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					      Canadian Cultural Festival Held in GDUFS

 With the assistance of the Department of Foreign Affairs and
   International Trade, sponsored by the Center for Canadian
Studies together with China Communist Youth League and the
Federation of Students’ Association in Guangdong University of
  Foreign Studies, the Canadian Culture Festival (including a
Canadian Knowledge Contest) was held from 27th November to
20th December, 2006, and it was a great success. It was aimed to
  help the students know more about Canada on her politics,
 economics, history, culture, geography etc. and to promote the
friendship and communication between Canada and China. Our
center undertook this contest with the support from theCanadian
  Consulate in Guangzhou. The festival includes knowledge
   contest and Canadian film show, and the contest itself was
  divided into 2 stages: initial one and final one. At the initial
 written contest, more than 1000 students applied and joined it.
(4 students form a team, total 257 teams) Through a strict initial
competition, 8 teams come to the fore from 257 teams. The final
 contest was held on the evening of 20th December 2006, at the
   6th Conference Hall in GDUFS. The Canadian Knowledge
Contest has not only popularized Canadian knowledge, but also
enhances friendship between the two countries. It has become a
              bright limelight among the students.

       1. INFLUENCE
       Canada is absolutely a charming country, no matter
talking about her culture or geography. This contest just gave
such a great chance for everyone to uncover her mysterious veil.
Moreover, with some award, a lot of students itch to have a try.
This contest spanned southern and northern campuses;
competitors consist of postgraduates, undergraduates, and
advanced studies students. In a short time from 27th November
to 9th December, it has attracted 257 teams to sign up their
names for this contest. The number of compactors has climbed
up to 1028, which could easily tell the influence of this contest.
       2. DEVOTION
       Members of our center, students from Federation of
Students’ Association of GDUFS, are the main organizers and
workers; they showed their offering spirit, ability and
enthusiasm from beginning to the end during the festival, they
did a very good job. Every one of them spared no efforts to
prepare the contest. The project was revised again and again and
made perfect. Many teachers from our center provided lots of
support and precious suggestions, which guaranteed this contest
to be held smoothly.
       The promotion work during preliminary contest had a
good start, actually, quite successful, mainly included designing
of sign-up paper, posters, handbills, and streamers. During this
time, counseling and sign-up place were set up before the
canting halls where most people passed to ask questions about
this contest. This played a significant role in extending the
contest’s influence.   Everywhere on the campus could see the
posters and streamers of this contest. Also, the alluring
knowledge gain, the prize and interesting content attracted many
people. Striking streamer slogans added elements of creation
and fun. The sign-up papers, different from the past formalistic
image, were designed to be a maple leave shape, containing
beautiful appurtenance and detail information.   This tiny paper
impressed many people. What’s more, all the staff ignoring the
coldness at night went to every dormitory to send sign-up paper
and provided some information for the students. Nearly
everyone knew this marvelous contest. News up-dated at a rapid
speed, the latest news about this contest could be found in the
home page of GDUFS’ Internet. At the same time, relevant
preparing information    was put on the net as soon as possible
for the competitors to download. The promotion work during
preliminary contest was indeed excellent. The contest was well
known because of it.
       The preliminary contest was held on the afternoon of
10th December. 257 teams took part in the written examination
after well preparation. Quite a few students chose to answer in
English. Members of Federation of Students’ Association and
some teachers from our center devoted to scoring the papers as
soon as the ending of the written examination. On the third day
of the written exam, more than 1000 test papers were graded and
the results as well as the top eight teams were declared at once.
The efficient work rewarded praising.
       The promotion work was spread systematically after the
preliminary contest. It included mostly the design and making of
posters and streamers, and talent show program lists as well.
Preparation of snatching-answer machine and prize certificates
had been closely watched over. Everything was held in check.
       A furious and cliffhang performance showed on stage on
the 20th, December. After preparing for about one week, 8 teams
