Flowchart of Stages of Process for Appeals Complaints Discipline Fitness

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					               Flowchart for Academic Appeals, Complaints, Discipline, Fitness to Practise and Progress
The following diagrams show the different stages in the procedures described. A procedure can complete at any point indicated by a box outlined with a
bold frame or can be taken further if it is linked to another box by an outgoing arrow.

                 Student initiates this                           University initiates this
                 stage of the process                             stage of the process

Academic Appeal (Student-initiated)                                                           No Prima Facie case

 Student makes           Informal              Student submits               Review by        Prima Facie case –
 informal                Review by             formal Academic               Faculty          Faculty Officer
 Appeal                  Department            Appeal                        Officer          upholds appeal

                                                                                                                      Case Review –           External OIA
                                                                                              Academic Appeals        Pro Vice-               Review
                                                                                              Committee (AAC)         Chancellor
                                                                                                                      (NB Pro V-C can
Complaint (Student-initiated)                                                                                         refer case to AAC)

 Student                 Informal Review by                       Formal Complaint            Formal Complaint
 submits                 Department/Service                       Stage 1 –                   Stage 2 –
 Complaint                                                        Department/Service          Faculty/Registrar

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Discipline of Students (University-initiated)
                                                                     Discipline Committee
                                                                     Summary Procedure

  Department/               Department/Service
                                                                     Discipline Committee           Disciplinary Appeals      External OIA
  Service Internal          submits Disciplinary
                                                                     Full Hearing                   Committee of the Senate   Review
  Investigation             Report

                                                                     Referred to Head of ACS or
                                                                     Head of CICS or Head of
                                                                     Library Services or
                                                                     President of Students' Union

Fitness to Practise (University-initiated)

  Departmental              Department submits                               Faculty Fitness to
  Internal                  Fitness to Practise                              Practise Committee
  Investigation             Report

                                                                                                     Appeals Committee of     External OIA
Progress of Students (University-initiated)                                                          the Senate               Review

                                                                             Faculty Student
                                                                             Review Committee
  Departmental              Department submits               Review by
  Internal                  Student Unsatisfactory           Faculty
  Investigation             Progress Report                  Officer         Faculty Officer -
                                                                             Interview with/
                                                                             Letter sent to

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