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									                                                         Arthur Ashe Tennis Racquet Drive
                                                                            Andy Pearson


        When I was thinking of a possible topic for my Senior Seminar project, I was
thinking of topics that would interest me personally. Many topics were coming to mind as
possible research topics for my project, but the one that felt the best to me was the topic
of tennis. I chose tennis because tennis is my favorite sport and I play tennis practically
every day, so I felt like it would be the most fun topic for me to look into. Now that I had
my topic of tennis, I had to figure out what I was going to do with that topic.

        While thinking about what I could possibly research, I came up with the idea of
researching racial equality in tennis back in the past and comparing it to the racial
equality in tennis of today. I thought about that because I play with many African
American players who get the same chances as I do to play tennis today and who are
treated just as equally as I am. Also I remembered that racial equality was not the same in
the past as it is today, so I decided to see how some of the best African American players,
such as Arthur Ashe or Althea Gibson, fought through the inequality and became the
players they were. This research gave me a better perspective on what African American
players of the past had to deal with while trying to find equal chances to play tennis as
white Americans.

      Driving Statement: Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson set the road for African
American players of today such as James Blake or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.


        I hope that this project will inform the people of this class, and whoever else is
watching this presentation, how racial equality was different in tennis in the past and how
it may have taken opportunities away from some African American players. I hope to
inform the people that racial equality in tennis was much different in the past than how it
is today and that African Americans in the past did not have equal opportunities to play
tennis as white players did.

        I plan on setting up a racquet drive and in doing so I hope to collect as many used
tennis racquets as I can and donate them to Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center for any
underprivileged children who might not have the money for a tennis racquet but may
want to have the opportunity to play tennis. I will go around to local tennis clubs, like the
Philadelphia Cricket Club, and ask any of the pros there if they have any used tennis
racquets that they would be willing to donate for a racquet drive. I will then take all of the
racquets that I have collected from the local tennis clubs and I will donate them to the
Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center for any child who wants the opportunity to play tennis
but does not have the money to do so.

       Understand what Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe had to go through when they
        were playing tennis with all of the discrimination and racism.
       Find out how Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson were able to fight through the
        inequalities to become champion tennis players.
       Ask any local tennis clubs if they have any used tennis racquets they would be
        willing to donate for a racquet drive.
       Ask the Arthur Ashe tennis center if they would be willing to take the racquets I
        collect from the racquet drive as a donation for any under privileged children to
        use if they want to play tennis.
       Find out when would be a good date for me to do the racquet drive at the Arthur
        Ashe tennis center.
       Gather all of my information together for once I am finished my project, and
        make a PowerPoint presentation for the class to see what I have accomplished
        with this senior seminar project.


       PowerPoint Presentation
       Pictures of the hundreds of racquets I collect from this racquet drive
       Pictures from the Arthur Ashe tennis center when I am donating the racquets

Task Analysis

       Week 1 (September 22 – September 26) – Look up information in the library,
        create a thesis statement with an outline
       Week 2 (September 29 – October 3) – Go to the library and find information
       Week 3 (October 6 – October 10) – Get the progress report filled out, begin my
        thesis based research
       Week 4 (October 13 – October 17) – Continue the thesis based research, have
        formal proposal done by the end of the week
       Week 5 (October 20 – October 24) – Continue to do thesis based research for my
       Week 6 (October 27 – October 31) – Be prepared for the Progress Report #2, get
        the mentor progress report filled out
       Week 7 (November 5 – November 7) – Be prepared for the Progress Report #3,
        have a rough draft of the research paper ready
       Week 8 (November 10 – November 14) – Make corrections to the rough copy of
        my research paper, begin contacting clubs for dates for me to pick up any
        racquets, begin thinking about my PowerPoint presentation
       Week 9 (November 17 – November 21) – Finish up correcting my rough copy of
        my research paper, get more information for my research paper, make my final
        copy of my research paper
      Week 10 (November 24 – November 25) – Get prepared for presentation and
       PowerPoint project, continue to gather racquets
      Week 11 (December 1 – December 5) – Have my topic expert fill out a progress
       report for my project, be prepared for Progress Report #4, work on my mini
      Week 12 (December 8 – December 12) – Continue to contact local clubs about
       the racquet drive, go out and collect any racquets that any clubs may have for me,
       contact the Arthur Ashe tennis center to discuss a possible date for the racquet
       drive, be prepared for Progress Report #5
      Week 13 (December 15 – December 19) – Finish collecting racquets from local
       tennis clubs, finalize when I could possibly have the racquet drive with the Arthur
       Ashe tennis center, continue to work on my PowerPoint presentation, be prepared
       for Progress Report #6
      Week 14 (December 22 – December 26) – Turn in my presentation draft, begin
       practicing for my presentation, possibly go over to the Arthur Ashe tennis center
       and have my racquet drive
      Week 15 (December 29 – January 2) – Continue to practice for my presentation,
       possibly go over to the Arthur Ashe tennis center and have my racquet drive
      Week 16 (January 5 – January 9) – Have my portfolio ready to hand in for
       whenever I am presenting my project, PRESENT
      Week 17 (January 12 – January 16) – Have my portfolio ready to hand in for
       whenever I am presenting my project, PRESENT
      Week 18 (January 19 – January 23) – FINAL EXAMS
      Week 19 (January 26 – January 30) – FINISHED MY SENIOR SEM PROJECT

