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 October 2007
      Evolution of the Trail
• 1919: The Department of the Interior
  designated the route as the Black Canyon
  Stock Driveway
• 1969: Designated as the Black Canyon
  Trails Area for recreational use
• 1987: The trail corridor was formally
  dedicated as the Black Canyon Trail, a
  non-motorized trail
        Early Construction
• Most of the trail shared historic mining and
  ranching roads
• From the 1960’s through the 1980’s a few
  miles of non-motorized single track trail
  were constructed
• By 1994 most of the existing trail had been
  identified by signs, although much of the
  trail was, and still is, on double-track
       Birth of a Partnership

• BLM hired IMBA as trail consultants in 2003
  to help design and mark the trail and to help
  recruit and train volunteers
• Trail building training was offered to
  volunteers in March 2004 at Ben Avery
  shooting range north of Phoenix
• Remaining volunteers continued meeting
  and discussed forming an organization
The Result

Design by Jean Anderson
   Black Canyon Trail Coalition

• All volunteer organization that includes
  equestrians, mountain bikers, hikers and
  motorized trail users
• Incorporated as a non-profit corporation in
  December 2005
• Awarded the 2006 “Take Pride in America”
  award for a non-profit organization presented by
  the Department of the Interior
  Black Canyon Trail Coalition

• Short article in the March, 2007 edition of
  the National Geographic Explorer
• Night photo of the trail was published in
  Bike magazine in August, 2007
• Article published in Sweat Magazine in
  October, 2007
  Construction Progress

• Little Pan Loop was completed in
  spring, 2006 (5 mile loop)
• Cheap Shot segment was completed
  in spring, 2007 (3 miles)
• Horseshoe Bend segment completed
  in spring, 2007 (1.5 miles)
• Skyline segment will be completed in
  Nov, 2007 (3 miles)
 Construction Progress

• 4.5 miles of new single track trail in
  Maricopa County – 21 miles total
• 10 miles of new single track trail in
  Yavapai County
  – The remaining 32 miles in Yavapai
    County is double track and older
    single track
              Volunteer Hours
•   2004:   250 hrs      ($3,500)
•   2005:   467.5 hrs    ($6,545)
•   2006:   1015 hrs     ($14,210)
•   2007:   1410.5 hrs   ($19,747)
        Future Construction
• Begin work on northern section in fall 2007
• Southern section:
  – Realign first mile along Deadman Wash
  – Add two loops near Doe Springs
  – Connect with Maricopa County Trail System
          Upcoming Dates
• 2007 Trail Workdays
  – Oct 6 & 20
  – Nov 3 & 17
  – Dec 1 & 15

• Golden Pulaski Ceremony
  – Jan 12, 2008
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