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									                                   LEASE AGREEMENT
                                   Shopping Center Space
                         With Option to Purchase the Leased Premises

       This Lease Agreement, is entered into this ___ day of ___________, 20__ by and
between LANDLORD, LLC, hereinafter referred to as Lessor, and ________________ and
________________, hereinafter referred to collectively as Lessee.

       1.      Description of Leased Premises. Lessor hereby leases to the Lessee and the
Lessee takes the premises described as follows:
       Unit number ___ of the ___________ Mall, ___________ State Highway _____, City of
       ________, State of Missouri, containing _______ square feet of air-conditioned space,
       more or less.
       2.      Term.     (select one of the following)
       (a)     The term of this lease shall be ___ years, commencing on ___________;         or
       (b)     The term of this lease shall be ___ years, commencing upon Lessee’s written
acceptance of the premises. In the event construction the premises has not been completed and
ready for occupancy within one year of execution of this lease agreement, Lessee shall have the
option of terminating this lease by mailing or delivering written notice to the Lessor.
       3.      Rental. The rental for the entire term shall be $__________, payable at the rate
of $________ per month in advance on or before the 1st day of each month during the term of
this lease, except that the rental for the first partial month, shall be prorated. Receipt of the sum
of $_______ as payment for the first month or partial month is acknowledged by the Lessor.
Until further notice all rent payments shall be mailed or delivered to Lessor’s address as follows:

       ______________________________________________________ .

       4.      Use of the Premises by Lessee.        The premises shall be used by lessee for the
purpose of conducting the following-described business or activity, for incidental purposes
related thereto, and for no other purpose: _________________________________________


       5.      Maintenance and Repairs.
       (a)     Lessee’s Responsibility.     Lessee agrees to maintain and take good care of the
leased premises, and keep the premises free from filth and danger of fire or any nuisance. Lessee
shall be responsible for all maintenance and repairs of the premises, including but not limited to,
repairs of the interior walls, windows, heating and air conditioning system, and all electrical,
plumbing and mechanical systems, lawns, walkways, landscaping, driveways and parking areas.
       (b)     Lessor’s Responsibility.     Lessor shall maintain and take care of the outside of
the premises, including the roof and exterior walls, walkways, parking lot, lawn, sprinkler system
and marquee.
       6.      Alterations to the Premises.     Lessee is authorized to make alterations or to
remodel the interior of premises, but for all such alterations or remodeling, Lessee must first
obtain the written approval of Lessor. Lessor’s approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or

       Upon receiving approval, Lessee may make the approved alterations or remodeling at
Lessee's cost, so long as the same shall conform to all building codes, regulations and
governmental requirements. Such alterations may, at Lessee's option, remain the property of
Lessee and may be removed by lessee after the expiration of term of this lease agreement,
provided that all damage caused by such removal shall be repaired promptly after the term
expires and at Lessee's cost.

       If Lessee fails to take steps to remove the alterations within ten days from the expiration
or termination of this lease agreement, it shall be presumed that the Lessee intended that the
alterations shall become the property of Lessor, and Lessor shall retain or dispose of same at
Lessor’s sole discretion, with no accountability to Lessee.

       7.      Taxes and Assessments. During the term of this lease agreement, Lessee shall
pay, before the delinquent
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