Aicte Funded Project Under Thrust Area Programme In Technical by mkq97313


									                                     Aicte Funded Project Under
                     Thrust Area Programme In Technical Education (Taptec)
                              POWER QUALITY AND ENERGY AUDIT
                            in Industrial Belt of Noida, Delhi and Faridabad
                               File No. : 8017/RDII/TAP/DEG/(820)/98-99 dated 27th March 1999
Date of Sanction : 29-4-99                          Subject Area: Electrical Engineering
1. Name of the Programme                         : TAPTEC
2. Principal Investigator                     : Dr. Virendra Kumar Sharma
     (Name & Address)                              Reader, Electrical Engg. Dept.
                                                    Jamia Millia Islamia
                                                   New Delhi-0110 025

3.   Project Title                                : Power Quality and Energy Audit in
                                           Industrial Belt of NOIDA, Delhi and Faridabad

4.   Date of commencement of the Project          : 14-5-99                Duration: Two Years

5.   Amount released by AICTE                    : Rs. 6.5 Lacs

6.   Details of Expenditure                  :
A. Non-Recurring
S. No.                   List of Equipment procured                                     Cost
1.          Fluke make Power Harmonic Analyzer                                  1,34,750=00
2.          HP OmniBook                                                         1,20,000=00
3.          Fluke make Scopemeter                                                   1,44,375
4.          Portable Plain paper copier                                                 29,995
5.          HP Deskjet Printer                                                           8,200
6.          Meco Energy Auditor                                                         50,571
                                                            Total                   4,87,891
A-2: Purchased in the year 2000-2001 up to July 2001
S.No.        Item                                           Cost
1.           U.P.S. (3 Nos.)                                16,665
2.           Fax Machine                                    10,750
3.           CVT (for fax machine)                          1750
4.           Software (Matlab)                              59,339
                                                     Total 88,504

9.    Methodology used:

        The basic infrastructure facility has been created. Potential creators of power quality problem
are identified and contacted. Field testing have been done in Delhi, Noida, Sahibabad. Students have
been appropriately involved and trained.

11.   New observations/ achievements

There is awareness amongst consumers towards power quality problem. They are interested in
reducing the grid pollution. Energy audit interests the industries, but the initial investment in replacing
old electrical and mechanical equipment prohibits their inclination towards energy audit.

12.   Innovations: Software has been developed to analyse the power quality of existing utility. Work on
      the development of software for energy audit is under progress.

13 Application potential
        1) Long term
        2) Immediate
        3) Any other

This project is an ongoing work. New consumers are identified and trained for energy conservation,
energy audit and power quality studies.

Manpower trained in the project
       i) Research Scientists or Research Associates               Nil
       ii) No of Ph D                                              One (under progress)
       iii) Other technical personnel trained:     Two

The students of B.Tech. final year have been involved as part of their project work. Five
B.Tech..B.E. projects have been completed with the facilities created. The lab staff has also been
trained to handle sophisticated equipment.

                                PROJECT COMPLETION REPORT
1. Date of commencement of the Project 14-5-1999
2. Duration of the project                     Two Years
3. Date of Completion                          13-5-2001

       To conduct power quality and energy audit studies in industrial premises in New Delhi, Noida
and Faridabad.
         In order to solve the power quality problem, it is necessary to identify the same by conducting
the fields tests and load surveys. For identifying this problem, it is necessary to create and establish
elaborate instrumentation, computing and other support facilities. Hence, one of the main objectives of
this project is to create a test / measurement / instrumentation / computation facility for study of power
quality problems and Energy Audit of Indian Industries located in and around Delhi.

8.1 New Findings/ Achievements
Number of Undergraduate Projects undertaken                                       5
Number of Research Papers in Indian Journals                                      1
Number of Research Papers in International Conferences                    2
Number of Research Papers National Conferences                            2
Number of Energy Audits Conducted                                         3
Number of Power Quality Studies Conducted                                 3

Product/ Process Developed
   (a) Modeling and Simulation algorithm to conduct power quality studies have been developed.
   (b) Progress has been made towards computer aided energy auditing scheme. The work is under
       progress and it is likely that a user friendly software will be developed to organise energy audit

Details of Energy Audits Undertaken

      Company             Audit (Preliminary /   Year of      Audit Charges      Duration of      Major
                               Detailed)          Audit                            Audit        Energy Area
                                                                                                covered in
                                                                                                 the audit
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan,           Detailed           2000         Nil (part of       One Year       Electrical
 Airport Authority of                                       AICTE sponsored
        India                                                 Project work)
      Faculty of               Detailed           2000         Nil (part of       One Year       Electrical
 Engineering, Jamia                                         AICTE sponsored
    Millia Islamia                                            Project work)
 Real-Time Systems,           Preliminary         2001      Nil(part of AICTE     Three          Electrical
Okhla Industrial Estate                                     sponsored Project     Months

Energy audit is a continuing process. There are many more industries - small and medium scale - which
are interested in undertaking the audit work. However, due to limitations on our side by way of
trained manpower, we are unable to gear up fully for the job. The students who are asked to
undertake energy audit project find it a tough task working in the field taking measurements and
conducting surveys. Students prefer to work on PC and develop software. They are less interested in
hardware work. Regular members of staff also take this work as a burden. Hence, there is a necessity
to engage permanent trained technical manpower to work only for energy audit work. Students do
excellent work in developing software but fail to sustain work on long term measurements and
power/energy surveys.

10. LIST OF PUBLICATIONS arising from the project (please give Author(s), Title, Journal

1. Sharma, Virendra Kumar, Doja, M.N., Moinuddin (2000): Power quality assessment and
   harmonic comparison of non-linear loads,” Proceedings of IEEE Industrial Electronics
   sponsored International Conference on Industrial Technology ICIT’2000, Goa India, pp.

2. Sharma, Virendra Kumar, (2000): Power Quality Monitoring in Industrial Belt, National Seminar
   on Applied Systems Engineering, March 3-4, 2000, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, India,
   pp. 103-107.

3. Sharma, Virendra Kumar, Singh Bhim, and Murthy, S. S. (2000): Power quality comparison of
   Switched Reluctance Motor and Permanent Magnet Motor drive system, IEEE International
   Conference TENCON September 2000, Malayasia.

4. Sharma Virendra Kumar and Gupta J. R. P., (2000): Power quality assessment and harmonic
   comparison of typical non-linear electronic loads, IETE Technical Review, Vol. 17, No. 6, Nov.-
   Dec. 2000 pp. 381-386.

5. R.P.S.Chawla et al, “Power Quality Assessment and Harmonic Comparison in Industrial Areas”,
   B.E. Project, Feb. 2000.

6. Mohd. Irfan Baba and Mohd. Ahmad Lari, “Software for the Analysis of Power Quality”,
   B.Tech. Project, JMI, 2000.

7. Subramanium et al, “Study of Effect on Non-Linear Loads on Power Supply and Development of
   Software to Analyze Distortion of Line Parameters”, B.Tech. Project, JMI, 2000.

8. Maqbool Alam et al, “Energy Audit at Faculty of Engineering & Technology Building, JMI”, B.E.
   Project, Feb. 2001.

9. Anurudra Dutt, Ashish Kumar, Brijendra Kumar and Ankit Sharma, “Energy Audit and Saving
   Options”, B.Tech. Project JMI, June 2001.

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