President awarded Nobel Peace Prize

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					     Issue II, Nov. 2009                                                          News                                                                                                   Page 3
President awarded Nobel Peace Prize                                                                                                                                         By the
   By Brittany Downey                  lose; they just are not recognized        right person. Obama’s efforts for            President Obama not only was

            Sports Editor              with the award. Other American            peace between countries around               honored by the award, but saw
                                       leaders to win the award include          the world are an ideal that most             the award as much more than just
     This December will not be         Woodrow        Wilson,     Theodore       leaders are trying to accomplish,            recognition for his efforts.
the first time a United States          Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Al           but some people would rather see                  “I know that the Nobel Peace
President has been awarded the                                                                                                                                              A view of world news and
                                       Gore. President Obama has now             the award granted to someone                 Prize has not been to honor just
Nobel Peace Prize, but it will be                                                                                                                                          current events through the
                                       joined the ranks of world leaders         who actually achieved a particular           specific achievement, but also
                                                                                                                                                                                 use of numbers

the first time since 1919 a current     like Mikhail Gorbachev, who was           goal.                                        been used as a means to give
President has been recognized          recognized for his efforts in ending           “I don’t think he deserved              momentum to a set of causes. That
with the prestigious award. Oct.10     the Cold War, and Nelson Mandela,         the award because he had not                 is why I will accept this award as a                         artifacts
President Barack Obama awoke to        who worked to end Apartheid in            proven anything when they voted,             call to action; a call for all nations        to be displayed in the
the news that he had won the Nobel     South Africa.                             but maybe now after a couple of              to confront the common challenges              newly planned 2010
Peace Prize for his “extraordinary          The prize has caused both            months have passed he may have               of the 21st century,” President
efforts to strengthen international
                                                                                                                                                                              Titanic expedition
                                       doubts and approval from not only         deserved it,” Jones said.                    Obama said.
diplomacy       and    cooperation     United States citizens, but the                Despite the belief that Obama                The President will travel to
between peoples”, according to the     entire world. In Europe, inhabitants      has not achieved anything, other             Oslo, Norway in December to
Nobel Prize committee.                 praise the committee’s decision,          Obama supporters, such as junior             accept his prize, which includes
     “I think he definitely has         believing the President has done          Rachel Dang, stand fast on the fact          a medal, a personal diploma,
been a huge proponent of making        exactly what he won the award             that his efforts before taking office         and a cash reward. The cash
alliances with other nations and

                                       for, strengthening foreign ties.          were enough for anyone of the                reward in December of 2007 was
basically global communication         However, others have different            same rank with the same belief to            $1,436,033.44. This year’s cash
[in general],” Senior Emma Rogers      opinions. Some believe the award          be acknowledged also.                        award is set at 10 million Swedish                   people killed in
said.                                  was premature or unnecessary.                  “I think it’s good that he got it.      kroner, or $1,473,087.74                      Pakistan car bombing
     The Nobel Prize committee              “The real question Americans         I think a lot of people are against it            Despite public opinion, the
was started in 1901 by a man                                                                                                                                                  Tuesday, Nov. 10
                                       are asking is, ‘What has President        because they don’t know why he               award has given the President the
named Alfred Nobel. There are two      Obama actually accomplished?’”            got it. Although, I think it’s meant         attention from leaders around the
designated committees that make        Michael Steele said, chairman of the      to bring people together and in the          world. Now that Obama has joined
the decision on which nominee          Republican National Committee,            end it’s bringing people apart,”             the ranks of some for the most
is recognized with each award.         in the New York Times.                    Dang said.                                   influential leaders of our time,
A committee located in Norway               Most of the praise for the                In his speech on Oct.10, the            every eye will be waiting for him
chooses a winner specifically           President’s recognition is from           President spoke of how he was                to make his next move toward the
for the Nobel Peace Prize. The

                                       the leaders of countries around the       “humbled” and felt unworthy to               goal of global harmony.
nominees that are triumphant           world. However, back on the home          “be in the company of so many
are called laureates, not winners      front, most citizens ponder whether       transformative figures who have
because the other nominees do not      or not the award was given to the         been honored by this prize”.                                                                million apportioned

Economic fluctuations
                                                                                                                                                                            to victims of Bernard
                                                                                               Different aspects of economy                                                    Madoff’s fraud
                                                                                               have both pluses and minuses
             By Erica Justice                       downfalls, including the job market and taxes.                            “The regulatory environment is getting
                     Reporter                            “The economy is spiraling downward, due                       rougher with the current administration in
                                                    to inflation and over taxation” sophomore Alex                      Washington, so I don’t see anything improving
     Last year, the economy and its declining       Gleason said.                                                      for small businesses” economics teacher Gary
state was one of the main topics up for debate           According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor,                        Nelson said.
by presidential candidates. Fortunately, some       since the start of the “recession”, unemployment                          For seasonal holidays, stores like K-Mart,

aspects have begun to improve, including            has increased from 7.6 million to 15.7 million.                    Sears, and Toys-R-Us are offering layaway
the slow increase of the stock market and the       Unemployment is now at 10.2 percent, the                           plans allowing people to pay off items overtime.
lowered rates of gasoline. Even though some                                                                                           Unfortunately, this will not               year renovation
things are improving, some think they are not                                                                                         continue after January. This will    project set out for King
improving by much.                                                                                                                    help the individual businesses,            Tut’s tomb
     “The economy is slowly but surely getting                                                                                        but not so much the economy
there, but I think it’s going to take a while,”                                                                                       as a whole. Their stock might
senior Dani Griswold said.                                                                                                            improve and it may assist holiday
     With the current bills up for approval, many                                                                                     shoppers, but the effects won’t be
do not see a large or helpful change ahead.                                                                                           permanent.
Some report that healthcare poses a large threat                                                                                          “I think it’s very beneficial
to the economy and citizens with jobs in the                                                                                          for those families who are less

medical field.                                                                                                                         fortunate because it helps them
     “With the Healthcare bill that socializes                                                                                        set up a steady plan to buy gifts
healthcare and the Cap & Trade bill that
                                                                                                                                                                                 typhoons hit the
                                                                                                                                      that they couldn’t buy before,”      Philippines in the month
increases electricity rates, the economy is only                                                                                      sophomore Marc St. Cyr said.
going to decline more than it already has,”                                                                 of October.
                                                                                                                                          Some economists argue that
junior Keaton Studdert said.                                                                                                          we have not even hit a “recession”
     Currently, the stock market has gained         highest percentage it has been since April and all that we have been experiencing has
steadiness, but it is not at a completely stable    of 1983. To keep from laying employees off, been a preface of what is to come. While others
level. According to, the               companies have started asking that employees say that an end to the recession is near. As the
stock market will not return to the level it has    take unpaid leaves and/or vacations. Because of stock market begins to regain steadiness, other
previously been for at least three years. Though    this, companies are no longer offering overtime aspects of the economy continue to fluctuate.
the stock market does play its part, other things   to employees and some companies are even For more information, visit
cause the effects of recessions and economic        shortening employee work weeks.

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