Economics 437 , International Monetary Economics

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					Economics 437, International Monetary Economics
Department of Economics
State University of New York at Binghamton
Fall 2008
Section 01: MWF 10:50-11:50 am, LHSW 331
Section 02: MWF 12:00-1:00 pm, LH 5

Instructor: Mario H. Pastore
Office: Library Tower 913, Telephone: 607-777-4415

Course Prerequisites: ECON 362 and 366

Course description: This is a course on the macroeconomics of open economies. It will
stress theories of exchange rate determination as well as other topics relating to the
international monetary system.


Textbook: Paul R. Krugman and Maurice Obsfeld, International Economics, Theory and
Policy, 8th edition (2009) (available in bookstore).

Supplementary readings: “All about the Foreign Exchange Market in the United States,”
Available online at the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s website


Students are expected to attend lectures. Attendance will count for 10 % of the grade.
The grade students will earn in this course will be a function of their performance in
problem sets (10 % of the grade), pop-quizzes (10%), exams (within-term, 30%, Friday
October 3rd and Monday, November 3rd); and cumulative final 40%, during final exams
week, Dec 15-19, on the date corresponding to the meeting time of the class.

Late problem sets will not be accepted or graded. There will be no make ups of missed
quizzes. The weight of a missed quiz will be added to the next. Except as contemplated
by departmental policy, there will be no make up of exams. The weight of a missed
within-term exam will be added to the final exam.

Academic honesty and integrity will also be expected, and their breach penalized.

ALL make-up final exams in Economics will be given Friday, December 19 from 8:00
to 10:00 AM. All officially scheduled final exams are linked from the Registrar’s
website and on the BU Brain – check NOW for conflicts. If a conflict exists you may
request a make-up exam from the instructor of ANY of the conflicting courses. If you
choose to request a make-up exam for an economics course, a sign-up list to request the
make-up exam will be available in class after the add/drop deadline – ask the instructor.
Students MUST make their request for a make-up exam in economics NO LATER
THAN FRIDAY, October 3.

It is the student’s responsibility to learn from the instructor if the request has been
approved. Only students who are approved may take a make-up final exam. Students
who have not requested a make-up exam in an economics course by October 3 will be
required to resolve conflicting exams with the instructor in one of their other courses.

Make-up exams are approved ONLY for the following conditions:

   •   Conflicts with the OFFICIAL final exam schedule (e.g. exams at the same time
       or more than two exams within 24 hours).
   •   DOCUMENTED personal illness or family emergency.