Medical Equipment List by ctj41530


									                              Medical Equipment List
Accutor, 1A NIBP                Exam Lamp                      Printer
Adult Infrasonic Ventilator     Exam Table                     Propane Tank with Hose
Adult Size Soft Cuff            Fan                            Pulmonary Aid
Air Compressor                  FAX Machine                    Pulse Oxymeter Mod 200
Air Filtration System           Feeding Pump                   Pump, I.V., On Stand
Air Pressure Regulator          Feeding Pump, Kangaroo 324     Rack, Metal
Anesthesia Machine              File Cabinet, 2 drawer         Rack, Rolling
Arthoscopy System               File Cabinet, 4 drawer         Refrigerator
Baby Crib                       Floor Lamp                     Regulators, Oxygen Gas
Baby Incubator                  Freezer                        Respiration Unit
Baby Warmer                     Fuel Comp. Trioxane            Respiratory Humidifier
Bed, Hospital                   G.I. Drainage Pump             Scale, Adult
Bedside Table                   Gas Bottle Stand               Scale & Table, Infant
Blood Gas System CIBA           Glucose Monitors               Scanner
        Corning, Model 280      Gurney                         Shelves with wheels, stainless
Blood Glucose Monitor           I.V. Poles with Wheels             steel
Blood Pressure Cuffs            I.V. Pump                      Sink, Stainless Steel
Blood Pressure Monitor          Impulse System, Novamedix AV   Sphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure Stand            Incubator                      Stand, Surgical Tray
        Pulsavac                Irrigation Anameter            Sterilizer
Blood Pressure, Non-            I.V. Stand                     Stool
        Invasive                Keyboard                       Suction Pump
Blood Warmer                    Lab Equipment                  Suction Stand
Book Shelves                    Lamp                           Suction Unit
Bottle Cart                     Laundry Cart                   Surgical Blades
Cabinets, Rolling               Lawn Seeder                    Surgical Instruments
Cabinet with glass doors        Light Source                   Surgical Table
Cabinet, Filing                 Light, Operating Room          Tank, Oxygen
Cabinet, Metal                  Linen Carrier                  Telebinocular
Cardiac Output, Start           Mamography Unit                Telephone
Cardiograph                     Mattress                       Thermometers
Cart, Stainless Steel           Microscope                     Traction Equipment
Centrifuge                      Monitor Screen                 Transformers
Chair                           Monitor, Heart                 Trashcan
Chair, Dental                   Monitor, Patient Care          Treadmill
Chair, Hospital                 Monitor, Temperature           Typewriter
Chair, Office                   Nebulizer                      Ultrasound Scanner
Chair, Polyurethane Foam        Office Dividers                Ventilator, Adult
Compressor/Nebulizer            Orthoderm                      Vital Graph Sperometor
Computer Monitor                Oscilloscope                   Vital Signs Monitor
Copy Machine                    Overhead Projector             Volumetric Infusion Pump
CPU                             Oxygen Analyzers               Walker, 4 wheels
Data Scope                      Oxygen Cart                    Wheelchair
Defibrilator                    Oxygen Monitor                 Whirlpool Bath
Desk                            Oxygen Tank with Cart          X-Ray Equipment
ECG                             Pacemaker, Transmitter         X-Ray Film Reader
ECG Monitor                     Parafin Pellets, Lab Supply    X-Ray Screens
EKG Paper                       Patient Warming System         X-Ray Table
Electro Surgical Generator      Power Supply
Endoscope                       Power Unit

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