Basic Safety Rules for Culinary Arts by tzv97744


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Culinary Arts I

         Basic Safety Rules for Culinary Arts
   1. No chewing gum in lab.

   2. Hair needs to be tied back or hair net utilized if
      past shoulder.

   3. Apron or chef’s coat needs to be worn.

   4. No eating in lab area – only in classroom area.

   5. Food cannot leave the classroom uncovered.

   6. Always wash your hands.

   7. Food cannot be left out in the danger zone 40 – 140 degrees for more than 2 hours total – that’s
      total time grocery store to kitchen to home.

   8. Food cannot be given to other students to follow
      the healthy food initiative.

   9. No sitting on desks, or in food prep areas.

   10. Kitchen must be left clean – to prevent infestations.

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