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					                                         P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING               IN THE      R EPUBLIC               OF   KOREA                                              March 24, 2006
Volume 4, Issue 23

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                                      Soldiers help Daegu                                                       Yongsan Garrison
                                           get green                                                            rebuilds after fire                                          nline
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Team Korea tops Army culinary arts contest
By Sgt. Ken Hall                                                                                                            ! Contemporary Pastry: Spc. Joanna Carrol,
Army News Service                                                                                                           Team USAREUR;
   FORT LEE, Va. -- Nearly 140 of the Army’s                                                                                ! Best Two Member Team: Nutritional Hot
best Soldier-chefs waged a variety of culinary                                                                              Food Challenge, Team Hawaii;
battles to see who could make the best dishes                                                                               ! Baron H. Garland Culinary Knowledge Bowl:
and displays at the 31st Annual U.S. Army’s                                                                                 Team Korea; and
Culinary Arts Competition, Fort Lee, Va.,                                                                                   ! Best Centerpiece in Ice, Sgt. 1st Class
March 6-17.                                                                                                                 David Russ, Fort Bragg.
   Team Korea repeated top honors in claiming                                                                               Trained by the best
Installation of the Year title, followed closely                                                                               Each year, competition participants are
by Fort Bragg, N.C., for second and Team                                                                                    given up-close critiques and cooking
U.S. Army Europe finishing third.                                                                                           demonstrations from certified master chefs.
   This year, the competition hosted entrants                                                                                  “From day-one of the competition, we have
from 14 installations worldwide.                                                                                            demonstrations by master chef ’s from around
   Major competition category winners were:                                                                                 the world,” said Stephen Posser, director of
! Senior Army Chef of the Year: Spc. Jeffrey                                                               SGT. KEN HALL    training, Army Center of Excellence,
Lagyak, Fort Bliss, Texas;                         Spc. Anthony Mussari, left, and Spc. Ralph Pabon, 49th                   Subsistence. “It’s a constant learning exercise
! Junior Army Chef of the Year: Cpl. Randy         Quartermaster Group, Fort Lee, Va. lay out their entry during the        for the competitors, and they gain excellent
Agno, Team Hawaii;                                 Nutritional Hot Foods Challenge at the 31st Annual U.S. Army             constructive criticism from some of the finest
! Field Cooking Competition: Fort Riley,           Culinary Arts Competition, March 15.                                     master chefs in the world. Any time anyone
Kansas; and                                        ! Best Exhibit in Pastry and Confection: Spc.                            puts this much care into a dish, it’s going to
! Student Team Skills: Team Korea.                 Alicia Hight, Team USAREUR;                                              make the meals on the battlefield line taste all
Special competition category winners were:         ! Most Artistic Centerpiece: Spec. Carmen                                that much better.”
! Best Exhibit Cold Food Buffet: Sgt. Jason        Rosario, Fort Bragg;                                                        This year, culinary masters from Great
Pratt, Team Korea;                                 ! Best Team Table Exhibit: Team USAREUR;                                 Britain conducted cooking seminars throughout
! Best Exhibit Hot Food Shown Cold: Staff          ! Contemporary Cooking: Sgt. Joshua Speiss,
Sgt. Bernard Book, Team Korea;                     Fort McNair;                                                                                             Culinary,
                                                                                                                                                        See Culinary Page16

Former POW to speak
at Women’s History
Month observance
Area II Public Affairs                                                                                                                                  Ready, aim ...
   YONGSAN GARRISON — The                                                                                                                               Pvt. Kwan Hu-jang a Korean Augmeentee
first female prisoner-of-war of                                                                                                                         to the U.S. Army Soldier, takes aim at
Operation Iraqi Freedom is                                                                                                                              opposing forces during 2-1 Air Defense
scheduled to be the guest speaker                                                                                                                       Artillery Battalion’s External Evaluation
at the Area II Women’s History                                                                                                                          March 6 - 11. The unit was evaluated on
Month celebration 3:30 p.m. March                                                                                                                       mission essential tasks, supporting
28 at Multi-Purpose Training                                                                                                                            collective tasks and individual Soldier skills
Facility #1 on Yongsan South Post.                                                                                                                      during its first external evaluation since
   Shoshana N. Johnson, a former                                                                                                                        being deployed to Korea in October 2004.
Army food service specialist                                                                                                                            The unit is stationed at Gwangju Air Base,
wounded when her convoy was                                                                                                                             a Republic of Korea installation that is
ambushed March 23, 2003, near an-                                                                                                                       located 80 miles southwest of Daegu.
Nasiriyah, Iraq, is also the first                                                                                                                      See Page 16 for related story.
African-American female POW in
U.S. history.
   Johnson received a bullet wound
to her ankle, causing injuries to both
legs. She and five other members
                    See POW, Page 4                                                                                               PVT. DUSTIN ROBERTS
       March 24, 2006                                   Commentary                                                                    The Morning Calm Weekly

Making RSOI/FE06 ‘no injury, no loss of life’ exercises
            he RSOI/Foal Eagle 06                                                                               ensure we understand the challenges                            importantly, how safely we conduct
            exercise presents a great                                                                           facing our forces and work to                                  the operation.
            opportunity for our entire                                                                          mitigate those factors.                                            I am deeply committed to the
U.S. Forces Korea team to assess our                                                                               In order to ensure we set                                   achievement of our RSOI and Foal
mission essential tasks and operating                                                                           conditions for safe execution of                               Eagle training objectives. I am also
procedures for supporting receiving,                                                                            RSOI and Foal Eagle, we must all                               equally insistent that we execute the
staging, onward movement and                                                                                    aggressively embrace composite                                 training safely.
integration of on- and offshore forces                                                                          risk management and risk                                           No serious injury or loss of life
into the fight.                                                                                                 mitigation.                                                    is absolutely achievable in this
   I know that everyone in USFK                                                                                    Commanders are responsible and                              upcoming exercise domain.
will work hard to gain the maximum                                                                              first-line leaders are the decisive                                Commanders and leaders, take
training benefit from this exercise.                                                                            point in this effort. I want                                   charge       of      your      units.
Should war come, our success will                                                                               commanders          to     empower                             Servicemembers, I want you to
be largely determined by our ability                                                                            subordinates, while holding them                               train and exercise safely.
to execute RSOI to standard.                                                                                    accountable for the safety of their                                Thanks to all four your
   During RSOI/FE06, we will see                                                                                servicemembers, crews, teams and                               commitment to our great Republic
our formations executing high-risk                                                                              squads.                                                        of Korea ally and the security of this
training. I accept this risk, but only                                 Gen. B.B. Bell                              I     expect      leaders     and                           magnificent land. I greatly
with the right risk management                            to ensure safe execution. As                          servicemembers to be thoroughly                                appreciate what you do and the
procedures and the mitigation of all                      exercise play progresses, the                         familiar with risk assessment and                              professionalism you exhibit in doing
risk factors to not more than                             potential for accidents increases.                    risk mitigation guidance regarding                             it.
moderate with senior supervision,                           To exercise safely, we have to                      air, ground, sea and port operations.                              We go together!
and preferably to low.                                    defeat complacency overconfidence                     Success of this exercise will be
   In all this, it is essential that                      and indeed fatigue. It is important                   measured against our execution of
commanders and leaders at all                             to review lessons learned form                        battle tasks, management of tactical                                                    GEN B.B. Bell
echelons engage with their outfits                        previous training exercises to                        risks for changing situations and,                                          Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK

 Talking with children                                                       separation. Others might have some difficulty going
                                                                             to bed or staying asleep.
                                                                                                                                                              Children often want to find out more about “what,
                                                                                                                                                          where, and why” as a way of trying to understand

 about deployment, war                                                           Parents should be prepared to spend extra time to
                                                                             comfort and reassure them about their own safety and
                                                                                                                                                          things they find confusing. Parents need to be
                                                                                                                                                          prepared to answer these questions, or at least be
                                                                             the safety of loved ones. Parents can also help children                     willing to help find an age-appropriate answer.
 By Melissa Royalty
                                                                             understand why other people may be reacting to the                               Finally, children may find some comfort in the
 Seoul American Elementary School
                                                                             war in different ways.                                                       days and weeks ahead by “doing something” or taking
    Because we are a military community, the                                     To help reduce children’s fears and anxieties,                           some kind of action that makes them feel like they
 world’s events are the topic of many conversations                          parents should consider limiting young children’s                            are making a difference. You can help them with
 in our homes, at the PX and even in our schools.                            exposure to television coverage about the war.                               specific projects at home, in school or as part of an
 Make certain that our children are paying attention                             Children may begin to show more “war” play, use                          informal or organized group. Although you might
 to these conversations.                                                     “tough talk,” or have mock battles. Although this can                        have some suggestions for these projects, consider
    Children may have fear or anxiety because of                             be disturbing to adults, it is a very normal way that                        allowing children to come up with their own ideas
 what they see on television, hear from their friends                        children try to make sense of things that have made a                        for what they can do to help. Taking action can help
 on the playground, or hear from other                                       strong impression on them. As an alternative, parents                        children feel more empowered in confusing times.
 conversations. Subtle changes in parents’ moods                             could encourage children to express themselves                                   Children that have a parent deployed may
 and behaviors can affect children — especially if                           through art, music or poetry. Don’t be surprised,                            experience anxiety due to the news of specific battles
 they witness reactions in their parents that they have                      however, if the themes expressed in these activities                         in the area in which their parent is deployed. Consider
 not seen before.                                                            include aspects of war (e.g., fighting, death, displays                      limiting anxiety by previewing the news and
    Many times parents are unsure if their child’s                           of military power).                                                          newspaper articles before your child has the
 response to the news of war is within the normal                                Parents may want to initiate conversations with                          opportunity to view it.
 range. Remembering that each child is unique, below                         older children (age 10 or so) about the events they                              For information on supporting your child in dealing
 you will find a guide that will help you understand                         have seen on television. It is important to allow older                      with the issue of war, deployment or anxiety, contact
 age-appropriate responses as well as age-appropriate                        children to participate in viewing and talking about the                     the appropriate counselor for assistance: Janine Parker
 topics for discussion.                                                      news if they want to. It is also wise to encourage their                     (grades K-1), Melissa Royalty (2-3) and Rydell
    Young children (below the age of 7 or 8) might                           continued participation in the normal routines and                           Wilkins (4-5), at 736-4613.
 react with fear and anxiety. This could cause some                          activities that they enjoy. This will bring normalcy to                          (Editor’s Note: Melissa Royalty is a counselor for
 children to become clingy and to have trouble with                          life and help diminish anxieties.                                            grades 2-3 at Seoul American Elementary School.)

