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									Business Description                                                Technical Description
IBM and IDIT Technologies are partners in the insurance
marketplace worldwide. IDIT™ Software Suite is an end-to-end
enterprise insurance software platform which integrates the
business capabilities essential for any insurance provider.

The benefits of the IBM-IDIT partnership are that insurance
companies can enjoy:

    •   Fast time-to-market using parameter-based setup of new
        insurance products handling regulatory environment
    •   Improved distribution and channel management with
        parameter-based handling of the technical environment
    •   Increased efficiency using a single end-to-end solution
        that manages all insurance products globally                IDIT™ Software Suite has been certified as a Ready for SOA
    •   Easy maintenance and integration with structured Service    Specialty, DB2 and Tivoli solution. IDIT™ Software Suite runs on
        Oriented Architecture (SOA) component-based software        IBM DB2 and WebSphere Application Server under zLinux. The
                                                                    combination of IDIT™ software running on DB2, WebSphere and
IDIT™ Software Suite capabilities:                                  Tivoli provides blue-chip insurers with a cost-effective and highly
                                                                    scalable solution to grow their businesses.
    •   IDIT™ is a SOA based solution that manages personal
        and commercial insurance products for traditional           The IBM-IDIT Solution runs on IBM’s Insurance Industry
        insurance, direct insurance, bancassurance and brokers      Framework. The Insurance Framework is a foundation for many
        markets.                                                    interlocking IBM solutions:
    •   IDIT™ is a global software suite using international
        standards for multicompany, multi-branding, multi-
        currency and multi-lingual capabilities.
    •   IDIT™ is component-based with core, country and
        customer layers reducing the time and the effort required
        to deploy solutions in new countries. Core IDIT™
        components do not vary and are independent of the highly
        specific country related parts of the application.

           IDIT™ Core, Country and Customer layers                  Resources
The complementary domain expertise of IBM and IDIT enhances         For additional information, please contact your local IBM
the quality and functionality of solutions delivered to our         representative or contact one of the following IBM people directly:
customers. Our customers are asking for solutions based on              Bruce Wallman, PhD – Insurance Executive Architect
industry standard products, and partnering with IBM meets that          609-252-1602
demand.                                                                 John Adcock – Insurance Global Industry Leader

IBM Software Group Insurance Industry Framework

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