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									                                                 JESSE KENDALL
        123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183 ▪ Home: (305) 555-5555 ▪ Cell: (305) 444-4444 ▪

                                     BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT
Solutions-oriented and highly analytical candidate with extensive experience in the design, analysis, development, and
management of application systems throughout diverse industries. Successful history of effectively leading teams, implementing
systems, and directing key initiatives. Demonstrated excellence in systems institution, testing, delivery, and post-implementation
support. Expert in developing cohesive teams and client server software. Skilled troubleshooter with the proven ability to provide
creative and effective solutions through the application of highly developed technical and problem-solving skills. Fluent in
English, Hindi, and Tamil. Technical knowledge includes:

  Languages:     VB6, VB.NET, and ASP.NET                        Software: Cognos PowerPlay Transformer, Impromptu,
   Database:     Oracle PL/SQL and Sybase SQL Server                       ReportNet, Crystal Reports, Paradox, Vantive,
        O/S:     Windows, UNIX, and OS/ 2                                  OPEN/Image, and Kofax scanning software

                                                PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ABC CORPORATION, Miami, FL                                                                                        20xx to Present
Business Intelligence Developer: Design, develop, and implement applications and reports to improve system efficiency. Play
key roles in design review sessions, project meetings, and team meetings. Key projects include:

Product Information Management System (11/20xx – Present): Developing a secured, Web-based application to allow product
portfolio maintenance by finance, strategic operations, and inventory teams. System allows full access and continuous
maintenance of product information, inventory, and warehouse locations while tracking and recording updates.
  Environment: Windows 2000 Server, Oracle 9i, ASP.NET, VB.NET

ReportNet – SDK for DSS Warehouse Management System (06/20xx – 10/20xx): Created and developed VB.NET application
for automating generated reports developed in Cognos ReportNet, using UC4 scheduler. Established system to validate user
credentials in the ReportNet namespace and execute reports based on specifications kept in the Content Store. Designed
ReportNet-based Web reporting solutions using Framework Manager as the modeling tool for finance, warehouse, and order
fulfillment teams as operations were converted from a mainframe-based system to Ecometry.
  Environment: Windows XP, Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, Oracle 10g, VB.NET, and Cognos ReportNet SDK

Cognos PowerPlay Cubes and Impromptu Reports for Finance (02/20xx – 05/20xx): Designed and enhanced the Financial Profit
and Loss Cube using PowerPlay Transformer 7.0 for the Transformer model and Impromptu query for the data source. Added
new dimensions to allow product information to be linked with financial data and to classify data based on actualized or
forecasted months. Developed several Impromptu reports for customer server incentive reporting.
  Environment: Windows 2000 Server, Oracle 9i, Cognos PowerPlay Transformer (OLAP), Impromptu

     Single handedly planned and implemented the conversion of the Time-Life Product Information System. Successfully
     completed the project, which affected 55,000 products and served as a key tool for selecting correct marketing leads.
     Played instrumental role in the QAS implementation for address standardization using VB.NET. Helped build a service to
     clean addresses as order files came in from Ecometry, Telemarketing, and the Web.
     Executed the Product Information Management System (PIMS), an ASP.NET Web application, using database triggers
     as a data replication methodology. Helped design the data model, making the application more efficient and

                                                 EDUCATION AND TRAINING
                             Bachelor of Business Administration ▪ XYZ UNIVERSITY, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx
                                Bachelor of Computer Science ▪ XYZ COLLEGE, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx
                               Technical Training: Oracle, Visual Basic, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET,
                                Cognos Powerplay Transformer OLAP Modeling, and Impromptu

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