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The Morning Calm Weekly                               News                  3                                                                                       March 24, 2006

                                             Sailors in Korea take Navy-wide
                                             advancement examinations
  Filipino Dancers Sought
Volunteers are needed to teach Filipino
cultural dances in Yongsan. Anyone
with the know-how and the time is asked      By Navy Journalist First Class David McKee
to pass on their talent and skill to those   CNFK Public Affairs
who would like to learn and showcase
                                                SEOUL – Seventy-nine Sailors
dances unique to the Filipino culture.
                                             assigned to Commander, U.S. Naval
Individuals are also being sought who
wish to learn traditional Filipino dances.   Forces Korea took the semi-annual,
These dancers will be invited to             Navy-wide advancement test cycle
participate in cultural celebrations as      that ended March 16 when the Navy
part of Asian-Pacific Month in May.          Seamen (E-3) put down their pencils.
Anyone interested in teaching or                Petty officer second classes (E-5)
learning Filipino dance may contact          took the examination March 2 and
Dolly Toney by e-mail at                     third classes (E-4) took the            examination March 9.
                                                The 200-question test, offered in
        School Expense                       the spring and fall, assesses each
           Limits Set                        sailor’s knowledge of Navy Basic
The maximum amounts payable for              Military Requirements and the sailor’s
school expenses (hak-bi-bocho) for           specialty or rating.
middle and high school dependent                The test score, however, is one of
students for Korean National                 four main criteria used to determine                                                                                 N J
                                                                                                                                                                   AVY     F  C
                                                                                                                                                                         OURNALISTD  MK
                                                                                                                                                                                     IRST    LASS   AVID   C EE

employees of USFK have been                  advancement. A final multiple of total     Personnel Specialist Second Class (PS2) Thomas Sorenson (foreground) and PS2 Kevin Tibbets
adjusted. For middle school students,        points is composed of the test score,      both E-5s, take their first class petty officer Navy-wide examination March 2 at the Navy Club.
the maximum amounts payable for
                                             evaluation average, points for awards      with the Bibliography (Bibs) and Navy for those who have prepared properly,
school expenses for 2006 school terms
                                             and points for passing the test but not    instruction books and studying.                      the reward may mean more respect,
are 1,350,000 won per year, and
                                             advancing.                                    “Using the Bibs to study is the best              responsibility and money. Still not
2,930,000 won per year for high school
students. There are no quarterly                “Advancement is based on an             way to improve your chances of getting everyone will advance, but according
limits on the amounts to be paid.            evaluation of the whole sailor that        advanced. Good evaluation and award                  to Betancourt that is not reason
Allowable educational expenses for           includes test score and performance,” points counts towards advancement,                        enough to let frustration overwhelm
eligible employees are authorized up         said Chief of Naval Operations-            the more personal awards you have the                her efforts to succeed.
to a maximum of two students in              directed Command Master Chief Petty more points you earn going into the                            “Until I pass I won’t get
middle school, high school and               Officer Michael C. Bruner. “How they       exam,” Franklyn said.                                discouraged, I know it may take some
undergraduate college IAW Chapter            act, wear their uniform, perform on           But for sailors whose rates are the               time to make rate,” said Betancourt.
8 of USFK Regulation 690-1. Request          the job and how                                              most competitive, only “In the end, when I make first class,
for reimbursement of school expenses         they do on the          “In the end, when I make the most diligent                              it will definitely be worth it.”
will be submitted in March, June,            score decides                                                advance.                              CNFK is the regional commander for
September and December. Questions            whether they
                                                                  first class, it will definitely be Yeoman Second                           the U.S. Navy in the Republic of Korea
may be sent to the servicing Civilian        move up in           worth it.”                              Class Kari Betancourt              and provides leadership and expertise in
Personnel Advisory Center.                   rank or not.”                                                took the first class test naval matters to area military
                                                Education                      Yeoman Second Class Kari for the sixth time.                  commanders, including the Commander
Voting Assistance Program                                                                    Betancourt
                                             Services                                                          “I print out the              for the United Nations Command, the
 Experiencing Difficulties                                                 Commander,
                                                                           Commander, U.S. Naval Forces bibliography for the
                                             Officer, and                                                                                    Republic of Korea and U.S. Combined
The Federal Voting Assistance Program
                                             Test Control                                      Chinhae exam and then make a Forces Command and Commander,
is currently experiencing technical
difficulties with the Voting Information     Officer, Chief                                               binder with all the                United States Forces Korea. CNFK also
Center and worldwide toll-free access        Personnel Specialist Sylvan Franklyn       references and then I go through each serves as liaison to the Republic of
numbers. Citizens are encouraged to use      said though there are many factors         reference and try to summarize things Korea Navy, the Combined Forces
the FVAP Web site,, or          involved in ascending to the next pay      to make practice questions to help me Commander staff in armistice and in
to contact the program via e-mail at         grade, the test determines the bulk of     study,” Betancourt said.                             wartime and to the Commander, U.S. for information and        the score. That means sitting down            Test results will be out in June and              7th Fleet based in Yokosuka.
questions until these technical
difficulties are resolved.
Questions regarding the above may
also be referred to the Director, Federal
Voting Assistance Program, Department
of Defense, 1155 Defense Pentagon, and on the World
Wide Web at                       A star is born
                                               Staff Sgt. Courtney Leahy sings her
   TMCW Submissions                            rendition of “Total Eclipse of the
To submit an item to The Morning               Heart,” originally sung by country
Calm Weekly’s News & Notes by e-               singer Bonnie Tyler, for the Falcon
mail,     send      information   to           Community Center crowd during              the 2006 Kunsan Idol competition
   Submissions may also be mailed to           Feb. 25. The competition, hosted
our offices at:                                by the 8th Services Squadron,
   The Morning Calm Weekly                     mocked the popular reality television
   c/o IMA-KORO Public Affairs                 show, allowing airmen to compete
   Unit #15742                                 in musical performances while
   APO AP 96205-5742                           being judged by others. Leahy
   For all submitted items include a           placed first overall in the contest.
point of contact name and telephone
                                               She is a member of the 8th Medical
number. Deadline for submission is
                                               Operations Squadron.
Friday prior to the publishing date .
For information, call 738-3355.
                                                                                                                                                                                            COURTESY PHOTO
      March 24, 2006
4                                                     The Morning Calm Weekly

CSM/SGM boards convenes June 6
    The Fiscal Year 2006 Command                    consideration for promotion to sergeant
Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major and                  major and attendance at the USASMC by
Sergeant Major Course Selection Board               declining (online or written) prior to May
will convene June 6 in Indianapolis, at the         19, 2006.
Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center.                 NCOs in any zone of consideration for
    Eligibility criteria for consideration for      this board can go to the EREC Web site
appointment to command sergeant major               at, click on
include sergeants major and master                  HRC, Indianapolis (EREC) and click on
sergeant (P) with a Basic Active Service            the promotion file link. Enter the Army
Date not earlier than June 6, 1980, and a           Knowledge Online authentication and then
date of birth not earlier than Nov. 6, 1954.        click on the statements link. Failure to
    Master sergeants and first sergeants            decline will result in automatic
with Primary Military Occupational                  acceptance for promotion consideration

Specialty 79R who are eligible for sergeant         to sergeant major and course attendance.
major selection are also considered for             CSM Program Declination
appointment. Lastly, master sergeant/first              The command sergeant major program
sergeants who are eligible for sergeant             is voluntary; therefore, Soldiers who meet
major selection and have either graduated           the selection criteria for appointment to
the U.S. Army Sergeant Major Course,                command sergeant major must accept or
are currently enrolled or are scheduled to          decline consideration prior to May 19,
complete a sister service equivalency of            2006. Failure to submit an acceptance
the USASMC by August 2006, are                      statement for appointment to command
considered for appointment.                         sergeant major will be construed as a
    Eligibility criteria for promotion              declination for consideration and those
consideration to sergeant major include             records will not be provided to the board
the following: Master sergeant/first                for command sergeant major
sergeants with a DOR of June 6, 2004                consideration.
and earlier, a BASD between June 7, 1981            NCO Evaluation Reports
and June 6, 1996, and a DOB not earlier                 Compete-the-Record reports must
than Sept. 6, 1954.                                 arrive at EREC, error-free, no later than
    Primary Zone DOR is June 6, 2003                March 31. Sixty-day Option reports must
and earlier. Secondary Zone DOR is June             arrive at EREC NLT May 19. Eligible and
7, 2003 thru June 6, 2004.                          interested candidates are encouraged to
    All first sergeant/master sergeants             ensure that their records are accurate in
selected by the CY05 command sergeant               order to remain competitive.
major/sergeant major/SMC Board for                  Electronic Review of ERB
attendance as an alternate to the USASMC                NLT May 19, eligible NCOs must
(Class 57) are eligible for promotion               complete their online review of the
consideration - regardless of DOR.                  promotion ERB by logging onto
    Eligibility criteria for consideration for      h t t p s : / / w w w. h r c . a r m y. m i l ,
attendance to the USASMC as an alternate            selecting HRC Indianapolis (EREC)
include master sergeants/first sergeants            and then clicking on promotion file.
with a DOR of Dec. 4, 2004 and earlier, a           NCOs must validate the ERB for
BASD not earlier than June 6, 1984 and a            authentication. If any information
DOB not earlier than June 6, 1956.                  is incorrect or missing, the NCO
 SGM and USASMC Declination                         should visit their servicing PSD to
    Master sergeants may decline                    make corrections.