Mentor and Topic Expert Analysis

       My mentor I have chosen for this project is my mom. I chose my mom to be my
mentor for many reasons. My mom has always helped me out when I have asked her for
help on any big projects that I may have had in the past. She has helped me out by giving
me feed back on posters I may be making or by correcting any paper that I may be
planning on handing in to my teachers. Another helpful fact is that my mom is a teacher
so she will be the perfect person to help me make my presentation as good as it can be,
and help my paper be the best it can be as well.

        I plan to talk to my mother pretty frequently so she can be informed on how my
project is turning out. This way, she will always know what part of the project I am on or
what I am doing for the project. I plan on keeping a good relationship with my mom by
always keeping her informed on my project and on how it is doing.

        My topic expert I have chosen for this project is my long time tennis coach Jeff
Puhan. I chose Jeff because Jeff and I are really close both as coach and student but also
as friends. I also chose Jeff because the topic I am researching has to do with tennis, and
Jeff knows a lot when it comes to tennis. I believe that Jeff can help me with my project
because I am not nervous about talking to him about my project, so I can tell him my
plans for my project and he can tell me what I should do differently. Another thing is that
he can give me suggestions on what information to look up for my paper because he
knows a lot about tennis and how it was in the past, so he can give me good suggestions.
When I informed Jeff that I would like him to be my topic expert for this project, he
seemed glad to do it and to be able to assist me in my senior thesis project.

         I will have no trouble in keeping a strong relationship with Jeff because I see him
about 5 or 6 times a week when I go to play tennis with him after school. When I am
finished with the clinics, or when there is a day off, I can tell him what I have been doing
lately with my project so he will feel part of my project and not left out of it at all. If I go
to talk to Jeff a couple of times a week, or at least once a week, he will always be
informed on how I am dong with the project and what is going on with it. Jeff will never
feel as if he is being left out of my project.


          This project will really help me understand how racial equality was much worse
in the past, like with Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson, and how now anyone can play
tennis, no matter their race. I am also grateful to be helping underprivileged children who
want to play tennis, but are unable to for any reason. I am looking forward to improving
my research skills in order to find the best information I can for this project, because my
research skill is not that great yet. Another thing I am looking to improve on is my time
management skill. I have been getting better at managing my school work during the
week and weekend, but I know that there is still room for improvement, and I hope that
this project will help me get better at time management skills. Another weakness I need
to work on is my shyness because if I am not taking control of this project, then it will go
no where and I will not to do so well on the project. I need to be able to go out and talk to
people, like when I am getting racquets or when I am setting up the racquet drive.
Organizing my data will be no problem for me when I am writing my paper because I
have great skills in essay format and being able to keep all the information that goes
together in one paragraph separate from everything else. My skills will make my essay
non-choppy and nice and smooth and easy to read. I hope to write a good paper by using
my organization skill that will inform everyone else of what I have learned. I also hope to
inform the people of the world that racial equality in sports was not the same in the past
as it is today, and that blacks had to fight harder than whites in order to become
successful in the sports world. I am finally hoping to get many people to donate as many
racquets as possible so that any underprivileged black child who would like to play
tennis, can play tennis with an old racquet from the racquet drive. I hope to open the eyes
of the people out in the world with this presentation and project.

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