; download your meal planner Eat in Colour United Match Fit Meal Keeping Fit and Dieting
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download your meal planner Eat in Colour United Match Fit Meal Keeping Fit and Dieting


download your meal planner Eat in Colour United Match Fit Meal Keeping Fit and Dieting

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Eat in Colour United Match Fit Meal Plann

         A balanced diet plays a crucial role in ensuring budding Beckhams are in peak condition on match day.
         Whether playing for England or the school team, healthy eating is essential. This Eat in Colour Match Fit
         Meal Planner has been put together with the help of top dieticians from the BDA who work with teams
         like Aston Villa, Celtic, Tottenham Hotspur and Nottingham Forest to ensure star footballers are at the top
         of their game.

         A good diet will improve general health and fitness as well as speed up recovery from injuries. Together with
         a program of fitness training, eating in colour can help to build stamina and improve performance. Football
         requires lots of energy so choosing the right foods will make sure young footballers have bundles of the stuff to
         last the full 90 minutes and well into extra time!

         Eat in Colour’s easy to follow tips and serving suggestions are specially designed to work hand in hand with
         training sessions to make sure our footy heroes of the future are in the best possible shape for the next big
         match. The planner runs for a whole week and we’ve even included special tips for what they should eat on
         match day. Feel free to mix and match our meal suggestions on the planner - they don’t have to be followed
         in order. For more healthy meal suggestions, perfect for young soccer stars, visit www.eatincolour.com.
Here are a few tips from the professionals to get started:

      Fresh fruit and vegetables are an important part of every professional footballer’s diet, packed with
      essential vitamins and fibre they should play a part in every meal. A good tip is to make sure they eat
      fruit and vegetables of different colours throughout the day

      Making sure they have regular meals is a must and snacks should be timed around training sessions

      Carbohydrate rich foods will ensure they have lots of energy. In the run up to a game professional
      footballers always make sure their diet is rich in complex carbohydrates – these include; beans,
      apricots, peaches, potatoes, parsnips, sweetcorn, bread, rice, pasta, oats and cereals

      Protein rich foods will help to feed their muscles - try and go for options like lean meat, chicken,
      turkey and fish or eggs, beans, nuts and pulses for vegetarian options

      Possibly the most important tip is to ensure they eat a balance of low fat sources of protein,
      starchy carbohydrates and plenty of fruit and vegetables at each meal

      Hydration, hydration, hydration – keep them topped up with liquid at all times especially when they
      are training. Diluted fruit juice is a great option
              Breakfast                            Lunch                                Dinner                                Snacks

Match day     Slow burn brekkie                    Tasty pasta salad                    Champion sausage                      Banana
minus seven   A big bowl of porridge is a great    Stir their favourite pasta sauce,    Stir some chopped spring onion        A potassium packed banana
              energy source. Add some berries      cherry tomatoes, mushrooms,          into mashed potatoes and serve        is a great mid morning or
              or raisins and honey to make it a    onions and cheese into pasta.        with grilled sausage and a side       afternoon snack
              bit more of a tasty treat            Easy to put into a lunchbox          of peas and sweetcorn
                                                   and you can experiment with
              Juice fix                            different combinations               Yogurt and fruit
              A glass of vitamin packed fruit                                           Chopped fruit, like peach or
              juice is a perfect breakfast drink   Cereal bar                           nectarine, stirred into yogurt will
                                                   Either choose bars with added        help to keep their vitamin
                                                   raisins or fruit or make them        levels up
                                                   yourself with oats raisins,
                                                   honey and a few nuts

Match day     Fibre fix                            Tuna dipper                          Mexican magic                         Malt loaf
minus six     Add some blueberries to a bowl       Celery and carrot sticks are great   Stir fry some strips of beef with     A slice of malt loaf with butter
              of their favourite cereal for a      great dipped into this yummy         red and yellow peppers and            will keep young footballers
              fruit boost                          tuna dip. Blend a tin of tuna with   some fajita seasoning. Serve in       going for a training session
                                                   cream cheese, a spoonful of          tortilla wraps with grated cheese
              Fruit smoothie                       mayonnaise, a squeeze of lemon       and a tasty salad
              Try whizzing up some orange          juice and black pepper
              juice with half a banana and                                              Ice cream
              some frozen berries for an           Oat cakes                            Add some strawberries or
              instant energy fix                   A couple of oat cakes will finish    raspberries to a scoop of their
                                                   off lunch nicely, how about          favourite ice cream. A little of
                                                   topping them with some chopped       what they fancy is good for them!
                                                   banana or apple and cheese
             Breakfast                             Lunch                                   Dinner                              Snacks