POW                                                                                    from Page 1
of the 307th Maintenance Company,                   organizations.
deployed out of Fort Bliss, Texas,                     “We were really fortunate to get
were captured and taken as                          her as a guest speaker,” said Master
prisoners-of-war. The ambush and                    Sgt. Tony McClure, Area II Equal
its aftermath made headlines around                 Opportunity advisor. “She is in
the world.                                          great demand on the speaking
   House raids conducted by U.S.                    circuit.”
Marines in the city of Samarra, Iraq,                  This year ’s Area II Women’s
resulted in the successful rescue of                History Month celebration is hosted
seven POWs on the morning of April                  by the 8th Military Police Brigade.
13, 2003. Three days later, Johnson                 In addition to the guest speaker, the
and the six other former POWs were                  90-minute program will include a
welcomed back to the United States                  “Salute to Women” slide show,
as heroes by a cheering crowd of                    poetry readings, music and other
more than 3,000 people.                             entertainment.
   Johnson retired from the Army on                    “It will be a celebration to
a temporary disability honorable                    remember,” said Equal Opportunity
discharge in December 2003. Since                   Advisor Master Sgt. Eugene
her return to the United States,                    Jackson of the 8th Military Police
Johnson has presented talks                         Brigade. “The entire Area II and
throughout the nation about her                     Yongsan Garrison community is
experience as a prisoner of war, and                invited.”
has been recognized with standing                      For information on the March 28
ovations from small groups to over                  event, contact McClure by e-mail
65,000 people at select events                      at,
hosted by public and private                        or call 738-5950.
 March 24, 2006                                                                                                                                                                        Page 5

                                                                                                                                                                       PHOTOS BY SPC. TIMOTHY DINNEEN

1 HBCT tests new ‘anti-personnel’ ammunition
Canister rounds increase                                       meters. There are 1,100 of
armor’s combat capability                                      these deadly marbles in
                                                               every canister fired.
By Spc. Timothy Dinneen                                           “Massive power on a
Second Infantry Division Public Affairs Office
                                                               group of infantry quickly
    RODRIGUEZ RANGE – Lined up in a file,                      is the main purpose of the
the M1 Abrams tanks named “Cold Pimpin,”                       round, that’s what it was
“Crimson Knight,” “Death Wish” and “Doin                       made for,” said Kim Dean,
Time” stood proudly with cannons raised and                    a TRADOC Systems
ready for Soldiers to fire the newest                          Manager-Abrams
ammunition in their arsenal during a live-fire                 contractor from Fort
exercise held at Rodriguez Range March 7.                      Knox, Ky.
    Soldiers with the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat                    The exercise tested fire
Team conducted a short sustainment gunnery                     at dummy troops from
exercise to test new canister rounds that will                 ranges of 200, 300, 400
accompany heat and sabot rounds currently in                   meters, and 100 meters at
their munitions store.                                         troops in the wood lines.
    “This is the first time we’re firing these                    Kim said the maximum
canister rounds and the live fire enables                      effective range of the
Soldiers to see what it can do,” said Maj. Chris               round is 500 meters.             Soldiers relax by their tanks prior to engaging targets with new cannister ammunition at
Connolly, operations officer, 2nd Battalion, 9th                  “Heat and sabot rounds Rodriguez Range March 7.
                                              Infantry         are primarily anti-vehicle. Tanks are best at                 canister round shoot before,” said Capt. Mike
                                              Regiment.        killing other tanks. Sabot rounds will put a                  Phrockmorton, Delta Company, 2-9 Inf.
                                                  According    hole in a wall. Heat rounds will burn a hole                  commander. “We think it should do a great job
                                              to a             through a lot of armor, but again, it just makes of suppressing troop targets without collateral
                                              document         a hole.                                                       effects which is what we’re having a hard
                                              released by         “Canister rounds will give us that spread                  time doing in Iraq.
                                              1st HBCT,        like a shotgun, that will be more effective than                  “This will make it much easier and Soldiers
                                              the new          heat or sabot rounds to eliminate enemy spread won’t be as limited to what they can do
                                              canisters turn   out in the weeds. It would be like trying to                  pertaining to the rules of engagement.”
                                              the tanks into   take a sledge hammer to take out a gnat.                          The exercise consisted of 10 targets of
                                              a giant             A canister round is anti-personnel but can                 varying distances including mine fields,
                                              shotgun. At      also be used to clear away wire, obstacles,                   cement walls, dummy troops, utility vehicles
                                              100 meters       mine fields, knock down walls and suppress a                  and bunkers.
                                              the new          bunker. It gives the tank a lot more capabilities                 The rounds riddled these targets with
                                              round            in a restrictive environment,” Connolly said.                 multiple wounds. Many of the targets
                                              pulverized a        Soldiers who fired these                                                   resembled spaghetti strainers
                                              cinder-block     rounds speculated what the             “My expectation of the because of all the holes put
                                              wall and the     new round could do and                                                        through them. However, not
                                                                                                   new round is it will knock
                                              enemy behind     how easily it would be to                                                     everyone was impressed.
                                              it. After        work with.                          down some freakin’ walls                     “I thought it would’ve been a
                                              several test        “My expectation of the           and put holes in stuff.”                  bigger spread,” said Pfc. Benjamin
                                              shoots at a      new round is it will knock                           Spc. Mark Lannholm Guillon, a tank uploader. “It was a
                                              utility          down some freakin’ walls and                  2-9 Infantry Regiment gunner light round though, so it wasn’t
The concrete target (top) proved no match vehicle, all         put holes in stuff,” said Spc.                                                hard to load.”
for a direct hit from the new cannister round scores were      Mark Lannholm, a 2-9 Inf. gunner. “Coming out                     Whatever the opinions were at the range,
(bottom).                                     100 percent,     here gives us the advantage of seeing how the                 Soldiers were able to test the new round and
                                              leaving the      new round performs and actually getting the feel              see what it can do to varying targets.
vehicle destroyed.                                             of it. Instead of just training on electronics, you               “It was a great event and a great
    The shot spreads are of 3/8-inch ball                      actually get to take crews down and have                      opportunity for all the Soldiers out here to see
bearings spewing from the main gun. The shot                   everyone work as a team.”                                     what the Army’s coming up with,” said Jason
is a consistent 10 meter spread for every 100                     “I don’t think anyone out here has seen a                  Dunm, tank commander, 2-9 Inf.
    March 24, 2006                                          Area I                                        The Morning Calm Weekly

                                               Rodriguez Range opens to local leaders
Camp Hovey Gate Hours                          Second Infantry Division Public Affairs
Camp Hovey has announced the                   Special to The Morning Calm Weekly
following access gate hours of
operation:                                         RODRIGUEZ RANGE – The 2nd
! 7 a.m. -10 p.m., Weekdays/                   Infantry Division invited community
Weekends/Holidays (Vehicles)                   leaders of Pocheon City to Rodriguez
! 7 a.m. – midnight, Weekdays                  Range, to provide a better understanding
(Pedestrians Only)                             of how and why they train the way they
! 7 a.m. – 1 a.m., Weekends/                   do here.
Holidays (Pedestrians Only)                        First Heavy Brigade Combat Team
! 5:15 – 5:45 a.m., Hovey DFAC/                Commander Col. Michael Feil hosted the
Fitness Center workers allowed entry/          visit on March 6.
vehicle access                                     An Army bus drove the visitors around
NOTE: Military police, fire, medical, 1st      the range, passing the Military Operations
Bde. S-5, colonel and command                  in Urban Terrain training site.
sergeant major vehicles are the only               Looking down from a hill, the MOUT
vehicles allowed to access/egress this         training site consisted of traditional Korean
gate during restricted hours
                                               houses with kiwa roofs and some urban-
                                               style buildings like those seen on a movie
       ICW Wrestling
ICW Wrestling representatives will be                                                                                                                                           PHOTOS BY YU, HU SON
                                                   “Laser beams are used instead of live
at Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s Sports                                                            First Heavy Brigade Combat Team commander Col. Michael Feil provides a brief explanation of
                                               fires here,” Feil said.
Bar and Grill, 7 p.m. April 6.                                                                 the type of training done at Rodriguez Range to visiting Pocheon City leaders..
                                                   As for the graves around the range,
  Parenting Skills, Safety                     Feil said, “Families are allowed to visit       either side of the water is blocked by              “By firing at the mountain, we can
    Education Workshop                         their decendants graves and conduct their       cement,” Feils said, “assuring local citizens    ensure the safety of the Soldiers as well
A Parenting Skills and Safety Education        traditional rituals.”                           the Army had taken measures to protect           as that of the local people,” Feil said. “In
Workshop is planned from 1 – 3 p.m., at            Next, they went to see the Warrior          the landscape.                                   addition to force protection, we almost
the following education centers: April 13,     Valley training site.                              “There are two good benefits to using         always fire at wooden targets, not on
Camp Red Cloud; April 20, Camp Casey;              “To protect the natural stream bed,         this site. One is that live-fire rounds will     metal targets so that the rounds will not
and April 28 at Camp Stanley.                                                                  not fly out of the training site, furthermore,   bounce off.
                                                                                               the valley will reduce the noise,” Feil said.       “I train here almost every day and the
            Dominoes                                                                              From there, the bus headed to the range       relationship with the local people here is
Starting the first Saturday in April,                                                          tower, the highest point at Rodriquez            very important. We will continue to
Dominoes will be played, beginning at 6                                                        Range.                                           coordinate with Eighth Army to prevent
p.m. at Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s Sports                                                          At the tower building, Meals Ready to         accidents from occurring and to carry on
Bar and Grill. Prizes awarded to the                                                           Eat, and fruit was available for the visitors.   the agreement we have made with the
winning team. There is no entry fee.                                                              Pfc. Seo Sang Myun, Headquarters and          Republic of Korea,” Feil said.
                                                                                               Headquarters Company, 1st HBCT,                     Lee Yong Jik, the community leader
 ASAP Awards Ceremony                                                                          demonstrated how to boil the MRE for             of Oga-sam-ree said tanks destroyed the
Area I ASAP is hosting its first military                                                      the visitors before Feil continued his brief.    drainage road and he wished something
and civilian award ceremony 2 p.m.
                                                                                                  Feil mentioned the two priorities that        would be done to fix it.
Tuesday. For information, call 730-4148.
                                                                                               U.S. Forces Korea commanders had                    The vice mayor of Pocheon City was
                                                                                               come up with. One was ensuring peace             informed by Kim Hyong Nam, the
      Holy Week Services
Holy Week services will be offered
                                                                                               and stability of the peninsula. The second       community relations officer at Camp
according to the following schedule:                                                           was enhancing warfighting readiness.             Casey Enclave, that there existed a proper
Palm Sunday, 9 a.m. April 9, CRC Chapel                                                           He also said there are three factors to       channel to resolve such problems and
and 1 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel.                                                                being safe and to preserving the                 explained the process to community
Holy Thursday, 7 p.m. April 13, Mass of                                                        environment.                                     leaders.
the Lord’s Supper, CRC Chapel.                                                                    He mentioned the safety for the local            “Today was a good opportunity for the
Good Friday, 11:30 a.m. April 14, Stations                                                     community, the safety and preservation           Army to hear the voice of the local people
of the Cross, CRC, and 5:30 p.m. Service       First Heavy Brigade Combat Team                 for the Soldiers and the preservation of         in person,” said Hwang Yung Chul, the
of the Cross, CRC.                             Commander Col. Michael Feil assists a visitor   local terrain.                                   vice mayor of Pocheon City.
Holy Saturday, 7 p.m. April 15, Easter Vigil   with their MRE.
Mass, CRC.
Easter Sunday, 9 a.m. April 16, Mass at        Leisure Travel Office moves, expands services
CRC and 1 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel.            By Pfc. Lee Seung Hyub                                                       “Before our offices were consolidated, I worked for
                                               Second Infantry Division Public Affairs                                   the Official Travel Office and there were a lot of leisure
       set for May 18-19                          CAMP CASEY – Camp Casey’s Leisure Travel Office, once                  travel customers coming into our office,” said Kim
   An Organizational Leadership                located in the Morale Welfare and Recreation building, has moved          Myung-Hui, site manager. “So we had to send the
for Executives seminar is scheduled            to Building 2408 behind the Post Exchange.                                customers to the Leisure Travel Office and heard a lot
for May 8-19. First-line supervisors              With the move, the LTO has consolidated with the Official              of complaints.”
and nonsupervisors who do not                  Travel Office and become the Commercial Travel Office.                       Since merging, those problems are a thing of the past.
meet the criteria will be considered              The reason for the change is because both offices were                 However, another problem has occurred. Since the LTO
for attendance at OLE if they are              providing virtually the same services but were divided into two           has moved, some customers had difficulty finding them.
GS-12 or above and class space is              separate entities because the needs of the customers were                    “After the consolidation, customers who want leisure
available.                                     different.                                                                travel have decreased because of difficulty finding our
   In all other cases (non-                       The Leisure Travel Office provided airline tickets for personal        office,” said Oh Eun-Young, sales representative.
supervisors and GS-11 and below),              travel to the United States or anywhere else abroad.                         The CTO provides almost every airline ticket from
applicants must complete a waiver                 On the other hand, the Official Travel Office provided tickets         American Airlines to Korean Air and also has tour
of eligibility Requirements                    for official travel such as permanent change of station, temporary        programs.
document for attendance.                       duty and emergency leave.                                                    “We are providing all kinds of airline tickets for the
   Nominations must be submitted                  Because they were providing almost the same services, many             lowest price,” said Lee Hyunju, sales representative. “We
through Area I CPAC, using DD                  customers ended up in the wrong office.                                   also have a tour programs such as China and Japan.”
Form             1556,            to              To reduce confusion it was decided to consolidate the offices.            The CTO’s operation hours are from 9 a.m. to 5                          Furthermore, the decrease in traffic due to the amount of Soldiers        p.m. weekdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
                                               now stationed at Camp Casey didn’t require two offices.                   for emergency leave only.
                 Area I
The Morning Calm Weekly                7                                                                                                                                                   March 24, 2006

