going on in
your head!

Each person’s introductory letter will be different. I haven’t asked for a
minimum amount of writing because I don’t know what you have to say or
what you’ve been thinking about. All I can do is offer a list of things that
you might want to talk about, and you’ll have to figure it out from there.

Some things you might want to talk about:

      Why did you choose your subject?

      Are you still happy with your choice?

      What did you learn about writing a multigenre paper?

      What did you learn about your subject?

      Are there things you wish you had done differently?

      Are you particularly proud of some part of your paper?

      If you had another week to work on it, what would you do?

      What should the reader know before they begin your paper?

      What did you do to try to achieve unity?

Your letters aren’t going to be like mine, because you’re not me.
However, I know it helps to see examples, so I’ve attached two letters I
wrote for projects at EMU. The first one is for a very unsatisfying
multigenre project that never quite came together (yes, it was my fault).
The second is for a multigenre project and portfolio that I am still really
proud of. Clearly the second letter shows more growth on my part than
the first. I had a lot to say because I learned a lot from that project.

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