Office of the,
                                                                 Chief General Manager,
                                                                 Metro Zone, APCPDCL,
                                                               Mint Compound, Hyderabad.

                       TENDER NOTICE NO. 07/2008-09 OF CGM/MZ/EE-Civil/Gr.HYD

               Sealed Tenders are invited from building Contractors/Firms for the following work up to
        1:00 PM on 31.10.2008. The tenders will be opened at 04.00 PM on 31.10.2008 in presence of
        Chief General Manager/Metro Zone and tenderers or their authorized representatives in the O/o
        Chief General Manager, Metro Zone, Mint Compound, Hyderabad.

Sl.No.     Specification No                          Name of the work

            07/2008-09 of Fixing of Architectural / Engineering Consulting Firm for the work
    1     CGM/MZ/EE Civil “Construction of Corporate Office B-Block & APCPDCL
             ( Gr. Hyd.)  Recreation Club Building at Mint Compound , Hyderabad

1         Date of Sale of Bid                       From 17.10.2008 to 30.10.2008 on all
                                                    working days from 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM
2         Last Date of receipt of tenders            31.10.2008 up to 1:00 PM
3         Date & Time of opening of tenders          31.10.2008 at 04.00 PM
4         Cost of Tender Specification (including   Rs.200/-
5         The cost of tender specification and EMD shall be remitted by way of Demand Draft
          in favor of Accounts Officer, Expenditure, Operation, North Circle, APCPDCL,
6         All tenders must be accompanied by the Bid Security shall be delivered to the
          following address
          Chief General Manager, Metro Zone,
          APCPDCL, Mint Compound, Hyderabad
          Phone No. 9440813854, 040-23431081 & Fax No. 040 – 23431080
7         The under signed reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigns any
          reasons there of.
                                                       Chief General Manager
                                                        Metro Zone,APCPDCL,
                                                      Mint compound, Hyderabad.

Copy submitted to:             The Director, Operation, APCPDCL, Hyd.
                               The Director, Finance, APCPDCL, Hyd.


01.     Sealed tenders are invited by the undersigned from engineering/ architectural
        consulting firms for offering complete architectural, structural & related services for the
        following proposed projects of APCPDCL at mint compound.

  Sl.No. Tender Specification No.        Name of the work
  01.                                    Complete Architectural, Structural &
                                         Related services for Construction of Central
                                         Power Recreation Club Building at Mint
                                         Compound, Hyderabad
  02.                                    Complete Architectural, Structural &
                                         Related services for Construction of
                                         Corporate Office          B-Block at Mint
                                         Compound, Hyderabad

2.1     The tender shall be in two parts namely Part –I & Part -II

2.2     Part –I shall contain documents in support of registration, technical qualifications
        competence of tenders supported by certificates, projects taken-up, Bio data of the
        technical persons available, photographs of architectural drawings of already similar
        executed works

2.3      Eligibility Criteria:
        a).     Proof of having executed successfully at least Five projects or work not less
                than 1.5 Crores in last two years.
        b).     The project should include multistoried office complexes, recreation club
                buildings, Sports complexes with landscape etc.,
        c).     Proof of having executed successfully structures belonging to Government
                departments & other large organizations.
        d).     Proof of having executed successfully interior designs to major projects.

2.4     Part-II shall be the price bid containing the consultancy fee details. The consultancy
        charges shall be quotes as percentage of the probable cost of the projects likely to
        be taken-up by APCPDCL. This offer shall be firm for a specific work. The details of
        the payment should be given.

2.5     Tenders of Part-I and Part-II bids shall be in separate sealed covers, duly superscribing
        on the covers with the details of bids i.e. Name Of The Work, Part –I/Part-II, Name of
        the Tenderer, Due date of opening of the tender etc. Both the sealed covers should be
        kept in a common sealed cover work wise duly superscibing the details of the Bid.