Match day    Yummy yogurt                          Super sarnies                           Fish finger supper                  Dried fruit
minus five   Chop some strawberries & a            Try out different fillings but for an   Oven baked fish fingers, potato     A handful or two of dried fruits
             banana into a plain yogurt & add      extra fibre fix make sarnies with       wedges & beetroot cubes make        will keep soccer stars going
             a spoonful of honey to sweeten it     brown bread. Fillings to try:           a simple & nutritious dinner        for longer than biscuits or a
                                                                                                                               choccie bar
             Juice fix                             •   Cheese and tomato                   World-cup fruit salad
             A glass of apple juice is a tasty     •   Tuna and cucumber                   Mix five favourite fruits from
             alternative to orange and is          •   Chicken, tomato and lettuce         around the world e.g. tinned
             packed with as many vitamins          •   Homous & roasted vegetables         pineapple chunks, kiwi fruit,
                                                                                           apples, grapes and strawberries
                                                                                           in a cup and pour a small amount
                                                                                           of apple juice over, serve with a
                                                                                           scoop of ice cream or yogurt

Match day    Toast it                              Nice rice                               Team pizza                          Carrot sticks
minus four   A couple of pieces of brown toast     Make a rice salad using cooked          Take a ready-made pizza base,       Some carrot sticks make
             with their favourite topping should   brown rice with chunks of               top with tomato sauce and add       a great quick snack option,
             keep them going until lunch           cooked aubergine, pepper                toppings to represent team          they can be dipped into
                                                   slices, chopped spring onions           colours e.g.                        homous, cream cheese or
             Banana smoothie                       and pieces of cooked turkey                                                 peanut butter
             Whisk up semi-skimmed milk with       or chicken. You can even add            Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal
             natural yogurt, a small scoop of      some pumpkin or sunflower               Pepperoni, red pepper & cheese
             ice cream and a banana for a          seeds. Easy to prepare the night
             delicious and nutritious start to a   before to put into a lunchbox           Newcastle United
             busy days training                                                            Chicken, mushrooms,
                                                   Banana cake                             black olives, cheese
                                                   A tasty piece of banana cake will
                                                   ensure footy heroes have the            Spurs, Fulham, Derby
                                                   energy to get through training.         Mozzarella, ham & mushrooms.
                                                   A great tip is to use up some
                                                   older bananas to make a cake            Serve with a tasty salad of
                                                                                           lettuce, cucumber, grated carrot
                                                                                           and avocado

                                                                                           Melted chocolate and banana
                                                                                           Chop a banana into slices & add
                                                                                           a drizzle of melted chocolate
              Breakfast                               Lunch                                   Dinner                                 Snacks

Match day     Pancake treat                           Bruschetta bites                        Simple stir-fry                        Cherry tomatoes
minus three   Try serving a spoonful of               Brush some French bread or              Stir fry some turkey and               Cherry tomatoes are a great
              raspberries with pancakes and           ciabatta with olive oil and grill for   vegetables with a splash of soy        portable snack for on the move.
              a drizzle of honey                      a few minutes. A couple of slices       sauce, add a bit of grated ginger      Easy for mums or dads to pop
                                                      of mozzarella, baby spinach and         if you like and serve with noodles     a few into a lunchbox
              Milkshake                               chopped tomatoes make a
              Feed their bones with a                 delicious topping                       Rice pudding
              strawberry or raspberry                                                         Stewed apple served with rice
              milkshake. Whizz up some                Fruit scone                             pudding makes a simple & tasty
              berries with milk for an                Lightly butter a fruit scone for        dessert. See the Eat In Colour
              instant shake                           a sweet treat                           recipe wheel for a simple stewed
                                                                                              apple recipe

Match day     Toast alternative                       Spanish omelette                        Jacket spuds                           Breakfast cereal
minus two     Switch regular toast for a muffin,      Add some lightly cooked                 Add their favourite filling like       Not just for breakfast, a bowl of
              crumpet or toasted bagel.               courgette & potato plus a sliced        cheese and beans and serve             cereal with some chopped fruit
              Cream cheese makes a tasty              tomato to your omelette mixture         with a colourful salad or              or raisins is an ideal snack for an
              topping                                 and cook as normal - hey presto         mixed vegetables                       energy boost at any time of day
                                                      a healthy Spanish omelette
              Juice fix                                                                       Kiwi fruit
              A glass of their favourite juice will   Oaty cookies                            Try serving different fruits as
              keep them hydrated                      A couple of oaty cookies are a          desserts. A kiwi fruit cut in half
                                                      tasty lunchtime option. Try             is a great way to finish off a
                                                      baking your own with some               healthy dinner
                                                      dried fruits and nuts

