This letter will be issued by the state Office by tommyadams


									                                                                                                           Appendix B

                                                         Letter #5a
                                               License/Registration Revocation
                            This letter will be issued by the state Office of Family Independence

[Insert State Letterhead]
[Insert Date]
[Insert Address]

Dear [Insert Child Care Provider’s Name],

The Department of Human Resources (DHR)/Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) remains committed
to helping families with children make adequate and safe child care arrangements so that parents/guardians may
attend school and/or remain employed. When a child care provider is in compliance with the laws/rules as set by the
state, the environment is considered safe for children. However, when a child care provider is not following the rules
set by the state, the environment may not be safe for children. The state was informed by Bright from the Start that
your child care license was revoked [Insert month, date, year]. Therefore, effective [Insert month, day, year]
DFCS will remove any children currently in your care through the Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) program
and will no longer authorize the purchase of child care from:
                            Provider and/or Director Name:
                            Center Name:
                            Service Address:
                            City, County:
                            Legal Owner:

                                      Reason: License Revocation

DFCS can only purchase child care from centers that have a valid license.
Although Bright from the Start (BFTS) is the agency that enforces laws/ rules that apply to the physical facility/
business, the DFCS/Childcare and Parent Services program, has the authority to authorize or deny funding for the
purchase of child care services for DFCS parents.

Parents of children in care at this location will be notified that DFCS will no longer authorize the purchase of child
care. Any decision to reinstate a provider will be issued in writing with concurrence from all parties and the local
county Director after a valid license has been issued by the licensing agency.

CAPS payments for the provision of child care, are made on behalf of the client. Consequently, providers are not
entitled to a Fair Hearing with the State Administrative Hearing Office. However, provider payment disputes,
questions and concerns can be addressed through the local county DFCS office or the GA CAPS provider payment
service, where MAXIMUS is the service contractor.

Should you have questions regarding this notice or if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss this situation,
please contact us at 404-657-3434, within seven business days.

                                                      Signature of State Official

Rev 3-07                                                                                                   CAPS Manual
Letter 5a –License/Registration Revocation

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