2.6     The tenders are allowed to submit the duly filled in tenders, during working hours on
        any working hours on any working day from the date of the publication of Tender
        Notice up to the time and date indicated below.
2.7     Tender will be received upto 01.00 PM Dated -10-2008 and Technical Bids (Part-I)
        will be opened at 04.00PM Dated            -10-2008 in the chamber of Chief General
        Manager / Metro Zone, APCPDCL, Mint Compound, Hyderabad either in person or
        authorized representative.
2.8     No tender will be accepted/ received after 01.00PM on -10-2008

2.9     Part-I envelop will be opened at 4.00PM on           -10-2008 at the place where the
        respective tenders are submitted.

2.10    The date of opening of part-II envelopes will be intimated subsequently to the eligible/
        short listed tenderers of Part-I bids.

2.11    The tenderes has to keep his tender valid for Four months from the date of opening of

2.12    No EMD need to be paid for this tender.

2.13    On completion of consultancy contract and payment of agreed consultancy fee by the
        company all the materials so generated becomes the property of APCPDCL and the
        agency/ Contractors will not have any rights/ Claims on this whatsoever.

2.14      The architectural Services shall include:
       a) Surveying & Submission of Contour Plans,Planning and site suitability study
       b) Necessary drawings & Maps
       c) Furnishing structural designs
       d) Specifications
       e) Facilities & Services with cost estimate
       f) Details of Area, ration analysis of area
       g) Economic feasibility study
       h) Acoustic design
       i) External/ Internal Illumination
       j) Any requires/ connected services
       k) Preparation of NIT, Tender schedules/ Documents & Agreement
       l) Periodical Execution, Monitoring maintenance Schedule.

2.15    The service comprises of Architectural, structural, Electrical and plumbing, Designs,
        Lighting, Landscaping and graphic signage, Lifts, Fire fighting arrangements etc.,
        including site visits as and when required during execution.

2.16    the fees to be quoted ( in percentage) by the applicants shall be based on sanctioned
        estimated cost of total project including Civil, Electrical Works, lifts, fire fighting,
        Water Tanks, Landscaping and interior.

2.17    However final payment will be restricted based on the actual cost of the project.

2.18    If an individual makes the tender, it should be signed with his full name and address
        should be given. If a firm makes it, it shall be signed with a co- partnership name and
        address of all the members of the firm shall be given. If the tender is made by a
        corporation, it shall be signed by a duly authorized officer who shall produce with his
        tender, satisfactory evidence of his authorization and such tendering corporation may
        be required to furnish evidence of its corporate existence before the contract is

2.19    The Tenders received will be decided within validity period of four months after the
        expiry of the last date prescribed for the receipt of tenders and the decision regarding
        the disposal of the tenders will be intimated at any time within the said period.
2.20   During the above mentioned period no pleas by the Tenderer for any sort of
       modifications of the tender based upon or arising out of any alleged misunderstanding
       or misconception or make or for any reasons will be entertained.
2.21   For any unforeseen reasons if the office remains closed on the specified last date of
       receipt of tenders, the tenders will be received on the immediate next working day up to
       01.00 PM and will be opened at 04.00 PM

2.22   The tenders will be opened at the office of the Chief General Manager / Metro Zone /
       APCPDCL, Mint Compound, Hyderabad on the date mentioned above. the tenderers or
       authorized representatives are expected to be present at the time of opening of tenders.

2.23   The consultant if selected shall furnish Architectural drawings with working drawings,
       detailed structural designs and drawings( 6 copies of each drawing) landscaping
       proposals, designs and drawings, detailed estimates. Abstract preparation of detailed
       project report, tender schedules for Civil, Electrical Sanitary & other miscellaneous
       works etc.

2.24   As part of the services, the consultant on selection shall visit the site as and when
       required by APCPDCL with prior notice of 24 Htrs. The consultant has to certify that
       their drawings are being correctly interpreted at site and the finishing is of acceptable
       quality. The total fee (In percentage) quoted shall include all these services.

2.25   All the Architectural Drawings shall be submitted in A0/A1 size.

2.26   The consultant shall also submit all the drawings on the transparences on gateway
       special paper and reproduction sheet and also a soft copy.

2.27   The Chairman & Managing Director/ APCPDCL reserve the right to reject any or all
       tenders without assigning any reasons.

2.28   The consultant so engaged will have to provide required services for a period of one
       year. During this period APCPDCL will get required structures planned for which
       approved charges will be paid.


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