Match day     Big brekkie                             Pitta pockets                           Healthy roast                          A bunch of grapes
minus one     Try some tomatoes, mushrooms            Cut pitta bread in half so they         A roast dinner contains all the        A bunch of grapes will help to fill
              or egg on toast, add baked beans        form pockets; stuff each pitta with     important food groups, make            them up if they get a bit peckish
              for extra energy                        cooked chicken, a few pieces of         sure you get as much colour on         during the day
                                                      lettuce, tomato and cucumber.           their plate as possible!
              Glass of milk                           Finish off with a spoonful of
              Young bones will benefit from a         tomato relish or mayonnaise             Fruit crumble & custard
              big glass of milk, add some fruit                                               For a filling dessert packed full of
              and make a shake if they are not        Trail mix                               energy how about an oaty fruit
              keen on milk on its own                 A small bag of trail mix is packed      crumble topped with a calcium fix
                                                      full energy                             of custard
Premier Footy Fue
                           Potatoes                                                                  Brown Brea
                            Potatoes are one of the best football foods                              Rich in fibre this will help to keep young
                            around, high in vitamin C and a fantastic source                         bodies healthy and fuller for longer so they
                            of slow release energy. Professional footballers                         can manage those long training sessions
                            always up their intake before a big game                                 without stopping for a snack

    Peas                                                                                            Broccoli
     Peas are a high protein food and a good source of potassium                                     One of the richest vegetable sources of
     and the B vitamins. B vitamins help to maintain the muscles.                                    calcium, magnesium and iron, it’s good for
     Strong muscles are a must for budding football stars                                            their bones and blood and also helps fight
                                                                                                     disease – an overall performance booster

                       T matoes
                        o                                                      Raisins
                        The red pigment contained in tomatoes                  Raisins are packed full of natural
                        is called lycopene and this helps to stop              sugars, great for a quick boost
                        free radicals damaging cells in the body,              before they get on the pitch
                        keeping them on the pitch for years to come
Premier Footy Fue
                                                                                                 High in vitamin C which is important for
                A great source of carotene which will give their immune system                   boosting the immune system and for strong
                a boost. Their health needs to be on top form during footy                       skin and membranes. Helping to protect
                season, a cold or bug can really affect performance                              them from cuts and bruises on the pitch

          As well as being packed full of antioxidants, research                 Grapes are low in calories & full of fibre, they can help curb
          has shown that blueberries help to protect the brain                   snack cravings & keep your budding Beckhams fuller for longer.
          ensuring their mind is always on the game                              They are also a good source of potassium which is essential for
                                                                                 the body’s growth – definitely one for football stars of the future

                   An excellent source of lean protein which we know is
                   good for the muscles. The Omega 3 found in fresh tuna                       Oats are a great slow release food so will
                   or canned fish such as sardines, pilchards or mackerel                      keep them running round the pitch for longer
                   will also help to keep the brain sharp so they can stay
                   alert and make quick decisions on the pitch

                                                                                     A great source of calcium to keep their bones healthy,
     An excellent source of potassium which helps muscles                            strong bones will make sure they can tackle the
     function properly, helping to ensure nothing holds them                         opposition with ease. Some footballers have also started
     back during a big game                                                          drinking milk to help improve hydration on the pitch
Tips for Match Day

           On the day of the match try and make sure they have their pre-competition meal about 3-4 hours
           before the game to ensure enough time for proper digestion

           Make sure their pre-competition meal is high in carbohydrates for energy, low in fat and not too bulky
           – toast with jam or honey, breakfast cereal with fruit, rice / pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables,
           muffins or a baked potato make great pre-match meals

           If they are nervous, young footballers may struggle to eat on match day so smoothies, fruit juice
           and dried fruit are good to keep on hand to snack on if they can’t manage a full meal

           Keep them properly hydrated, making sure they top up regularly with water or juice

           After the game make sure they have a meal rich in carbohydrates to replace the energy used
           up on the pitch

           If they win, or even if they don’t, make sure you have a tasty treat ready for them after
           the game, they deserve it after all the work they’ve put in!

      Remember, for loads more tasty recipe ideas visit www.eatincolour.com

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