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					                                                    Course Syllabus
                                          Walking For Fitness - PHYE 105 – C01
                                                      1 Credit Hour
                                        M W F 12:00 – 12:50pm & Saturday 9-11am

Semester/Year: Spring 2008                        Office Number: GRM/LAC room 219
Instructor: Kat Powell                            Office Phone: (208) 732-6685
Email:                            Office Hour: email or call anytime

This course is designed for all ages and levels of fitness. It emphasizes body mechanics and identifies concepts so the
student may have a lifetime of walking enjoyment. It involves weekly goal setting incentives and focuses on a variety of
walking experiences for fun and cardiovascular improvement.


REQUIRES TEXTBOOK AND SUPPLIES: All students must have a CSI Student Handbook to journal walking and goals.

By the end of this course student will be able to walk continuously for forty minutes at a minimum heart rate range of 65%
max and make appropriate individual safety modifications.

Learning Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate appropriate safety practices
Activity:           Students will complete a pre/post safety assessment to measure progression of safety knowledge
Outcome Assessment:        Post safety assessment.

Learning Outcome 2: Students will improve and/or maintain their level of cardiovascular fitness throughout the semester.
Activity:           Students will measure their resting heart rates and perform a timed one-mile pre-post walking
                    assessment test.
Outcome Assessment:        Pre-and post-assessment.

Upon the completion of this course, students will fulfill objectives 2, 3, and 4 of the following Physical Education Program
    1) To provide a high-quality university parallel education for students seeking careers in elementary and secondary
        physical education.
    2) To provide a high quality education to serve the needs of degree and non-degree seeking students interested in
        personal fitness enhancement, health education, first aid, and skill development associated with intercollegiate
    3) To provide a life long fitness and wellness education helping to fulfill the graduation components for students who
        are pursuing an Associates of Arts Degree.
    4) To provide effective fitness enhancement, health education, and involvement for community members.
    5) To provide fitness enhancement and wellness education for seniors.

   1. Attendance is required to be successful in this class.
   2. Posture evaluation and walking technique lab – helps the student learn about proper walking technique.
   3. Absence Policy - An absence is considered to be less than 30 minutes of active participation. School activities and
      doctors’ notes are the only acceptable reason for an excused absence. Should some unforeseen emergency occur
      (i.e. death in the family) it is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor ASAP to discuss options.
   4. Complete and turn in the health history form first week of class. If anything on the health history changes during the
      course of the semester, i.e.... pregnancy, medications, injuries etc., please notify the instructor immediately.
    5. Come to class prepared for and dress in appropriate walking attire for indoor or outdoor activity and bring plenty of
       water. (Not having correct clothes is not an excusable absence).
    6. Transportation to different walking sites is necessary.
    7. The pre and post tests are required to be successful in this course.

Karvonen Formula                       10 pts           Health History                     5pts
Posture Evaluation                     5 pts            Walking Technique Eval             5 pts
Pre/Post Assessment                    10 pts           Group Scavenger Hunt               25 pts
Weekly Journal (6 weeks/5 pt each)     60 pts           Attendance                         100 pts
     Students will be allowed to miss 4 days after which 5 pts will be taken for every day missed after the 4th day.

     Weekly journaling should be kept in your CSI Student Handbook
        o The first week of class, develop a goal for the class
        o Write a short-term goal for each up-coming week that helps you move toward your class goal
        o Record daily walks to include time, distance, intensity and personal comments
        o On Saturday comment on reaching your planned goal for that week, adjust as necessary
        o Journals are due at the beginning of class on Monday – NO LATE JOURNALS EXCEPTED

     Each student will be assigned to a 4-5 member group and assigned a date to prepare a scavenger hunt for the
     Locations for the hunt can be on campus or close to campus, but it should be safe and easy to get to the locations
     Students will be grading on creativity (10), organization/preparedness (10), and group participation evaluation (5)

Your final grade will be based upon the following percentages of total points:
        90% to 100% A
        80% to 89% B
        70% to 79% C
        60% to 69% D
        50% and under F

It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course.
During the first two weeks of the term, a student may drop a course or completely withdraw without it being recorded on the
student's official transcript. After the first two weeks a “W” will be recorded in any course the student drops.
A student desiring to drop a course during the first two weeks of the term may do so on-line. In order to drop or completely
withdraw after the first two weeks, the student must complete and submit a drop or complete withdrawal form to the
Admissions and Records Office.
NOTE: No course may be dropped or withdrawn from after 75% of the course or twelve weeks of the term has elapsed,
whichever is earlier

Since email is the primary source of written communication with students, all registered CSI students get a college email
account. Student e-mail addresses have the following format: Students can check their CSI e-
mail online at Instructors and various offices send messages to these accounts. Students must
check their CSI e-mail accounts regularly to avoid missing important messages and deadlines. At the beginning of each
semester free training sessions are offered to students who need help in using their accounts.
    Week 1-3/24/08 – Health History, Karvonen Formula, Walk/Posture lab and eval, 1 mile walk, Sat. CSI Fitness Trail
    Week 2-3/31/08 – Mon. & Wed. campus walk, Frid. #1 Scavenger hunt, Sat. Visitor Center Rim trail walk
    Week 3-4/7/08 – Mon. & Wed. campus walk, Frid. #2 Scavenger hunt, Sat. Hancock Fabric Rim trail walk
    Week 4-4/14/08 – Mon. & Wed. campus walk, Frid. #3 Scavenger hunt, Sat. Centennial Park grade walk
    Week 5-4/21/08 – Mon. & Wed. campus walk, Frid. #4 Scavenger hunt, Sat. Shoshone Falls trail walk
    Week 6-4/28/08 – Mon. & Wed. campus walk, Frid. 1 mile post, Sat. Rock Creek Canyon trail

To help instructors continually improve courses, students are strongly encouraged to go online to
and complete anonymous evaluations which open two weeks before the end of the course and close the last day of class.
 When students enter the site, they find evaluations for their enrolled courses. Thank you for this valuable input!

Any student with a documented disability may be eligible for related accommodations. To determine eligibility and secure
services, students should contact the coordinator of Disability Services at their first opportunity after registration for a class.
Student Disability Services is located on the second floor of the Taylor Building on the Twin Falls Campus. 208.732.6250
(voice) or 208.734.9929 (TTY), or e-mail Candida Mumford,

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