Culinary Arts and Sciences - Global, National and Local Perspectives by tzv97744


									The following list of topics reflects     although papers in related areas of
the central themes of the Conference      interests are also encouraged.

Conference Topics

       Food Service (Catering)                                                     PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT
             Menus - planning and development, optimisation, analysis
             and engineering                                                            Sixth International Conference on
             Food, wine and other alcoholic beverages
             Catering equipment, including packaging                                  Culinary Arts and Sciences
             Catering systems, including special requirements such as
             armed forces, disaster feeding, and in-flight catering                       - Global, National
                                                                                       and Local Perspectives
       Culinary Arts
             Art in meal management, preparation and service, local

                                                                                          ICCAS 08

       Nutrition, Food Science and Technology
              Food engineering and product development                                            to be held at:
              Hygiene, food safety and legislation
              Computers and their application in operations and research

       Food Marketing, Food Habits and Consumer Behaviour
             Food marketing                                                            NORWEGIAN SCHOOL OF
             Food studies
             Food habits                                                                HOTEL MANAGEMENT
             Sensory analysis                                                         UNIVERSITY OF STAVANGER

Mini Exhibition                                                                       23 JUNE - 27 JUNE 2008
Running concurrently with the Con-        software, and other services relating                 Organised by:
ference will be a mini exhibition. This   to the Conference. Further details are
is for the display of equipment, prod-    available from the Conference Secre-       Norwegian School of Hotel Management
ucts, computing hardware and              tariat.
Introduction                              Conference Format                          Call for Papers                           If this announcement was not ad-
Culinary traditions and skills have for   The Conference will use a number of        The purpose of this Preliminary An-       dressed to you but would like your
centuries been regarded as an art,        formats including academic papers,         nouncement is so that you can note        details added to our database,
practised by those who have the skills    poster sessions, industrial displays       the dates of this Conference and con-     please complete and return the
and flair and who can express them-       and presentations by practitioners,        sider how you might present your          form below or email your details to
selves as artists. More recently, sci-    work-shops and demonstrations.             research, ideas, products and equip-      the Conference Secretariat.
ence and technology have played an                                                   ment to the international community.
increasingly important role in the        Conference Proceedings                                                               Title _________________________
development of new skills, tech-          Conference Proceedings, which will         The First Call for Papers will be an-
niques, equipment and food. Never-        include papers and poster abstracts;       nounced in January 2007. Latest date      Initials _______________________
theless, culinary art and science have    will be produced and published to a        for Submission of Papers will be 15
remained separate entities.               very high standard (ISBN 82-7644-          November 2007.                            Surname ______________________
                                          294-3) and available at the start of the
Objectives                                Conference.                                In addition, your assistance in bring-    Organisation __________________
The Sixth Conference once again           Authors of selected papers will be         ing this Conference to the attention of
aims to build on previous success by      invited to resubmit their work to the      your colleagues would also be appre-      _____________________________
drawing together individuals and or-      Journal of Foodservice.                    ciated.
ganisations from both disciplines in a                                                                                         Address ______________________
conference and workshop setting           Conference Themes                                Schedule Summary
where they can exchange ideas and                                                                                              _____________________________
                                          In addition to developing the central
develop areas and themes of mutual        thrust of the Conference, that is com-     1 January 2007
interest and benefit. The Conference                                                 Call for Papers.                          Country ______________________
                                          bining culinary arts and science the
will be designed to enable not only       themes will focus on:
academics to share the results of their                                              1 October 2007 (or sooner)                Tel: __________________________
                                          Food Service (Catering):
work but also where practitioners can     Topics likely to include: menus, menu      Abstracts submitted and authors ad-
present and exchange views and opin-                                                 vised of their acceptance within 7        Fax: __________________________
                                          planning and engineering, catering
ions.                                     equipment and systems, and educa-          days.
                                                                                                                               email: ________________________
In order to demonstrate the integrative   Culinary Arts:                             15 November 2007
character and international dimen-                                                   Papers submitted.                         Please return to:
                                          Topics likely to include: art in meal
sions of the Conference, the Norwe-       management, local food, scary food,
gian School of Hotel Management,                                                     1 February 2008                           Conference Secretariat
                                          preparation, and service.                                                            ICCAS 08
University of Stavanger, will be host-    Nutrition, Food Science &                  Final acceptance after review.
ing the Sixth Conference.                                                                                                      Norwegian School of Hotel
                                          Technology:                                                                          Management
                                          Topics likely to include: nutrition,       23 June 2008
In addition to the academic part of the                                              Conference Proceedings published.         University of Stavanger
                                          food science, food safety, technology                                                N-4036 Stavanger. Norway
Conference, a social programme will       and biotechnology.
also enable delegates to broaden their    Food Marketing, Food Habits &
general knowledge in different as-                                                                                             Tel:   +47 51833700
                                          Consumer Behaviour:                        Conference Location                       Fax:   +47 51833750
pects of culinary arts as well as to      Topics likely to include: the market-      The Conference is to be held in
discover the specificities of the host    ing of food and food service, food         Stavanger, Norway.
country.                                                                                                                       Email:
                                          habits, sensory evaluation and analy-                                                Web:

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