Casey claims indoor soccer championship
By Pfc. Lee Seung Hyub
                                                                                                                                                                  Alvaro Barragan received a long
Second Infantry Division Public Affairs
                                                                                                                                                                  pass from midcourt and put the ball
   CAMP CASEY – After a brutal                                                                                                                                    into the back of the net, giving the
two-day tournament, indoor soccer                                                                                                                                 Casey team a 1-0 lead at the half.
teams from Camp Casey and Camp                                                                                                                                        But the Casey team did not stop
Red Cloud met for the Area I Indoor                                                                                                                               there. Less than a minute into the
Soccer Championship.                                                                                                                                              second half Leroy Tolo gave a swift
   Unlike outdoor soccer, the indoor                                                                                                                              kick to the ball out of midair putting
game only allows five players per                                                                                                                                 it into the goal for a 2-0 lead.
team on the playing surface                                                                                                                                           “I knew the ball was going in
including the goalie. Goalies are also                                                                                                                            once it hit my foot,” Tolo said.
not allowed to use their hands to                                                                                                                                     The 2-0 lead was too much for
block a shot on the small goal.                                                                                                                                   the CRC team to overcome, as they
   Usually played on a basketball                                                                                                                                 were unable to get the ball into the
court, the indoor game can also be                                                                                                               KIM POK MAN      Casey team’s net after repeated
very rough and fast-paced.                        The 2006 Warrior Division Post Level Invitational Soccer Tournament was held at Carey Physical                  attempts.
   Coming out of the loser’s bracket              Fitness Center, Camp Casey, March 11-23. The Camp Casey Team “A” won the championship                               “The game was hard but it was
the CRC team needed two wins over                 by defeating Camp Red Cloud by the score of 1-0. Both of these teams will represent Warrior                     good to win,” Tolo said.
Camp Casey ‘A’ to take home the                   Country (Area I) in the 2006 Eighth United States Army Indoor Soccer Championship, April 21-23                      “I’m very happy we won because
Area I Championship.                              at Area IV’s Camp Carroll, Waegan, Area IV.                                                                     that’s what we’ve been practicing
   Before the game, CRC player                    have a great match.”                               half, with no team able to gain an edge.                     for the last month,” said Casey’s
Rogerlio Pineda said, “we expect to                 Back and forth it went in the first                 That was until Camp Casey’s                               Adan Alfaro.

                                                                                                                                         A wealth of information
                                                                                                                                         available at
                                                                                                                                         By Capt. Erin M. Delevan
                                                                                                                                         Second Infantry Division Legal Office
                                                                                                                                             Have you been wondering whether or not you can
                                                                                                                                         deduct that contribution to the Combined Federal
                                                                                                                                         Campaign? Or maybe you’d like to know how much
                                                                                                                                         income tax you should tell your employer to withhold?
                                                                                                                                         Well, wonder no longer; because the Internal Revenue
                                                                                                                                         Service has a very useful Web site that can easily
                                                                                                                                         answer these questions and many others.
                                                                                                                                             The Web site is Whether you’ve
                                                                                                                                         already finished this year’s personal income taxes, or
                                                                                                                                         are working to meet an extended deadline, the
                                                                                                                                         homepage has a number of links to useful information.
                                                                                                                                             On the left hand side, there is a link called “Where’s
                                                                                                                                         My Refund?” You’ll need your social security number,
                                                                                                                                         your filing status and the amount of your refund.
                                                                                                                                             Click “Submit” and you should be told when your
                                                                                                                                         refund was sent to you or directly deposited in your
                                                                                                                        COURTESY PHOTO
                                                                                                                                             Note that sometimes the amount of refund you
  Second Infantry Division Soldiers joinin the Seoul Marathon Race. The marathon draws more foreigners than any other Korean race.       expected to receive is different from the amount the

  Warriors enjoy Seoul Marathon Race
                                                                                                                                         IRS actually gives you. This is usually due to simple
                                                                                                                                         math errors on your part.
                                                                                                                                             In cases like this, the IRS simply makes the correction
  By Pfc. Lee Yoon Joo                                             for the runners on the half- and full- marathon                       for you and sends you the correct amount.
  Second Infantry Division Public Affairs                                                                                                    Another useful link on the IRS home page is entitled
     SEOUL – The Han River welcomed thousands                         “My section chief encouraged me to enter this                      “Frequently Asked Questions.” This link is in the middle,
  of area runners and 2nd Infantry Division Soldiers               event and here I am ready to run,” said Pfc. Kim                      along the bottom. Click on this and the site will take you
  competing in the Seoul Marathon with a fresh breeze              Dong Yoon, Headquarters and Headquarter Company,                      to a list of topics -- you can search by category or by
  at the Han River Park March 5.                                   1st Bn., 15th Field Artillery, who participated in the                keyword. Sometimes it is easier to find your question
     The annual international competition is a                     half-marathon course run. “The scenery here is                        on the category list and sometimes it is easier to find it
  prestigious event, celebrating its ninth anniversary             beautiful and the air is very fresh. I think it’s going               on the keyword list, so be sure to check both.
  this year. About 12,000 amateur runners participate              to be a great run today.”                                                 You can find all kinds of topics here -- tax treatment
  in this event each year, which boasts the largest                   The full course group was divided into two groups,                 of Independent Retirement Accounts, IRS procedures
  foreign competition among Korean marathons.                      “A” and “B.” The “A” group consisted of runners                       and information for U.S. citizens living abroad -- just to
     The event consisted of four course selections                 with a recorded run time under 2 hours, 40 minutes.                   name a few.
  including six kilometer, 12 km, 21.0975 km (half-                    As the starting gun alerted runners to begin the                      A third useful link is the “Taxpayer Advocate.” This
  marathon course), and 42.195 km (full-marathon                   race, the Eighth Army Band began playing music                        one is right next to the “Frequently Asked Questions”
  course).                                                         lifting the crowd to its feet among shouts of                         link. The taxpayer advocate may be able to help you if
     The 9th Annual Seoul Marathon Race featured                   encouragement as the “A” runners went by followed                     you have an ongoing issue with the IRS that you have
  about 250 Soldiers from 1st Heavy Brigade Combat                 by the “B” group.                                                     been trying to resolve.
  Team, Fires Brigade, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade                    After a couple of hours the lead group of the half-                    If you’re having problems with the IRS, it is a good
  and Special Troops Battalion.                                    marathon race reached the finish line determining                     idea to call them and try to work it out. The IRS offers
     The Soldiers arrived early at Han River Park signing          the event champion.                                                   extended phone service hours at its Philadelphia service
  up at the Good Neighbor tent, set up by the Eighth                   Although 2ID Soldiers didn’t come in as the                       center for U.S. taxpayers living outside of the country.
  U.S. Army, to pick up their numbers and chips.                   winners, many finished the course proving they are                    It is available from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. eastern time,
     The electronic chips were used for the time check             truly “Warriors of the 2nd Infantry Division.”                        Monday - Friday.
March 24, 2006                                                                                                                                                                                        Page 9

