Honors U.S. History Unit 5 Reform - The Gilded Age and the

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					                                   Honors U.S. History
                 Unit 5: Reform – The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era
             The American Journey, Chapter 17 sections 2-4 and Chapters 20-21

NCSCOS Objectives and Essential Questions
• Describe the causes and effects of the financial difficulties that plagued the American farmer
    and trace the rise and decline of Populism.
    < How and why was the plight of the American farmer so different from that of other
    < Why did so many farmers support Populism?
    < How can economically oppressed groups make their voices heard politically?
• Describe the changing role of government in economic and political affairs.
    < How did the government’s role in economic and political affairs change during this era?
    < To what extent did industrialization affect the relationships between government, business,
       and the worker?
    < How did technological advancement affect industrialization and the role of the
    < To what extent was the government’s changing role necessary and positive in this era?
• Explain the conditions that led to the rise of Progressivism.
    < How did the political, economic, and social conditions of the Gilded Age lead to the
       Progressive Era?
    < How did scientific and technological advances create a mass consumer culture?
    < To what extent did an emerging mass consumer culture define what it means to be an
    < What tactics were most effective in bringing about the social, economic, and political
       reforms of the Progressive Era?
• Analyze how different groups of Americans made economic and political gains in the
   Progressive period.
    < How effective was the Progressive Movement in addressing the political, economic, and
       social needs of all Americans?
    < To what extent did progressive political reforms successfully combat the social and
       economic ills created by a rapidly industrializing society?
    < How successful were the Progressive Era Presidents in leading reform efforts?
• Evaluate the effects of racial segregation on different regions and segments of the United States
    < To what extent were the social, political, and economic standing of African Americans
       positively affected by progressive efforts?
    < What did it mean to be black in America at the turn of the century?
    < Why did multiple perspectives develop for addressing racial injustice during the
       Progressive Era?
• Examine the impact of technological change on economic, social, and cultural life in the United
    < What was the economic and social impact of the technological changes of the Progressive
    < How was American culture redefined during the Progressive Era?
    < Does society cause government to change or does government cause society to change?

Factual Content
The Grange                                           “Cross of Gold Speech”
National Farmer Alliances                            Greenbacks
Southern Alliance                                    Gilded Age
Colored Farmers Alliance                             Whiskey Ring scandal
Omaha Platform                                       Populism
Interstate Commerce Act                              Secret ballot (Australian)
Rebates                                              Initiative
William Jennings Bryan                               Referendum
Recall                                            Lillian Wald                                      16th Amendment
Mugwumps                                          muckrakers                                        Niagara Movement
prohibition                                       Booker T. Washington                              17th Amendment
NAWSA                                             W.E.B. Du Bois                                    NAACP
“purity crusaders”                                direct primary                                    Bull Moose party
Henry George                                      poll tax                                          National Urban League
social gospel movement                            Muller v. Oregon                                  New Freedom
Edward Bellamy                                    New Nationalism                                   George Washington Carver
settlement house movement                         literary test                                     Louis Brandeis
home rule                                         arbitration                                       Madam C.J. Walker
Jane Addams                                       grandfather clause                                Minor v. Happersett
progressivism                                     lynching                                          woman question
Ellen Gates Starr                                 Jim Crow                                          Carrie Chapman Catt
holding companies                                 de facto segregation                              WCTU
social welfare programs                           Ballinger-Pinchot affair                          Alice Paul
Florence Kelley

 6                          7                              8                                                       10
                                                                                            BRING TEXTBOOK
                                                                                      Gilded Age politics and      Populist Movement
                                                                 Unit 4 Test          economics                    Cross of Gold speech
                                                                                      HW : reading notes on The    HW: read pp.606-24 and
                                                                                      Southern Agrarian Revolt     complete outline
 13                         14                                                        16                           17
                                                                  Early Release Day
 Progressive Movement       Progressivism outline                                     women’s rights                     Unit 5 TEST
 Progressivism video        Progressive presidents chart                              Du Bois and W ashington
 HW : read pp.624-31 and    HW : reading notes on                  PSAT               Populism and Progressivism
 complete Progressive       W omen in the New South                                      activities
 presidents chart           and Settling the Race Issue                               Populism and Progressivism
                            (pp.494-507)                                                 comparison
                                                                                      HW : study for test

The American Journey web site: http://www.phschool.com/access/goldfield_amer_journey.html

Ms. Bailey’s U.S. History page: http://www.riverside.dpsnc.net/teacherpages/cbailey/