Title EC1 NDC Succession Plan by ubs38493


Meeting: Board Meeting                              Report of: Director of Succession Planning
Date: 24 September 2009                             Title: EC1 NDC Succession Plan
Status: For decision                                Agenda item: 6

1.     Introduction

1.1    This report introduces the EC1 New Deal for Communities Succession Plan. The plan was
       agreed by the Succession Sub Group on 13 August 2009 and is now submitted for
       agreement by the NDC board.

1.2    The Succession Plan has been developed in consultation with the board, our partners and
       EC1 residents. This consultation process is outlined in section 4 of the plan.

2.     Recommendations

2.1    To agree the Succession Plan and endorse its submission to central government before 31
       October 2009.

2.2    To note that the plan was agreed by the Islington Strategic Partnership on 16 September
       and that it will be submitted to the council’s executive for approval on 16 October. The
       approval of the local strategic partnership and the council are mandatory requirements for
       all NDC succession plans.

2.3    To acknowledge the proposed financial contribution of Islington Council to support

2.4    To acknowledge the other commitments from partner organisations as outlined in appendix

2.4    To task the delivery team, via the Succession Sub Group, with responsibility for pursuing
       further support to enable the sustainability of the NDC’s key succession projects.

2.5    To request a report from the succession sub group on progress toward achieving
       sustainability of key projects. This will be submitted at the board’s meeting in March /April

3.     Next steps

3.1    Plan to be approved by Islington Council on 16 October 2009

3.2    Plan to be submitted to central government before 31 October 2009

3.3    Progress report to be submitted to NDC board in March/April 2010.


Report author: Mark Cusack, Director of Succession Planning

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