Durable Medical Equipment Contract - 2007 by ctj41530


									Section 2 Scope of Work

Durable Medical Equipment Contract - 2007

Below are the minimum requirements for Durable Medical Equipment & Oxygen Contract Bid
for the Resource Unit for Case Management.

A. Vendor shall bill MD Anderson Cancer Center monthly.

B. MD Anderson Cancer Center is an agency of the State of Texas and is therefore tax exempt.
   Do not apply taxes to your product or services. (Tax Exemption Certificate available at time
   of contract execution.)

C. Price quoted will include delivery, set-up, pick-up charges, and basic service agreement with
   no extra charges for night/weekend/holidays.

D. Deliveries shall be made to location(s) specified by the Resource Unit for Case Management
   within (4) hours or time specified by the Resource Unit. If the vendor is unable to comply
   with the specified time frame, the referral source must be contacted immediately. Vendor
   must comply with MD Anderson Premises rules (Rider 106) when setting up or delivering

E. Deliveries shall be made within Harris County and throughout the State of Texas. MD
   Anderson Cancer Center Resource Unit will contact vendor and vendor will arrange delivery
   to patient. Prices must be consistent, regardless of destination. When delivery area is not
   within a vendor’s service area, it will be the vendor’s responsibility to locate a local vendor to
   deliver and service equipment and negotiate prices within the contracted rates.

F. Prices quoted for durable medical equipment (with the exception of enteral nutrition pumps,
   oxygen concentrators, and oxygen portable set-ups) will cap at a continuous length of 15
   months and shall be considered as sold status by the vendor to the user.

G. Statements must be submitted to the Resource Unit by the 5th of every month. Rental item
   statements not submitted by the 5th must be billed in the following month. Sale item
   statements have until the 5th of the next month to be submitted before they are counted as not

H. Vendor must have a representative from their billing department available to concur with the
   Resource Unit regarding all the charges listed on the statement.

I.   Invoicing:
         Vendor shall be required to issue an original invoice (s). Invoice(s) must be submitted on
         a monthly basis to the Resource Unit for Case Management. Invoices may be submitted
         in paper format to the address below or in electronic format to

         Address:                                 Electronic Address:
                                                  subryant@mdanderson.org and
         UTMDACC                                  itorres@mdanderson.org
         Attn: Susan Bryant
         Resource Unit – Box 103
         1515 Holcombe Blvd.
         Houston, TX 77030

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