Fire strikes Yongsan facilities
Area II explores options to restore public works services,
prays for injured Korean Service Corps employees
Area II Public Affairs                           the largest fire they have ever fought,”
    YONGSAN GARRISON — Three                     said Temporado.
Korean Service Corps employees were                  The impact of the fire was immediate.
seriously injured March 16 in an early           Gate 1 was closed until around 6:20 a.m.
morning fire that destroyed several              as Korea National Police personnel
Yongsan Garrison buildings.                      secured the outside perimeter. Korean fire
    The men are being treated for burns at       trucks, red lights flashing in the dark rainy
a local Korean hospital.                         night, lined the avenue across from the
    The blaze destroyed one Korean               USO at Camp Kim as firefighters blasted
Service Corps building and two adjacent          water over the garrison wall. At the peak
Directorate of Public Works buildings that       of the fire, flames shot high into the sky.
housed offices and workshops.                        Inside, Area II Support Activity
    “Our prayers go out to the Korean            firefighters battled the blaze as Directorate                                                                                              PHOTOS   BY   DAVID MCNALLY

Service Corps employees and their                of Public Works and other personnel                        Yongsan Garrison Firefighter Kim Tae-song sprays water on smoldering flames March 16.
families,” said Area II Commander Col.           braved dense smoke to empty buildings
Ron Stephens. “We wish for their speedy          of paint and other flammable materials in
recovery.”                                       case the fire spread.
    The Area II Support Activity Fire                “In addition to offices and workshops,
Department responded to the huge fire            we lost a lot of tools, supplies and other
around 1:55 a.m. Korean firefighters from        equipment,” said Director of Public Works
nine Seoul districts also responded with         Col. Paul Legere, adding that eight fire-
63 fire trucks and more than 130                 damaged DPW trucks are repairable.
personnel. The fire was contained within             Legere said a cost assessment is under
about five hours, though hot spots were          way to accurately estimate the total                                                                          Books, manuals and wood are quickly
still being extinguished throughout the day.     amount of damage.                                                                                             consumed by the fire.
    Stephens thanked the Korean fire                 He said that offices and shops once
departments that responded under a               housed in the lost buildings will be relocated
mutual assistance agreement with the             and tools and equipment will be replaced
Area II Support Activity Fire Department.        as quickly as possible.
    “Without their help, we may have lost            “It’s been a shock, but we’re still in
many more buildings,” Stephens said.             business. Some installation services may
    Area II Fire Chief Alex Temporado said       be affected, but there has been no impact
the fire is the largest in memory at Yongsan     on service order requests.”
Garrison.                                            The cause of the fire is under investigation
    “My senior firefighters, who have been       by the Korea National Police and the U.S.                  Firefighters spray water on what is left of the    Highly flammable materials remain untouched
here for more than 35 years, say this was        Army Criminal Investigation Division.                      Directorate of Public Works carpenter shop.        by the fire 10 yards away.

Longtime employees sift through aftermath
                                                                             By David McNally                                                some employees ventured a look at their offices.
                                                                             Area II Public Affairs                                             Heating Branch worker Chae Tu-sok searched what
                                                                                YONGSAN GARRISON — The March 16 fire that                    was left of his desk in Building 1346.
                                                                             devastated much of the Yongsan public works and Korean             Chae found a set of keys and walked slowly away
                                                                             Service Corps compounds also left its mark on the               from his desk.
                                                                             employees who worked there.                                        Director of Public Works Col. Paul Legere met with
                                                                                Some employees found out about the blaze after               Chae and other DPW employees Friday afternoon to
                                                                             reporting for duty, only to find their offices and              reassure and encourage them.
                                                                             workshops completely destroyed. Others, like Carpenter             “We are a DPW family and we’ll get through this
                                                                             Shop Foreman Yim Mu-ho, were called moments after               together,” Legere said. “We’ll take care of you.”
                                                                             the fire was discovered.                                           Legere said equipment would be replaced and the
                                               PHOTOS   BY   DAVID MCNALLY
                                                                                “When I saw the fire, I felt helpless,” Yim said. “I just    organization would “be better than it was” in providing
Heating Branch worker Chae Du-sok searches what was left of
                                                                             stood and watched the buildings burn for three hours.”          services to Yongsan Garrison’s 25,000-plus residents.
his desk in Building 1346 March 16.
                                                                                Yim couldn’t get near his building because of the               At the meeting, 8th U.S. Army claims personnel told
                                                                             ongoing emergency response.                                     employees how to file for loss of work uniforms or
                                                                                Approximately 185 Korean employees were displaced            other personal property in the burned buildings.
                                                                             by the fire. About 70 Korean employees worked in Yim’s             Legere said his staff is now working from temporary
                                                                             U-shaped Building 1300, a 1958-vintage wood and                 facilities and still answering work orders.
                                                                             cinderblock structure that was home to carpentry,                  “The impact of the fire should be transparent to our
                                                                             masonry and other shops.                                        customers,” he said.
                                                                                A U.S. Army employee for 36 years, he said this was             For DPW employees like Yim, who have invested much
                                                                             the worst thing that has ever happened.                         of their lives working for the U.S. Army, the fire may be
                                                                                “I feel devastated,” Yim said. “I don’t know what the        out, but rebuilding from the ashes is far from over.
                Carpenter Shop Foreman Yim Mu-ho speaks                      future will bring. At the moment, we feel lost.”
                about the fire’s impact .                                       In the hours after firefighters extinguished the flames,                      E-mail
10       March 24, 2006                                    Area II                                                The Morning Calm Weekly

        Radio Town Hall
The Area II commander and staff will
answer questions during an Area II
Radio Town Hall 11 a.m.-noon Monday.
Community members can phone
questions or concerns to 738-7040 during
the live broadcast or e-mail before or
during the AFN-Korea Eagle FM
broadcast. For information, call 738-7354.

     ACU Sewing Service
Beginning April 3, U.S. Army enlisted
Soldiers can take their new Army Combat
Uniform (ACU) to the Area II Sewing
Center for embroidery of name and U.S.
Army tape with Velcro only. For
information, contact your unit supply
office or call 738-5311.

ACS needs 300 Volunteers
Three hundred volunteers are needed for                                                                                                                                  PFC. LEE YANG-WON
registration, swimming, bowling,                Tejano star Shelly Lares and her band perform for about 50 Area II community members March 16 at the Main Post Club.
barbecue and fun-and-game activities
during the Army Community Service
June Jamboree. The jamboree will be June
2. For information, call 738-5311.
                                                Tejano music star sings for Area II
                                                By Pfc. Lee Yang-won                         Yongsan performance.
   ‘Harvey’ comes to Yongsan                    Area II Public Affairs                          “This is my second time in Korea and
The comedy play “Harvey” will be                   YONGSAN GARRISON —                        I’m having a great time,” Lares said.
staged 7:30 p.m. tonight and Saturday           Country and Tejano music star Shelly         “The people here are great. All of the
and at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Moyer Music         Lares performed for Area II fans             community members make us [feel]
Theatre. The cost is $3. For information,       March 16 at the Main Post Club.              really welcome here.”
call 723-5721.                                     A San Antonio native, Shelly Lares           Lares gave out autographs and took
                                                is known as “Little Miss Dynamite.”          photographs with the audience after the
    Family Walk ‘n’ Run                         She is on an Armed Forces                    show.
Step out and support the family 5-              Entertainment and Morale, Welfare and           “Twenty years ago, I saw Shelly
kilometer “Walk ‘n’ Run” April 1 at             Recreation Pacific tour.                     Lares’ songs hit really big in San
Collier Field House in recognition of              “For us to come over here and bring       Antonio,” said Sgt. 1st Class Albert                          Shelly Lares
Child Abuse Prevention Month and                home to [servicemembers] is a great          Lujan, Headquarters and Headquarters           as if the songs were theirs. I was very
Month of the Military Child. For                honor,” Lares said. “It’s the least we       Company, 8th U.S. Army. “Being from            impressed with that,” said Lt. Col.
information, call 738-8861.                                                                  the same state and standing right next         Daniel Hagmaier, U.S. Air Force
                                                could do for them for all the sacrifices
                                                they make for us and our freedom.”           to her makes me real happy.”                   programs branch chief. Lares’ Pacific
        Meet the CPOC
                                                   Lares sang “Here for the party,”             For some people this was their first        tour began in Japan. She is currently
Area II managers and supervisors have
                                                “Red Neck Woman” and “Can I have             encounter with Lares.                          visiting U.S military bases in Korea.
a chance to meet members of the Civilian
                                                this dance” along with a couple of              “Today she covered a lot of well-
Personnel Operations Center Korea 8:30-
                                                Spanish-language songs during her            known country songs but it sounded                E-mail
11 a.m. and 1:30-4 p.m. April 7 at the

                                               University talks about AIDS awareness
Moyer Community Services Center
auditorium on Yongsan Main Post. For
information, call 738-3603.
                                               Public lectures cover social, education issues                    Cho also detailed the economic loss due to HIV that can
  Summer Hire Program                          By Pfc. Lee Yang-won                                           be devastating to a nation in the long run.
Military and civilian dependent teens          Area II Public Affairs                                            “Last year among the HIV-infected patients, half of them
may be eligible for the 2006 Summer Hire
                                                    YONGSAN GARRISON — About 15 Yongsan were young kids from 14 years of age to 24,” he said. “These
Program. Session dates for college
                                               community members learned about AIDS March 10 at a people are the ones that will eventually lead our future.”
students are May 15 - Aug. 18. High
                                               public lecture at the Dragon Hill Lodge.                          Of the 15 AIDS lecture attendees, many were UMUC
school sessions are June 26 - July 21
                                                    The University of Maryland University College invites the students, but some used the information to further their
and July 24-Aug. 18. Registration
                                               public to free lectures on important social issues about five knowledge for graduate studies.
deadline is April 20. For information, visit
                                               times a year as a community service.                              “I’m a graduate student studying the AIDS epidemic, and
                                                    Dr. Cho Myung-hwan, AIDS Society of Asia and the this lecture has been really helpful,” said 1st Lt. Adrian Alina.
                                               Pacific president, gave a presentation about AIDS deadliness “I think it’s important for the military to inform Soldiers of
                                               and how to protect against it.                                                    AIDS and HIV awareness.”
    JROTC Scholarships
                                                    “Forty million people are      “I think it’s important for                      Cho pointed out prejudices some people
Seoul American High School Junior
Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets may
                                               infected with HIV,” Cho said.       everyone to be aware of AIDS” have against HIV patients. The truth, he said,
win one of five $1,000 scholarships offered
                                               “Among them, 30 million                               — Dr. Cho Myung-hwan is that HIV can only be transferred by body
                                               people die from AIDS, a                                                           fluids.
by the Yongsan Sergeants Major
                                               subordinate symptom after a victim is infected by HIV.”           “I always had a vague idea what AIDS was,” said Kim
Association by writing a 300- to 400-word
                                                    Cho talked about how the virus destroys a person’s Hak-sun, another lecture attendee. “Now I know clearly how
essay. Entries must be postmarked by April
                                               immune system and what pre-tests are available.                HIV actually kills a person.”
15. For information, call 738-4138.
                                                      “Unfortunately, we don’t have a vaccine for AIDS,” he      Cho said after getting his doctorate he wanted to share his
                                               said.                                                          studies about AIDS with the community.
            On the Web
                                                    Cho explained how a cocktail of 27 drugs helps patients      “I have been doing lectures about AIDS since 1991,” he
For more News & Notes, visit the Area II
                                               live longer.                                                   said. “I think it’s important for everyone to be aware of AIDS.”
Web site at and
                                                    He mentioned several partially successful vaccines that
click on the “News & Notes” button.
                                               only work for certain ethnic groups.                                             E-mail
                  Area II
The Morning Calm Weekly                   11                                                                                                                                 March 24, 2006

