Translation of the letter of Dieter von Specht to by robpearson


									Translation of the letter of Dieter von Specht to Jurgen
Peddinghaus dated June 25, 1986

Dear Mr . Peddinghaus,

when we had our discussion in the evening of June 24, 1986,
in Bonn, in which Mr . Fischer could not participate unfor-
tunately, I had not yet received your letter of June 23, 1986 .
I have only received this letter when I returned today from
Bonn .

To sum up our discussion, I have made the following notes :

1 . We agreed that in the future discussions on general prin-
   ciples for our industry in terms of politics will at
   least be held in twos . The participants in these discus-
   sions will in particular depend on which departments are
   involved in the respective topics to be discussed .

   Moreover, our discussion has confirmed my opinion that
   in the sense of a trusting cooperation in the board of
   the association it is absolutely necessary that we con-
   stantly coordinate the basic principles of our argumen-
   tation in the individual fields of activity .

2 . With respect to R1 we have provided you with some infor-
   mation, and have pointed out the risks of a possible
   confrontation in the case of a one-sided pursuit of com-
   pany-specific aspects in terms of health politics .

   You had agreed to check this information at short notice,
   and I would kindly ask you to let me have your reply in
   due time .

I have sent copies of your letter dated June 23, 1986 and
of my letter of today to Messrs . Fischer, Klatten, Wille
and Dr . Konig .

Very truly yours,

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