(32 competitors) contended for a best prize. The 6th Conference
Hall was specially decorated. Beautiful maple leaves were
ornamented on each side of the conference hall, with Canadian
and Chinese national flags hanging on both sides, indicating the
permanent friendship between the two nations. Distinguished
guests presented at the event were: Prof. Xu Guobin, vice
president of GDUFS; Prof. Zhu Jiancheng, director of our center
diplomats from Canadian Consulate-General in Guangzhou (Ms.
Liang Huiyi, vice consul and Ms. Angel Xu, an official)., Mr.
Liang Xuehong, director of the Department for International
Exchanges in GDUFS; Each audience received an exquisite
souvenir from the Canadian Consulate in Guangzhou. Every
team has its own fans and a lot of people were attracted by the
performance and contest, the atmosphere was quite active.
Members of Federation of Students’ Association were divided
into 12 teams. Each team was in charge of affairs of one aspect,
like stage prop, microphone, stage light, score-counting, etc. All
were asked to make sure of even a tiny detail. Rehearsal was
held before the final contest. The judge panel was composed of
scholars of our center and diplomat from the consulate.
7 parts comprised the final contest as follows:
       A. Must-answer questions
       B. Talented show
       C. Voting
       D. Snatch answers
       E. Questions and Answers for audience
       F. Guest speech
       G. Prize giving
Each team dressed in the same style, confident and ambitious.
Most competitors answered smoothly in the Must-answer part.
And on average, their English were very good. The most
expecting part was the Talented Show. Each team performed a
program to demonstrate Canadian culture or history, geography
etc. The programs were of various forms, including singing,
dancing, instrument playing, drama and operculum, all were
closely related to Canadian contexts. For instance, the first team
chose to reflect the progress from Canadian aboriginal life to
West European civilization by dancing combination. And the
third team played a short drama named Operation Table Is
Position, paying a tribute to Bethune who’s a doctor came to
help China’s Anti-Japanese War selflessly. Among those,
performance of team 7 received the highest scores by the judges.
They adopted tourist drama form to introduce Canadian famous
scenic spots. While the audiences voted for the Team 8 as the
Most Popular Acting Team for its pop guitar singing. And the
fiercest part was the Snatch Answers. Every competitor was
trying his/her fast to press the button after the ceremony master
finishing the question. Of course the prize-awarding part was the
happy moment for the audiences. They even couldn’t wait to
answer the questions immediately to get the prize. This could at
least tell that the students have grasped the Canadian knowledge
quite well.
         7. FINAL RESULT
         Then came the most nervous and stirring moment of the
night! The results had finally come out with so much
expectation. At last, Team 3 got the champion, and the second
prize was given to Team----Maple Winner, while Maple V got
the third prize. At last, deputy Party Secretary of GDUFS gave a
vivid closing speech to congratulate this successful contest.
       As a part of the Canadian Cultural Festival, on 21st
December 2006, it was a movie night of communication for
students on south campus, a Canadian film —Wren, was staged
in Conference Hall of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
       The promotion work was mainly about plastering notices
on all the walls of student’s dormitories, declaring the movie
news officially, and decorating the Conference Hall that night.
Lots of students were attracted by this interesting movie. All of
the 582 seats were fully occupied by the students.
          The movie night started at 7:00p.m. English dub was
exclusively adopted through the night. At first, there was a short
introduction about the movie Wren, lasting about 14 minutes.
Then Jeremy. Aidehuazi, one of the producers of this movie
from Canada, had a close communication with the audiences.
The students actively presented their ideas and some creative
questions about this movie. Mr. Aidehuazi listened patiently and
gave quite wonderful answers. The interaction process lasted
nearly one hour and ended in a lively atmosphere at 9:00p.m.
        9. CONCLUTION
      The one-month long Canadian Cultural Festival has
successfully brought its curtain down, Supported by the
university authority and the Canadian Consulate-General in
Guangzhou, the festival was a really a great success, all the
participants and lots of students in our university benefited
greatly from the festival. Through this significant event, our
center is getting more popular among all the students and
faculties in our university.
Center for Canadian Studies, GDUFS

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