K-16 Air Base Soldiers have paintball blast
MWR tour offers combat                                                                                                                                  2nd Aviation Regiment. “Take cover. We
                                                                                                                                                        don’t really have a strategy, we’re just
adventure, folk village tour
                                                                                                                                                        going to run in and beat them.”
By Sgt. Christopher Selmek                                                                                                                                 The blue team won the first game
Area II Public Affairs                                                                                                                                  by storming the top of the mountain and
   YONGJU TRAINING CENTER —                                                                                                                             overwhelming the defenders.
K-16 Air Base Soldiers took out some                                                                                                                       The second game ended differently,
aggression March 4 by blasting each                                                                                                                     however, with the red attackers racing
other with paintballs.                                                                                                                                  in and stealing their opponent’s flag
   The 28 Soldiers split off into red and                                                                                                               while most of the defending squads
blue teams for two capture-the-flag                                                                                                                     were busy elsewhere.
games at Yongju Training Center,                                                                                                                           “We wanted to set up a few ambush
alternating offense and defense.                                                                                                                        sites, which we did, but we still didn’t
    Although the bus ride down lasted                                                                                                                   see them,” Rerucha said.
nearly three hours, many Soldiers felt                                                                                                                     Rerucha wrongly assumed that the
the travel time was well worth the                                                                                                                      red team had gone up the valley.
experience.                                                                                                                                                “The force we sent out to meet them
   “This was probably the best Morale,                                                                                                                  didn’t work out,” he said.
Welfare and Recreation trip I’ve ever                                                                                                                      Following the paintball games, the
been on,” said Spc. McKenna                                                                                                                             group ate lunch at a village located within
McClellan, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Aviation                                                                                                                    walking distance of the paintball course.
                                                                                                                              SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK      Following a brief tour of the area, it
Regiment. “I managed to get some of
my friends together and just have a really   Sgt. Neil Rerucha (left) and Mun Su-hee prepare to attack March 4 during a K-16 Air Base Morale,           was back to the bus for a three-hour
good time doing a fun group activity.”       Welfare and Recreation trip to play paintball at Yongju Training Center.                                   ride back to K-16 Air Base.
   Everyone wore protective masks and        players in Yongju have a whole                   order to flank them left and right while                     Yim said this trip was so successful
reviewed a few safety rules before           mountain at their disposal, complete             the center kept them occupied,” said                      he is already planning future paintball
beginning the first game.                    with crunching leaves, thorny vines and          blue team captain Sgt. Neil Rerucha,                      events.
   “You’re all military personnel, and       fallen branches.                                 2nd Brigade, 2nd Aviation Regiment.                          “K-16 wants to challenge Yongsan,
you’ve all done this before, so you know         McClellan said getting shot with a           “We tried to use combat movements to                      so I’m trying to set up something like
the rules,” said Eric Yim, K-16              paintball hurts about as much as the             get up the mountain and camouflage                        that,” Yim said. “We’re looking at
Community Activity Center director.          sticks and trees jabbing during the game.        ourselves, so I think this was really great               different courses, but this is the only
“Stay at a safe shooting distance and            “I’ve played before, but never quite         from a military standpoint.”                              one I’ve seen that allows you to go up
announce close kills. These things are       like this,” she said.                               Other players were a bit less                          into the mountains; get out into nature
washable, but if you get a bruise it stays       Some players had fun applying                technical.                                                and have fun.”
for a little while.”                         combat strategy to their game.                      “Don’t get shot,” said red team
   Far from being a flat battle arena,           “We broke off into three squads in           captain Sgt. Jacob Mohn, 2nd Brigade,                      E-mail
12                March 24, 2006
                                        Area II          The Morning Calm Weekly

  Dragon Hill Lodge opens
  new business center
  Facility offers myriad of                            Park said the business center offers
  computer-related services                         prepaid cards for wireless Internet
                                                    connectivity for the entire Dragon Hill
  Area II Public Affairs                            Lodge, including its restaurants.
      YONGSAN GARRISON —                               Employees held a grand opening
  Dragon Hill Lodge opened a new                    March 15 complete with cake and
  business center March 15 at the facility’s        refreshments. Throughout the day, the
  Market Square.                                    staff gave out free telephone and
      The new office offers a drop-off              Internet usage cards.
  point for express mail services, like                “We even gave out a round-trip
  United Parcel Service and DHL.                    ticket to the United States,” Park said.
      Dragon Hill Lodge Assistant Sales and            “I thought I’d won some phone
  Marketing Director Gina Park said                 cards when they told me I’d won,”
  customers will find a long list of services       said Master Sgt. Robert Willey, 18th
  at the new office.                                Medical Command, the stateside trip
      “Besides Internet access, customers           winner. “I never win anything. I guess
  can use the office for computer repairs,          my luck is changing.”
  cellular telephone services, translations            Ironically, Willey just returned from
  and printing,” she said.                          a trip to the United States.

Troop Command salutes
women in uniform
Yongsan celebrates Women’s                          touched by the show of support that I
                                                    immediately committed myself to
History Month 2006                                  volunteer there,” Alberto said. “Ever
By Sgt. Christopher Selmek                          since [then], I have tried to start some
Area II Public Affairs                              outreach wherever I have been
   YONGSAN GARRISON — The                           stationed.”
Army Troop Command saluted women                        This year’s theme was “builders of
March 14 at the Dragon Hill Lodge,                  communities and dreams.”
during a Women’s History Month                          Another important part of the
celebration.                                        ceremony involved nine women dressed
   Guest speaker Col. Donna Alberto,                up as famous figures in history. Each
secretary Combined Joint Staff, focused             woman read a short paragraph about
largely on one woman’s struggle to                  the woman she represented, and then
open the Women in Military Service for              invited the audience to guess her identity.
America Memorial at Arlington National              The women represented were figures
Cemetery, Va.                                       like Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey
   Alberto said that one woman was                  and Clara Barton.
retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Wilma L.                   “I thought that was the best part of
Vaught.                                             the ceremony,” said Michelle Van-
   “One wonders how one woman                       Woodfork. “We don’t often hear about
could possibly affect an entire                     the women who opened the doors for
community, but you can,” Alberto said.              us, and it was interesting that there were
“Vaught was one woman who touched                   so many the audience couldn’t name.”
not only every woman in the armed                       Several other presentations, such as
forces, but every woman who preceded                a poetry reading and duet, honored the
her, even into the American Revolution.”            accomplishments of women.
   One of Vaught’s greatest                             “I enjoyed the ceremony, and I
contributions, in addition to the                   especially appreciated seeing so many
dedication of the Arlington memorial,               men here,” said Rosemary Dow, who
was a database listing every woman who              dressed as Clara Barton. “In a lot of
ever served her country, to include                 places women are still held back, but
American Red Cross workers before                   it’s good for our little girls to have role
women were allowed in the military.                 models like these to look up to, and I
   “When I saw the opening of that                  think it’s making a difference.”
memorial, I was so awestruck and so                   E-mail

                         Area II on the Web
                                Web story
  This week read an e x clusive Web stor y about:
     ! Yongsan kids star in theater production
          ! AFN Television serves Area II with area news
                    V isit
The Morning Calm Weekly
                                                                                                                                                     March 24, 2006
Resources available to document newborns’ citizenship
By Michael Edwards                                     military passport acceptance agent or may be picked          ! Evidence of U.S. citizenship of the parent(s),
U.S. Embassy, Seoul                                                                                              which can be one of the following: full-validity U.S.
                                                       up at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul. The CRBA
   SEOUL – If you are an American parent of a          application includes the application for a Social         passport, U.S. birth certificate, CRBA,
newborn child, the child most likely is entitled to    Security card. The child’s Social Security card will      naturalization/citizenship certificate, and/or CRBA
U.S. citizenship. Parents should apply on behalf of    be sent directly to the parent by the Social Security     for a previous child of the same marriage born
the child for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad        Administration. Please allow from three to six            overseas. Evidence of citizenship documents must
issued by the American Citizen Services Unit at the    months for the card to arrive.                            be either an original or a copy certified by the
U.S. Embassy in Seoul.                                    Both parents must bring their child to either the      issuing agency. A photocopy or a “true copy”
   Before receiving a U.S. passport or a Social        American Citizen Services Unit of the Embassy or          cannot be accepted;
Security number, the child needs to be                 one of the USFK passport acceptance facilities               ! Evidence of identity: a valid photo ID such as
documented as a U.S. citizen. Since there are          located at Camp Casey (for all of Area 1), Camp           a military ID card or driver’s license;
several requirements, it is important to start the     Henry (Daegu), Camp Hialeah (Busan), K-2 Air Base            ! If only one parent is a U.S. citizen, evidence
CRBA process as soon as possible after the child       (Daegu), Kunsan Air Base, Osan Air Base or                of the American parent having resided in the U.S. or
is born.                                               Yongsan Garrison.                                         been with the U.S. military for at least five years,
   If the child will travel outside Korea, he or she      Parents will need to present on behalf of their        two years of which were after the age of 14.
will need a U.S. passport. In addition, Korean         child:                                                       ! If married, an original or certified copy of the
Immigration requires that parents of U.S. citizen         ! Application for a Consular Report of Birth           marriage certificate issued by a city, state, or foreign
children obtain a Korean visa in their child’s         Abroad (DS-2029/SS-5);                                    government;
passport within 30 days of the child’s birth, if the      ! Application for a U.S. Passport DS-11;                  ! Evidence of legal termination of any
child will remain in Korea for more than 30 days.         ! Two passport photographs of the child (2-            previous marriages, such as original or certified
Failure to apply for a child’s Korean visa could       inches-by-2-inches on a white background, eyes            copies of all divorce or annulment decrees or
result in a fine levied by Korean Immigration.         open, with parents’ hands hidden from view);              death certificates. For a Korean citizen, the
   Only the child’s parents or legal guardian may         ! $147 fee ($82 for the passport and $65 for the       Family Census Register is acceptable proof of
apply for a CRBA on the child’s behalf. The CRBA       CRBA) payable by money order made out to                  legal termination of a prior marriage. An English
application must be signed before a United States      “Cashier FMC, American Embassy Seoul” if                  translation must be included.
consular officer or a designated military official.    applying at a USFK base; if applying at the U.S.             ! Confirmation of paternity — if the father is
Applying for CRBA, Passport and SSN                    Embassy, U.S. dollars or Korean won equivalent in         the only U.S. citizen and the parents are not
   Most parents choose to apply for their child’s      cash or by credit card.                                   married.
U.S. passport at the same time as the CRBA. It            ! Evidence of the child’s birth, such as an               CRBA and passport regulations are complex
takes about two weeks to process an application for    original U.S. military hospital certificate, which must   and reflect changes to U.S. law as enacted by
a passport because the application is forwarded to     be signed and sealed by the doctor or a hospital          Congress. For downloadable forms and up-to-
the United States, where the passport is printed.      administrator, or a Korean hospital birth certificate,    date information about documenting a child as a
The child’s passport and CRBA can be sent by           which must be accompanied by an English                   U.S. citizen, visit the Embassy Web site at
military courier delivery service for pick up from a   translation;                                    
          March 24, 2006
14                                                                                                 The Morning Calm Weekly

