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									                    8th Grade Science Project
                     Science Projects are DUE March 23rd!!!
General Assignment Description: The entire project is worth 400 POINTS!! The
project must utilize the scientific method including quantitative analysis (students must use
measurements for forming conclusions). Project details (methodology), analysis, and
conclusions must be compiled on a science board for presentation. In addition, students must
complete a final draft project paper to accompany the display. The final paper and display is
150 points in the project category (see final grading rubric).

   •   Students are encouraged to conduct an experiment in the area of physical science though
       other areas are acceptable. See science fair categories. Also, see sample science project
   •   The project must use the Scientific Method: State the Question, Research, Hypothesis,
       Experiment, Data Analysis, Conclusion.
   •   Students must ensure that their experiment is a FAIR TEST. This means that they must make
       sure they are changing only one variable in their experiment. This is called the manipulated
       variable. All other variables must stay constant (controlled variables).
   •   There must be a change that is measurable. This is called the responding variable. Students
       must measure their results quantitatively.
   •   Students must perform several trials (10 or more trials - helps ensure accuracy and also helps
       prove results are reproducible) and calculate the average.
   •   Students must use data (evidence) to formulate conclusions.
   •   Plagiarism and Fabrication will not be tolerated. The result of a plagiarized or fabricated
       project will be a zero.

* This packet is to help the student and parent understand all the work that needs to take
place for a complete and successful science fair project. If the student finishes all the
sections and follows ALL the guidelines and rubrics, the student should receive a good

                                             Good Luck!!!
    Dear Parents,

      Your son or daughter will be participating in many projects this year. The most
comprehensive being their individual science fair project, which all 8th grade students at
Mountainside Middle School are required to complete. We have been designing the curriculum
to teach important concepts related to successful scientific investigation. Though this will
provide a foundation and framework for conducting their experiments, the majority of the
project will be carried out at home. For this reason, we find that students will be most successful
with additional parent support at home.
      Because of the breadth of the project, there will be several component due dates to keep
the students on track. Altogether, a successful student should spend 40 plus hours at home on
the project. An award-winning project typically has 80 plus hours invested. Please note the
following due dates on the back. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to
contact us.


Darrin McComas
Email: dmccomas@mead.k12.wa.us
Phone: 465-7400 x7465
              Project DUE Dates:

       Due Date           Points                                  Project Components
                                         Testable Question and Hypothesis - Students must turn in an
        10/28/08            15
                                         APPROVED testable question and formulated a hypothesis.
                                         Science Project Proposal – Students must complete the project
        11/14/08            25           proposal form. The proposal form requires students to come up with a
                                         testable question and their plan to carry-out testing of their hypothesis.
                                         Background Research – Research background information using the
        11/28/08            30           Internet, journals, magazines, and books. Complete the Background
                                         Research Form.
                                         Experiment Details and Materials and Procedures – This is an
                                         important section that is part of your final science project paper. Be
        12/19/08            50
                                         sure your procedures are very detailed and include the materials you
                                         Data Tables and Graphical Representation of Data – You will turn
                                         in the data you collected from 10 or more trials (in the form of a table)
         1/09/09            50
                                         and at least one graph showing the best values. If you THINK you will
                                         be absent on Friday, 1/09, turn in your data table and graph early!

                                         Data Analysis & Conclusion – Provide a summary of the data you
         2/13/09            30           collected. Include statistical information such as the mean, median,
                                         and mode.

                                         Final Project Display and Paper – On Monday, March 23rd or bring
                                         your display and completed report to my room (225) BEFORE school
                                         begins. I typically arrive at school around 7am. IF it rains: use a clean
                       150 – display
         3/23/09                         garbage bag to help keep it dry. All projects MUST be submitted by
                      50 – final paper
                                         Monday, March 23rd. Early submissions are accepted. NO LATE
                                         PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you THINK you will be
                                         absent on 3/23/09, turn in your science project EARLY!!!

       3/24 – 3/27         None          Presentation of findings – You will present your project to the class.

What will happen if I DO NOT turn in my science project?

       If you do not turn in a final project, your overall grade will be dropped one letter grade. You will also be
missing out on HUNDREDS of important points (which could, in turn, lower your grade to a dismal level). It would
be extremely difficult for you to earn a passing grade in science at the semester without turning in your science
project ON TIME. The 8th Grade science project is NOT optional. Every 8th Grade student MUST complete a
science project. You will be assigned ZAP every time you fail to turn in a section of your science fair project.
Please do not procrastinate – stay organized and give yourself plenty of time to complete the required work.
      Date                                          What you should be doing!
                     Gathering science project ideas. Researching ideas from literature, internet, and professionals.
                     You will be developing ideas through Humanities class. Be sure to review the website and note
   Fall - October
                     due dates and other helpful information. If you are having difficulties finding an idea or have
                     general questions about your project, grading, etc., see your science teacher.
                     Carefully plan out your science project and submit your proposal. It would be a good idea to use
                     a separate binder to start putting all of your project paperwork in. Download the Project Report
                     Template. If you have general questions about your project, grading, etc., see your science
   10/14 – 11/14
                     teacher. During this time, you should also be completing your Background Research Form.
                     Most of the research will be done at home, however you will learn how to research and write a
                     research paper in the humanities class.

