Statement on the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize Award by tzv97744


									                           Oct. 15 / Administration of William J. Clinton, 1999

                           Statement on the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize Award
                           October 15, 1999

                              Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans                      of good will today to build a global community
                           Frontieres) richly deserves the Nobel Peace                    where compassion, cooperation, and progress in-
                           Prize. They work around the world, under dif-                  creasingly know no borders.
                           ficult and often dangerous conditions, to provide                 I am proud that the United States Govern-
                           medical assistance to the victims of conflict and              ment has provided substantial annual assistance
                           natural disasters. They have cared for the sick                to Doctors Without Borders, and that we work
                           and the wounded at refugee camps in Kosovo                     together closely in times of crisis. Humanitarian
                           and Timor, aided flood victims in the Phil-                    relief of this kind is not only the right thing
                           ippines, treated disease in Sudan and Sierra                   to do for our values; it also helps build peace
                           Leone, Vietnam and Peru. Their work is em-                     and stability and thereby strengthens America’s
                           blematic of the commitment of so many people                   own security.

                           Statement on United Nations Security Council Action Against International
                           Terrorism and the Taliban
                           October 15, 1999

                              I applaud the U.N. Security Council for tak-                to operate training camps, make threats against
                           ing a strong stand against international terrorism             the United States and others, and plan terrorist
                           today and demanding that the Taliban stop har-                 operations from their bases in Afghanistan. Now
                           boring Usama bin Ladin. The Security Council’s                 the international community has spoken with
                           resolution, which passed by a unanimous vote,                  one voice. The sanctions the U.N. has chosen
                           will result in economic sanctions being placed                 parallel the unilateral ones that the United
                           on the Taliban if they do not deliver bin Ladin                States placed on the Taliban in July and will
                           within 30 days to a country where he can be                    result in the restriction of landing rights of air-
                           brought to justice.                                            lines owned, leased, or operated by or on behalf
                              The Security Council’s action demonstrates                  of the Taliban, the freezing of Taliban accounts
                           the international community’s understanding of                 around the world, and the prohibition of invest-
                           the threat posed by bin Ladin and his network                  ment in any undertaking owned or controlled
                           of terrorists. Despite the condemnation of scores              by the Taliban.
                           of countries after the 1998 bombing of our Em-                    The international community has sent a clear
                           bassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the Taliban has                 message. The choice between cooperation and
                           continued to allow bin Ladin and his network                   isolation lies with the Taliban.

                           Joint Statement on Norway-United States Cooperation
                           October 15, 1999

                              The President and the Prime Minister met                    relationship. President Clinton reaffirmed the
                           today at the White House to review the many                    strong U.S. commitment to the security and de-
                           accomplishments of the enduring U.S.-Nor-                      fense of Norway. The two leaders reiterated
                           wegian partnership and to explore new areas                    their commitments to the Washington Summit’s
                           of cooperation.                                                vision of an Alliance devoted to collective de-
                              Transatlantic solidarity and mutual security in             fense, capable of addressing current and future
                           NATO form the core of the U.S.-Norwegian                       challenges, strengthened by and open to new


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