                                          March 24-30

                           Glory Road                   Glory Road              16 Blocks              16 Blocks                The Last                  The Last              Tristan &
                                PG                          PG                    PG-13                  PG-13                Holiday PG-13             Holiday PG-13          Isolde PG-13

                          The Last                   Running Scared           Running Scared           Hostel R                    No Show               No Show                 No Show
                        Holiday PG-13                       R                       R
                           16 Blocks                    16 Blocks               16 Blocks              Tristan &                Tristan &             Big Momma’s             Big Momma’s
                             PG-13                        PG-13                   PG-13               Isolde PG-13            Isolde PG-13            House 2 PG-13           House 2 PG-13

                        Running Scared                  Munich                  The Ringer             No Show                     No Show               No Show                 No Show
                                R                          R                      PG-13

                          The Last                      16 Blocks                The Last              Tristan &                   16 Blocks            Tristan &             Glory Road PG
                        Holiday PG-13                      PG-13               Holiday PG-13          Isolde PG-13                  PG-13              Isolde PG-13

                           Freedomland                  Glory Road             Freedomland              No Show                     No Show               No Show                Tristan &
                                 R                          PG                       R                                                                                          Isolde PG-13

Running Scared --                   Tristan        &      Isolde      Big            Momma’s       The Last Holiday --                16 Blocks -- A troubled          Freedomland -- A white
Two 10-year-old boys get            In the medieval legend of         House         2 -- The       After being diagnosed with         NYPD officer is forced to        woman blames an African-
their hands on a mob gun            Tristan and Isolde, young         continuing adventures of     a fatal disease, a shy sales       take a happy, but down-on-       American man for the death
with which a cop was shot.          lovers become doomed              master-of-disguise FBI       clerk goes on a European           his-luck witness 16 blocks       of her son, but a white
After one of the boys uses          against the forces of royal       special agent Malcolm        vacation to live out the rest      from the police station to       reporter and an African-
the gun to shoot his father,        politics. English knight          Turner. This time he must    of her life. With nothing to       100 Centre Street, although      American detective think
then disappears, the father         Tristan wins the hand of the      go undercover as Big         lose—or so she thinks—her          no one wants the duo to          otherwise.
of the other boy must take          daughter of the Irish King,       Momma to nail his ex-        behavior becomes more              make it.
to the streets in a desperate       but the love threatens the        partner’s murderer. While    irreverent and outrageous
bid to recover the weapon           truce between their two           undercover in the house of   each day, only to find out
before the mob finds out it’s       countries. The young lovers       the suspected criminal,      later        she        was
missing.                            must decide whether to            Malcolm grows attached to    misdiagnosed.
                                    follow their hearts or deny       the suspect’s three
                                    their love out of duty to their   children.

                            Firewall                     No Show               Rumor Has It          Rumor Has It                  No Show                No Show                 No Show
                             PG-13                                                 PG-13                 PG-13

                           The Shaggy                   Firewall                 Firewall             The Last                 The Last                  Tristan &               Tristan &
                             Dog PG                      PG-13                    PG-13             Holiday PG-13            Holiday PG-13              Isolde PG-13            Isolde PG-13
                           16 Blocks                   Tristan &                Glory Road             The Last                Hostel R                  No Show                The Shaggy
                             PG-13                    Isolde PG-13                 PG                Holiday PG-13                                                                Dog PG

                            Tristen &                   Tristen &               Glory Road          Cheaper by the                 No Show              The Shaggy             Ice Harvest R
                           Isolde PG-13                Isolde PG-13                 PG               Dozen 2 PG                                           Dog PG

                           The Shaggy                  The Shaggy              The Shaggy              Tristan &               Tristan &                 Tristan &             Glory Road PG
                             Dog PG                      Dog PG                  Dog PG               Isolde PG-13            Isolde PG-13              Isolde PG-13
                           The Shaggy                Rumor Has It             Rumor Has It         King Kong PG-13          King Kong PG-13            A History of             A History of
                             Dog PG                      PG-13                    PG-13                                                                 Violence R               Violence R

                          The Last                     The Last                 The Last              Two for the             Two for the              Lord of War R           Lord of War R
                        Holiday PG-13                Holiday PG-13            Holiday PG-13            Money R                 Money R
                                                                                                                                                                  March 24, 2006
The Morning Calm Weekly                                                                                                           15
Passover traditions provide meaningful lessons
By Chaplain (Capt.) Avrohom Horovitz                             first observance of Passover. Moses then leads the         “bitterness of slavery” by eating the bitter herbs,
41st Signal Battalion                                            Jewish people through the Red Sea to Mount Sinai           and feels the joy of being redeemed by drinking
   Passover, which begins April 12 at sundown,                   where they receive the Torah.                              four cups of wine and eating a festive meal.
concludes at nightfall April 20. The night before                   Passover, as the holiday of spring, symbolizes             The special biblical precept that is identified with
Passover, the house and the car are searched for                 renewal, freedom and deliverance, and has always           Passover is the eating of and getting rid of all
leaven (bread), which tradition dictates should be               captured the American imagination. Thomas                  leavened food for the entire eight days of the
burnt or sold by the next morning.                               Jefferson proposed for the U.S. national seal a            holiday. Matzah is called the bread of affliction
   The first two days and the last two days of                   depiction of the Israelites in the desert, led by a        because it was fed to the Jewish slaves in Egypt.
Passover are major holy days and work-related                    cloud and a pillar of fire (Exodus 13:21). Benjamin        When eaten during the Seder, it brings back
activities are not allowed. Work is permitted during             Franklin’s proposal was Moses lifting his staff,           memories of the Egyptian experience. A deeper
the intermediate days.                                           splitting the sea (Exodus 14:16) with the motto            insight into the matzah is that the flat unleavened
   The story of Passover is told in the book of                  “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to G-d.”           bread represents humility, which is the beginning of
Exodus. Jewish people were slaves to the rulers in               Almost a century later, the chorus of the spiritual        liberation and spiritual growth. Only a person who
Egypt for more than two centuries. Moses receives                calling for freedom from slavery began with “Go            can acknowledge his own shortcomings and submit
a divine call at the burning bush to lead the Jewish             down, Moses,” and ended with “Let my people go.”           to a higher wisdom can free himself from his own
people out of bondage. Ten plagues were visited on                  The Passover Seder, the traditional holiday meal        limitations.
the Egyptians. The final one, death of firstborn                 of the first and second nights of the festival, is an         May we all be blessed this holiday season to pass
sons, “passes over” the Jewish homes and the                     opportunity for all members of the family to join          over limitations and realize the infinite potential in
Egyptian king agrees to let the people go. With no               together in thanksgiving. The story of the Exodus          every aspect of life.
time to wait for bread to rise, the Jews eat roasted             is retold through songs, prayers and stories. Each            For information about Passover Services, please
lamb with unleavened bread and bitter herbs — the                Seder participant symbolically experiences the             call 011-9832-1468.

                                        Area III W orship Services
  Eastern Orthodox                                                                                  Suwon Air Base Chapel              Tuesday    7 p.m.                Freedom Chapel
              Saturday 6 p.m.          Freedom Chapel                                 2 p.m.        Camp Eagle Chapel                  Sunday     9:30 a.m.             Freedom Chapel
                                                                  Gospel                                                     Mass
                        Protestant                                          Sunday 1 p.m.           Freedom Chapel                     Sunday     4 p.m.                Camp Long Chapel
                                                                            Wednesday 7 p.m.        Freedom Chapel                                5:10 p.m.             Camp Eagle Chapel
                 Sunday   10:30 a.m.   Camp Humphreys’
                                                                  Contemporary                                               KATUSA
                                       Zoeckler Station Chapel
                                                                                                                                       Sunday     8 p.m.                Camp Long Chapel
                          11 a.m.      Camp Humphreys’                               Catholic
                                       Freedom Chapel,                      Sunday    6 p.m.        Freedom Chapel          Faith Formation
                                       Camp Long Chapel,          KATUSA                                                               Wednesday 4 p.m.                Freedom Chapel

                          Ad goes here
          March 24, 2006
16                                                                                           The Morning Calm Weekly
                                                                                                       Culinary                                                                     from Page 1

