Science Project Habitat Diorama by tzv97744


									                            Science Project:
                            Habitat Diorama
                            Due Date: Monday, October 19th
Your child has learned about the different animals and plants that live in different
habitats. This is an end of the unit project that must be done at home. Your child’s
science grade will reflect if he/she has followed the directions, turned this project in on
time, and put some effort into it. You may help your child, but I want most of the work
to be done by your child.
A diorama is a three-dimensional miniature scene. Everything will be put inside a
shoebox. Please limit the size to an adult size shoe box (no big boxes).
Choice of Habitats (it may only be from these choices)
  • Ocean
  • Forest
  • Wetland
  • Desert
It must include at least 2 animals from that habitat and
at least 1 plant found in that habitat.

You may use 3D animals and plants and/or pictures of animals and plants (printed or
drawn). The inside of the box (background) must be decorated to look like the habitat.

*Make sure their name and teacher’s name are on the diorama

If you have questions or are having trouble finding the supplies, please let your science
teacher know. Send a note, call, or email.

Mrs. Houpe-
Mrs. Vanderderpohl-

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