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Physical Fitness City of Kennewick Fire Department

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									            City of Kennewick Fire Department

                      Chapter:        IX – Training Policies and Procedures
                      Subject:        Physical Fitness Program
                      Code:           1-1X-7

5.01   PURPOSE

       The purpose of this program is to offer each member the opportunity and
       direction to improve his/her personal health and physical fitness.

5.02   SCOPE

       This S.O.G. is applicable to all 24-hour shift personnel in the Kennewick
       Fire Department.


       A.      The Fire Chief is responsible for ascertaining, by observation
               and/or any other means, that this procedure is being followed.

       B.      The employee is responsible for following the S.O.G. as specified.


       A.      Acceptable physical fitness training will be defined as those
               activities that address one of the three components of fitness:

               1)     Muscular strength and endurance.

               2)     Cardiovascular conditioning.

               3)     Flexibility.

SOG # 1                                                                             1

       A. Personnel shall limit their on-duty physical fitness activities to the
          approved physical fitness program.

       B. Physical training will not include activities of a competitive nature or
          activities that are likely to lead to physical contact between

       C. The Battalion Chief shall approve all designated running routes and
          facilities to be used by shift personnel for physical fitness training. The
          routes or facilities shall be recorded in the Company Officers Daily Log.
          No routes or facilities shall be modified without the approval of the
          Battalion Chief.


       A. Shift personnel who are on-duty during physical fitness training are
          encouraged to participate. Participation will be defined as engaging in
          an acceptable physical training activity (or combination of activities) on
          each shift for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes.

       B. Off-duty personnel are welcome to use city equipment on their own
          time, provided it does not interfere with the activities of on-duty

       C. The Captain or Acting Captain for each station will record the names of
          personnel participating in physical fitness training program for the day.
          Times and location of the training for each company shall be recorded
          in the Battalion Chief’s Daily Log.

       D. All on-duty personnel participating in the physical fitness program shall
          wear KFD approved garments, which shall include KFD T-shirts and
          appropriate shorts or sweat pants.


       A. The physical fitness program shall not interfere with services to the
          public, including emergency or non-emergency calls, requests for
          service or assistance by walk-ins, other members of the public or City

       B. Workout Locations

                      1) Every attempt should be made to perform physical
                         fitness within your assigned first due area. However, if
                         the area you are assigned to lacks the proper
                         equipment to perform muscular strength and endurance
                         training, it is permissible for that company to perform

SOG # 1                                                                            2
                       their physical training at the closest approved workout
                       site. These fully equipped sites will be Fire Station #62
                       and City of Kennewick Activities Center near Station
                       #61 or a fitness club as defined below.

                   2) Fitness Clubs: In the event that on-duty crews have
                      access to a fitness club within their first due response
                      area, participation will be allowed provided it does not
                      interfere with this S.O.G. Members will refrain from use
                      of swimming pools and spas. Members will conduct
                      themselves in the same professional manner as in all of
                      public contact and will not interfere with the public’s
                      access to workout equipment.

      C.   All on-duty personnel participating in the physical fitness program
           will, at all times, be able to board the apparatus to respond to a call
           within ninety (90) seconds of being dispatched.

      D.   The physical fitness program will, in no way, interfere with services
           delivered to the public. If personnel respond to an emergency call
           or are required to handle a business inquiry during the physical
           fitness training, they shall be allowed to immediately continue the
           fitness hour, or what is left of it, as soon as is practical.

      E.   Shift Level Physical Training Hours

           1)     The preferred time for participation in the physical fitness
                  program is 0845 hours through 1000 hours. This shall
                  include no more than one (1) hour for physical training and
                  fifteen (15) minutes for showering and dress time.

           2)     Company Officers may be forced to another time period, but
                  in any event, the program should be completed prior to 1730
                  hours. Changes in the time period are subject to approval by
                  the Battalion Chief.

      F.   Personnel shall be ready to resume normal station routine at 1000

      G.   All routine intra-department phone calls and business should be
           kept to a minimum during the period from 0845 to 1000. This is to
           allow all members time to obtain the maximum benefit from the
           program without interruption.

SOG # 1                                                                         3

       A.   City vehicles shall not be used in conjunction with the physical
            fitness program, but City vehicles may be used for transportation to
            designated running routes or workout locations.

SOG # 1                                                                       4
SOG # 1   5

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