NARRATIVE REPORT
                               CY 2007 ACCOMPLISHMENT


        This section governs the procurement, care utilization, custody and disposal of supplies.
The Department has undergone inventory of all LGU-owned supplies, equipments, fixtures,
vehicles, machineries, land and buildings, and animal dispersal for 2007. This section also
monitors the gas allocation at Motorpool; and schedules vehicles and assigns/designates official
drivers for the City’s official trips.


        The primary objective of this program is to accommodate various massive activities,
traffic flow consistency, area visibility during night time, sanitation and tourism support

       These includes, but not limited to the following:
        • Stewardship/Maintenance of Wharf Area and Hundred Islands National Park
        • Electrical Maintenance
        • Plumbing Maintenance
        • Maintenance of City Streets
        • Physical Preparations on various City Occasions

        For the year 2007, the Wharf Area and HINP were maintained by the department like the
installation of Kiosks Canopy, additional dockyard and boardwalk for motorboat parking.
Likewise, seven (7) units of electrical lightings were installed at the Governor’s Island.

       The Department had extended assistance and supervision for the repair and upgrading of
various school buildings (civil and electrical) for the City’s special project on Internet
Connectivity. Computer and Aircon Outlets were installed at various Elementary and High
Schools. Christmas lights/decors were also installed at the Bonifacio Monument, Don Leopoldo
Sison Auditorium (DLSA), and the City Hall Building.

        Routinely activities has been performed such as cleaning/de-clogging of city streets drain
lines, vegetation control of earth canals and road shoulders, patching of deteriorated street
pavements, provision of tarpaulins/streamers/billboards, and maintenance of parks, street
barriers, signs, lights, etc…

         Also included in the department’s accomplishment is the provision of male urinal booths
at strategic places within the city, pest control of the City Hall, RHU and BCRD building. Other
repair activities have also been conducted to various public buildings as per their needs. Ground
preparation for various occasions/events is also part of the job (i.e., Vice-Mayor’s League of the
Philippines Convention, City Fiesta, street parties, and Hundred Islands Festival, Etc…)


      Environmental Management which includes solid waste, water and air quality
management is part of the multi-faceted programs of the Department.

    • Solid Waste Management

           Production of Organic Fertilizer/Soil Conditioner at the Material Recovery Facility
           The biodegradable wastes collected from fourteen (14) service collection areas were
           processed to produce organic fertilizer/soil conditioner. Biological organisms
           (enzymes) and carbonized rice hull were used as a medium in the production of such.
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      Ninety nine (99) tons or 2,992 sacks/bags were produced for the year 2007 (@ 30
      kgs. per sack). One thousand four hundred forty (1,440) sacks or forty eight (48) tons
      were disposed and one thousand five hundred fifty two (1,552) sacks or fifty one (51)
      tons was stocked.

      The Department also aims to upgrade the quality of the soil conditioner into organic
      fertilizer, thus a sample was submitted to the Department of Agriculture (in
      coordination with the City Agriculture’s Office) for analysis to determine if the
      finished product conforms with the standards/criteria set forth for the accreditation of
      organic fertilizer. The Department is still awaiting for the result.

      Production of Garbage Bins and Flower Pots

      As part of the recycling program, discarded rubber tires were made into forty two
      (42) pcs. and fifty (50) pcs. garbage bins and flower pots, respectively. The bins
      (labeled as “nabubulok” at “di-nabubulok”) were distributed into strategic areas (i.e.
      schools) citywide. The flower pots were used as a medium for the “composting”

      Additional/Extension of Garbage Collection Service Area

      The coverage of garbage collection service area was extended from 11 to 14

      Acquisition of seven (7) units Public Address(PA) System

      The acquired PA system will be installed at the Garbage Trucks wherein the specific
      collection time and day for each collection area will be announced for systematic
      collection service.

      Closure of the Existing Open Dumpsite

      In compliance with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
      Administrative Order No. 2006-09 entitled “General Guidelines in the Closure and
      Rehabilitation of Open Dumpsites and Controlled Dump Facilities”, almost 50% of
      the Closure Plan was accomplished. However, the City is also on the process of
      venturing the Zero-Waste Management Facility wherein the biodegradable and non-
      biodegradable wastes will be converted into various by-products like hollow-blocks
      and cement slabs.

      Compaction/stock piling of the wastes at the dumpsite is also done quarterly for space
      maximization and

      Information Education and Communication (IEC) Campaign

      As part of the information drive, the Department has attended several guestings at the
      local radio station. Thirty (30) billboards were installed at strategic locations within
      the City. Flyers on segregation, composting, and recycling of wastes were made and
      will be reproduced for mass distribution for the year 2008. Likewise, the department
      had also extended trainings/information drive with the indigents regarding the
      composting program, as part of the “feeding program” with the City Health and
      Agriculture Office.

      Information drive on the establishment of Barangay Material Recovery Facility
      (MRF) was also initiated by joining/attending meetings/sessions of the Barangay
      Captains. An initial meeting was also held at Barangay Lucap wherein the different
      programs on Solid Waste Management were tackled.

• Water Quality Management

      Fifteen (15) samples were collected within one (1) kilometer radius from the City’s
disposal area (Barangays Dulacac, Sta. Maria, and Bisocol) for water quality analysis at the
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    Region I Medical Center to determine the extent of contamination of the dumpsite to the
    groundwater system.

           A monthly monitoring was also being undertaken as a concerted effort by the
    Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau
    (DENR-EMB) Region I and the LGU-Alaminos City. This monitoring is conducted within
    two sites (Lucap Wharf and Hundred Islands National Park) in compliance with the DENR
    Administrative Order No. 97-23 entitled “Establishing Water Quality Criteria for Tourist
    Zones and Setting the Basis for the Blue Flag System in Bathing Beaches in Tourist Zones
    and Other Purposes”. However, there were months wherein samples were not collected due
    to unfavorable weather conditions.

          As part of the Hundred Islands National Park stewardship, a total of 110 pcs of giant
     clams or the “tridacna gigas” were transferred to different sites to respond the spatial
     growth requirement.

           Monthly/regular checking of the coral reef area is also a continuing activity of the
     Department. For 2007, 20 sites were checked/monitored. A total of three hundred eighty
     five (385) units of artificial reefs were also fabricated.

           Successive removal of the “crown of thorn species” was undertaken. The outbreak
     of this starfish species is destructive to the reef area because coral reefs are their primary
     source of food.

           As part of the information drive, twenty (20) frames and stands (billboards) were
     fabricated and installed at the HINP.

    • Others

           The Department also joins the yearly Coastal Clean-up. Likewise, CGSO actively
     joins the tree planting activity for the Environment Month spearheaded by the Community
     Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) – Alaminos.


        Motorpool operations ensure safe and good-running condition of all LGU-owned vehicles
like the Garbage Trucks, multi-cabs, motorboats (adventure boat and speed boat), manlift truck
and other motorized equipments through various repairs, replacement and/or maintenance.
Repair and fabrication of iron works, as well as the delivery of water for the Hundred Islands
National Park (HINP) is also part of the motorpool operation.


        The primary objective of this program is to develop the disaster preparedness of the
department to respond to all calamities whether man-made or natural. The Department conducted
clearing activities citywide brought by typhoons for the year 2007.

Submitted by:

City General Services Officer

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