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Computer Technician Resume Example

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123 Elm Street. ▪ Miami, FL 33183 ▪ Home: 305-555-5555 ▪ Cell: 305-444-4444 ▪

OBJECTIVE:       Solution-oriented and highly analytical candidate seeking a dynamic position in information technology
                 with opportunities to provide creative strategies through the application of highly developed technical
                 and problem-solving skills.

PROFILE:            Expert administration and troubleshooting skills for all Microsoft Office products.
                    Knowledgeable in system administration, LAN/WAN networking, and computer maintenance.
                    Adaptive with the proven ability to hit the ground running to deliver results quickly.
                    Excellent planning, communication, motivational, and leadership skills.
                    Team player with a reputation for providing excellent user service.

KEY SKILLS:      Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access) and Media Player,
                 Windows XP, LAN/WAN administration

EXPERIENCE:      ABC Designs, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx – Present
                 Computer Technician
                    Travel to customers' homes and businesses to provide direct technical support to end users.
                    Install new computers, hardware, software, and peripherals.
                    Reconfigure existing systems to accommodate additional components.
                    Troubleshoot all areas of computer functioning; repair or upgrade as needed.
                    Communicate issues, analysis, and solutions in easy-to-understand language.
                     Provided quality customer service at all levels.

                 XYZ College, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx – 20xx
                 Computer Technician (20xx – 20xx)
                    Oversaw the daily operation of computer systems, ensuring superior performance.
                    Quickly resolved problems regarding computer software and hardware operation.
                    Installed equipment and software and performed minor hardware/software repairs.
                    Answered user inquires and set up technical equipment for employee use.
                     Ensured the proper installation of cable, operating systems, and software applications.

                 Computer Assistant (20xx – 20xx)
                    Assisted users with concerns regarding their personal computers.
                    Troubleshot PC hardware/software issues.
                    Monitored Internet usage and scanned documents/slides.
                     Coordinated and presented an informative PC workshop.

EDUCATION:       Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Information Science ▪ 20xx
                 XYZ College, Miami, FL
                 Relevant Coursework: Database Management Systems, Decision Support and Expert Systems,
                 Social / Ethical / Legal Implications of Computing, Data Communications, Networking,
                 Telecommunications Management, Computer Information Systems: System Development / Strategies
                 and Management
                    Graduated with honors (GPA: 3.5).
                    Provided technical tutoring for students of Thomas-Gist Academy.

                 Associate’s Degree, Liberal Arts ▪ 20xx
                 XYZ Community College, Miami, FL
Computer Technician/Trainer                          North Stafford High School
Hours per week: 40                                   10/99 to 08/00
Series/Grade: N/A                                    839 Garrisonville Rd., Stafford, VA
Starting Salary: $32,000                             Supervisor: Linda Sutherland
Ending Salary: $32,000                               Phone: (540) 658-6150; Permission to contact
        Provided technical support for LAN network, hardware, and software issues for high school. Conducted training
        for teachers and staff on computer technology and educational software.

LaGuardia College, Division of Adult and Continuing Education, Long Island City, NY
Computer Technician – 1985 to 1997
     Taught computer word processing skills to women living in shelters and helped students expand employment
     opportunities. Provided computer education to veterans taking GED tests.
     Motivated students toward realistic, next-step goals.
     Maintained two networked computer labs; troubleshot and corrected problems.
     Tutored students and staff on network systems and desktop applications.
     Implemented a college work-study program.
     Trained and supervised college interns on system repair and software installations.
                                          ISAIAH MCKENLEY
                                      20 Richman Plaza Apt. 6K Bronx, NY 10453
                                        718.299.3236 (Home) 646.316.0949 (Cell)

                                                         JOB TARGET
                                       Entry-level position in Information Technology


• A+ trained computer technician with hands-on experience in successful installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  of computer hardware, software, and peripherals.
• Effective communicator; able to explain and clarify technical issues and step-by-step processes to novice and expert
• Skilled at protecting computers from cyber threats using antivirus and antispyware programs.
• Full working knowledge of various operating systems and software:
       Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
       Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint
       Adobe PhotoShop, Internet Explorer, Firefox,
       Sony Acid, Sound Forge (digital audio creation and editing)
• Experienced in troubleshooting hard/floppy/CD drives, as well as motherboard and memory issues.

• Able to configure Internet connections and settings.
• Knowledgeable in local area networking.

                                                   WORK EXPERIENCE

Previous experience working as part of a technical team configuring and installing a computer lab at a community youth

                                      New York State High School Diploma 2004
                                      Additional training in computer technologies
                                                        A+ Training
DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY, FAMILY SERVICE CENTER, Gaeta, Italy                                                    1995 – 1998
Assistant Computer Technician: Provided exceptional technical support for active duty personnel, family members, and NSA
Gaeta employees using Novell Netware 4.0. Taught comprehensive computer classes covering Microsoft Windows 3.1, Word,
Excel, and PowerPoint; trained civilian and active duty personnel. Assisted users and computer lab clients with computer
hardware/software issues and connectivity service requests. Helped Computer Specialist set up user accounts and installed new
software on server and workstations.