                     You should be finalizing your Background Research Form. Begin gathering the materials you
   11/14 – 11/27     will need to carry out your experiments. Ask for assistance with your project from your family
                     and professionals. If you are having difficulties, see your science teacher.

                     At this point, you should have gathered all materials that you will need for the experiment and
                     have finalized the details and procedures for the experiment. Try out your experiment and make
                     sure it works properly. Most of the time, you will fail the first time so it is VERY important you
                     do this as soon as possible. Solve technical issues so that you can obtain the most accurate
   11/28 - 12/18
                     results possible. Take notes on all the little and huge problems you are having in your science
                     fair notebook. See your science teacher if you are having difficulty solving these issue or have
                     any other questions. Take photos of your experiment. Write the Experiment Details and
                     Materials and Procedures sections of your paper.

                     Gather excellent data. Remember, it has to be quantitative data. I want numbers, not opinions.
                     Take photos of your experiment. Document all of your results in a log and put these in your
                     science fair notebook. Calculate the best value of your 10 or more trials from each of your
   12/19 - 1/08
                     manipulated variables. Compile your raw data and best values in tables. Create one or more
                     graphs using Microsoft Excel to display your results. Write the Results section of your paper.
                     See your science teacher if you are having problems. Purchase a display board.

                     Take a close look at your data and try to determine what it all means (what's the "take-home"
                     message?). Write the Data Analysis/Conclusion section of your paper. See your science teacher
    1/09 – 2/12
                     if you are having problems. Purchase a display board if you haven't already. Begin organizing
                     the layout of your display.

                     Finish writing the final paper (pull it all together). This includes the Recommendations section.
    2/13 - 3/22      Spend lots of time putting together your display. This is your last chance to see your science
                     teacher if you are having problems or need help.

Monday, March 23rd   Congratulations, you made it! Your project is due on this date, NO EXCEPTIONS!

                     Projects will be graded by your science teacher and judged by your peers. Exceptional projects
    1/18 – 1/24      will be displayed throughout the school and district offices. Students will also have an
                     opportunity to present their projects at the Environmental Youth Conference.

                                     PROJECT TIMELINE
     Name_____________________________________________________________ Period:_______

                                  Science Fair Project PROPOSAL (25 Points)

Your Testable Question

Your Hypothesis/Prediction

Manipulated Variable (What you are purposely changing?)     Responding Variable (The change that you measure)

Controlled Variables (What stays the same during the experiment?)

Explain how you are going to test your question. How are you going to obtain quantitative data (what tool/instrument
will you use to make measurements)? Summarize your procedures. Attach another piece of paper if necessary.
Use a labeled diagram to show how you will test your questions (draw your experiment).

How many trials will you need to perform your experiment? (How many times will you repeat your experiment to get
an accurate “best value.”

Is your experiment a fair test? Explain.

Circle if any of these apply to your experiment:

 • I will be                 • I will be                  • Circle the category that your   • I will be using:
   experimenting on             experimenting on            project best aligns with:       • Purchased materials
   humans                       animals                   • Physical Science                • Household materials
                                                          • Earth Science                   • Combination of purchased
                                                          • Life Science                      & household materials

                                                    Parental Approval

   Signature ____________________________________________________________ Date_______________

     I approve of my son’s/daughter’s proposed science fair project and will support them in their efforts.

                                                      Teacher Only:

          Project Approved!                Please revise and resubmit.             Please choose another idea
          Begin background                       No credit yet.                    and write another proposal.
          Research paper.                                                                 No credit yet.

Teacher Circled Comments:                                                            Other Comments:

       Amazing project idea! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
       Your project has great potential. See me to make it great!
       Your project has more than one independent variable.
       Your project is collecting qualitative data (not quantitative).
       Your project needs to be more advanced (middle school level).
       This project could be dangerous, have a parent help you.                      Concept:
       This project violates one or more science fair rules.
    Project Display Board Template:
Although the board does not have to look exactly like this, this template does a good job of navigating a reader
through your project in the proper sequence.

                                          Data/Results                                   Data
                                       • Graphs
                                       • Data tables
                                       • Pictures


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