   Updated and installed job search programs in the computer lab and continually upgraded software on staff PCs;
   provided transitioning personnel with the programs and electronically submitted résumés though the Defense
   Outplacement and Referral System (DORS).

                                                TRAINING & EDUCATION
    Completed Technical Courses: Windows NT 4.0, Cisco Router, Information System Security Manager (ISSM),
    Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure, Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft
    Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials, Fiber Optic Maintenance Technician, Intermediate
    Operational Information Systems Security, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Series Concepts and Administration, Navy
    Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) System Administrator and User, Public Key Infrastructure Version 1.2
    (PKI), Network+ and Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), and Navy System Certifier (Senior System
    Managers CNSSI No. 4012 and System Certifiers NSTISSI No. 4015).

                         Bachelor of Arts Degree, Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan ▪ 1989
Communications Computer Systems Technician                California Air National Guard
Hours per Week: 40                                        11/1998 to 09/2000
Series/Grade: E-5                                         7288 Convoy Terrace, San Diego, CA 92111
Starting Salary: $32,000                                  Supervisor: Andy Jordan
Ending Salary: $35,000                                    Phone: (858) 514-5326; Permission to Contact

Migrated network workstations from a Microsoft Windows 98 operating system to a more secure Windows NT 4.0.
Created user accounts, set security parameters, and maintained network permissions. Configured Microsoft Exchange e-
mail server and NT user accounts. Installed various hardware/software, reformatted hard drives, connected peripheral
devices, and installed Norton AntiVirus software/patches.

        Implemented standardized desktop application software installation among workstations to ensure compatibility.
        Awarded the California Counter-Drug Service Ribbon for outstanding network support efforts of critical
        international border issues with Mexico.

Integrated Computer Services, Inc, Alexandria, VA                                                          1992 to 1996
Computer Technician: Promoted from Assembly Technician to Systems Tester to Repair Technician. Assigned to train new
employees for the Assembly Technician position after one year. Performed upgrades, repairs, and installation of software on
customers’ computers.

Key Achievements:
    •   Answered sales calls and assisted customers in the purchase of new computers and
    •   Oversaw the assembly of all components in newly-purchased, customer-specified IBM compatible computers, including all
        software installation.
    •   Identified problems, diagnosed causes and determined corrective actions when problems arose during final checkout.
    •   Provided phone assistance for customers with hardware and software problems.
    •   Consistently met or exceeded all productivity goals.
                                          CAROLYN THETFORD
      126 Driftwood Drive ▪ Portland, TX 78374 ▪ Home: 361-643-7176 ▪ Cell: 361-443-3154 ▪ E-Mail:

Career Target: <<POSITION TITLE>>
Solutions-oriented and highly analytical candidate with experience in network administration, systems training, and IT
support. Possess experience in hardware/software networking and local area networks (LANs). History of successfully
executing system migrations and software upgrades. Expert administration and troubleshooting skills for Microsoft
operating systems and server products. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate application features. Fast learner
with proven adaptability and a great work ethic. Exceptional problem-solving skills with a keen attention to detail.

CURRENT CERTIFICATIONS: A+, Computer Service Technician (CST)
SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS:      Expert: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Advanced: MS Access, Peachtree,
                            QuickBooks, GradeBook, GradeSpeed, Skyward
OPERATING SYSTEMS:          Expert: Windows 3.1, Advanced: Win95 through XP, General: NT4 and 2000 Servers, Macintosh
HARDWARE / LANGUAGES:       Expert: LAN installation/configuration, General: TCP/IP, VERITAS, Ghost, General: Java

COMPUTER TECHNICIAN, Dilley ISD, Dilley, TX                                                                    2002 – 2003
Effectively troubleshot issues and maintained district-wide computers supporting both Windows and Macintosh. Installed and
configured new computers on a LAN. Administered servers and upgraded/migrated operating systems. Provided LAN configuration
and network installation of district programs. Supported environment of Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.

COMPUTER TECHNICIAN, Dilley ISD, Dilley, TX                                                                              2001
Provided basic hardware/software troubleshooting and repair. Administered Windows NT4 servers and workstations; set up new
employee mail accounts, executed district-wide backups, and implemented server and RSCCC updates. Made patch cables; hooked up
patch panels and hubs in wiring closets.

RAC SOLUTIONS, Bethesda, MD                                                                         1996 - 1997
Computer Technician
Provided expert problem solving for hardware and software issues; performed system upgrades and maintenance.
Delivered and set up PCs at client sites; worked additional evenings and weekends to provide on-call assistance for
delivery and service.
▪   Manually installed Windows for Workgroups and Windows 95; installed and troubleshot MS Office 95 and 97.

MicroTrack Computer Services, Navsari, Gujarat, India
Local computer assembly and support company.
Computer Technician (2003 – 2004)
Assembled computers with hardware. Installed printers, modems, scanners, and software. Supported customers with
hardware and software issues. Installed new computers on customer locations.

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