                                                                                                       the competition for their American         battlefield. Each Soldier-chef is
                                                                                                       counterparts.                              selected for the competition based
                                                                                                       “British chefs held seminars and           on performance.
                                                                                                       they showed us different ways to              Winners of the competition are
                                                                                                       prepare food and that gives us a           often selected to be on the U.S.
                                                                                                       lot of experience, “ said Pfc.             Army Culinary Arts Team.
                                                                                                       Porfirio Romero, 4th Battalion, 1st           The American Culinary Federation
                                                                                                       Infantry Division, Fort Bliss,             sanctions the competition. Medals
                                                                                                       Texas. “We took the best things            received from federation entries can
                                                                                                       we learned from them and adapted           be used towards master chef
                                                                                                       the techniques to our own style.           certification. The competition is
                                                                                                       This is my first time at the               open to active duty members of all
                                                                                                       competition but next year, I’ll be         Services, DoD civilians, and U.S.
                                                                                                       coming back with more skills.”             Army Reserve and Army National
                                                                                                          “The demonstrations from the            Guard troops.
                                                                                                       British chef ’s have been                     The USACAT tradition began in
                                                                                                       excellent,” said Pvt. Anthony De           1976 when the first Army team,
                                                                                                       Leon, 6/10 Base Support Battalion,         consisting of three Soldiers
                                                                                                       Fort Riley, Kan. “They have ways           competed in the international
                                                                                                       of creating exquisite-tasting dishes       Culinary Olympics and won one
                                                                                                       that are different from our own            gold and two silver medals. The
                                                                                                       styles of preparation, so I’ve             USACAT represents the highest
                                                                                                       taken note of how they make                skill level for the Soldier who
                                                                                                       everything and I’ll have that              works in the Food Service
                                                                                                       training in my arsenal for next            Specialist military occupational
                                                                                                       year’s competition.”                       specialty.
                                                                                                       Raising the stakes                            (Editor’s Note: For full
                                                                                                          The ultimate purpose of the             coverage of the competition and
                                                                                      MINDY CAMPBELL
                                                                                                       competition is to elevate the              all competing teams, go to http://
Team Korea competitor Spc. Jay Ruff, left, and his sous chef, Pvt. Patrick Warner, strain some
                                                                                                       standards of food service in     
ingredients while preparing a dish during the Senior Chef portion of the U.S. Army Culinary Arts
                                                                                                       military dining facilities and on the      CulinaryCompetition_2006.)
Competition at Fort Lee, Va., March 10. The competition ends Friday.

                                                       DFAC Spotlight
                                                                           Area I Support Activity
                                                                                                                                           Company Commander: Capt. Ryan Gist
                                                                     Charles E. Kilbourne Dining Facility                                 Manager: Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Montgomery
                                                                      Camp Red Cloud, BLDG#: S-230                                                        732-6468
                    Area I Dining Facility
                                                                          Operated by HHSC, STB                                              Food Program Manager: In J. Son
                    HOTLINE: 732-6271

                                                                                    Surf & Turf
                                                                                  Monthly Special
                                                                             1st Friday of Each Month
                                                                HOT SOUPS
                                                                Kimchi Soup
                                                                Tomato Vegetable Soup

  Cpl. Sarah Watkins and Cpl. Taylor Jones, both of
                                                                Grilled Steak                          DESSERTS
  Company B, Special Troops Battalion, enjoy breakfast at       Tempura Fried Fish                     Pineapple upside down
  the Charles E. Kilbourne Dining Facility on Camp Red          French Fried Shrimp                    cake
  Cloud.                                                        Shrimp Fried Rice                      Apple Pie
                                                                Steamed Rice                           Brownies w/ walnuts
                                                                Baked Macaroni And                     Van/Choc ice cream
                                                                Cheese                                                                         Pak Heoun, cook at Camp Red Cloud’s
                                                                Baked Potato                                                                   Charles E. Kilbourne Dining Facility, scrambles
                                                                Broccoli Combo                                                                 eggs in preparation for the breakfast rush.
                                                                Fried Cabbage
                                                                Corn Bread/Hot Rolls

  Sgt, Maj. Dennis King, Special Troops Battalion, and Cpl.                        Mon-Wed and Fri                   Thursday                    Sat-Sun
  Kang Dongwoo, Headquarters and Headquarters                   Breakfast ($1.95): 7-8:30 a.m.                       6-7:30 a.m.                 Brunch ($4.10): 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
  Company, 2nd Infantry Division, make their way through        Lunch ($3.55):     11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.                 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.           Supper ($5): 4:30 – 6 p.m.
  the serving line.                                             Dinner ($3.55): 5-6:30 p.m.                          5–6:30 p.m.
          March 24, 2006
18                                                                                        The Morning Calm Weekly

                                                 Youth bowlers roll for scholarships in Far East,
                                                 Korean Youth bowling championships
                                                 IMA-Korea Region MWR                                                                              Okinawa Tournament Director Stacey
                                                 Special to The Morning Calm Weekly                                                                Smith commented, “I am very happy
                                                    YONGSAN GARRISON -- Area II                                                                    with our athletes’ performances. They
                                                 Morale Welfare and Recreation and                                                                 all showed great sportsmanship
   Win a Trip to the States                      Yongsan Lanes hosted the Far East Youth                                                           throughout.”
 Participants may win a round-trip               Bowling Championships and 2nd Annual                                                                 Yongsan’s Matthew Hwang was a
 ticket to the United States, or an LG           Korea Youth Bowling Championships                                                                 shining star with a 159 tournament
 laptop computer, simply by                      March 12 and 18. Both tournaments                                                                 average and rolling a 193 game.
 registering in MWR’s RecTrac. By                awarded a combined $1,900 in college                                                                 The Korea Youth Bowling
 registering with RecTrac at any sports
                                                 scholarships.                                                                                     Championships gave several strong
 and fitness, recreation center, arts &
                                                    Two youth bowlers earned a trip to                                                             bowlers another opportunity to earn a
 crafts center or autmotiove skills
                                                 the Pepsi National Championships and                                                              championship. As a scratch-only
 center, individuals will become
 eligible for a drawing to be conducted          two received berths in the United States                                                          tournament, it matched up 12 year old
 on American Forces Network - Korea              Bowling Congress Junior Gold National                                                             and above overachievers in a head-to-
 during the last week of June. For               Championships based on their play at                                                              head contest.
 information on RecTrac or the                   the local championships. The                                                                         Samuel Wilson, runner up from the
 drawing, call 723-3730.                         tournaments will be conducted at several                                                          previous tournament, poured it on this
                                                 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., bowling centers                                                             week with unbelievable scores. Four of
  Swim Instructor Sought                         over a two-week period in July.                                                                   his six games were 234, 237, 245 and
 A Child and Youth Services swim                    The Far East tournament featured 62                                           C     P
                                                                                                                                  OURTESY   HOTO   247 — for a 217 scratch average over
 instructor is being sought for the              athletes from Korea and Okinawa. This        Allen Wagner bowls his way to a second place         six games. The crowd watched in
 Yongsan area. The job is a NF-03                year ’s tournament had 14 scratch finish in the Korea Youth Bowling Championship                  disbelief as he racked up world-caliber
 position with a salary ranging form             games of over 200 pins. Most notably at Yongsan Lanes March 18.                                   scores.
 26K-34K per year. Applicants must               were a 248 tournament high game compete against over 1,500 of the best                               As in the previous week, Allen
 submit resume and NAF application               thrown by Johnathan Johnson of Camp youth bowlers in the sport this summer.                       Wagner wasn’t about to let Wilson off
 DA Forms 3433-1 and 3433-2.                     Humphrey’s, and 237 scores from five-            The 2006 handicap champions are                  the hook as they traded high scores to
 Additionally, local applicants in Korea         time Far East Scratch Champion Johnathan Johnson from Camp                                        the end. When the smoke settled, Wilson
 must complete a Local Applicant                 Christopher Baker and 2004 Pepsi Far Humphreys and previous Far East                              captured the victory with the slimmest
 Questionnaire.                                  East Handicap Champ Samuel Wilson. Handicap Champion Stephanie Badurski.                          of victories, defeating Wagner by a mere
 Resumes may be sent vial e-mail to
                                                    This year’s field of competitors was Johnson rolled the tournament high                        9 pins to secure the last remaining JG For
                                                 packed with talented athletes. Christopher scratch game and averaged 198 scratch.                 National Championship berth.
 information, call or e-mail
                                                 Baker captured the 2006 scratch title with Badurski rolled a 1,231 six game                          In the girls category Jennifer
 at 738-2311.                                    a 204 average, 1,229 six-game series. En handicap series and averaged 205                         Simmons dramatically improved on the
                                                 route to his victory, Baker was under handicap.                                                   previous week to average 183. Her
    Soccer Players Sought                        constant pressure from previous national-        Rounding out the champions honors                improvement appeared to be the result
 Anyone interested in participating in           l e v e l                                                                were the 11              of aggressive competition from a trio
 twice-monthly pick-up soccer games              competitors            “They all showed great sportsmanship year old and                          of sisters, Anna Theresa, Georgina and
 should contact John Eastlake by e-              S a m u e l                                                              below category           Athenia Laupola.
 mail at Players            W i l s o n                                                              w i n n e r s               When Tournament Director Thomas
 of all ages, ability and experience             (2004) and                                                Stacey Smith M a t t h e w              Bruce was asked his thoughts, he
 levels are welcome.                             Allen Wagner                                        Tournament
                                                                                           Okinawa Tournament director Hwang, Korea,               replied, “I have mixed emotions. I don’t
                                                 (2005),                                                                  and Kaiti Smith          believe there is an adult league team in
         Bass Tournament                         averaging 195 and 194, respectively. The from Okinawa. Smith’s exceptional                        this country that can outdo these elite
 The Second Annual Area IV MWR                   female scratch category was captured by performance of a three-game 646                           bowlers. Our adult volunteers have spent
 Bass Tournament will be 4:30 a.m. – 3           repeat champion, Jennifer Simmons. A handicap series brought victory. She                         the last nine years grooming these athletes
 p.m. April 1, at the Jang Chuk Gi               998 series sealed the victory for Simmons averages a 94 during league play and pulled             and in a few short months many of them
 Reservoir, about 45 minutes south of            and locked in her trip to the JG National out a 112 average in the tournament.                    will graduate. Next years champions are
 Daegu. Cost is $20 for entry fee and            Championships. Baker and Simmons will            When asked about her athletes,                   already chomping at the bit.”
 $10 for equipment rental. Food and
 drinks will be provided. This event is
 restricted to the first 40 to sign up at
 the Camp Walker Community
 Activities Center. Registration
 deadline is Thursday. For information,
 call Luis Rios at 764-4440.

           Indoor Soccer
                                                       There she is ...
  Tournaments Scheduled                              Miss USA Chelsea Cooley soars through
 The first ever Daegu enclave/Camp                        the sky, after exiting the airplane at an
 Carroll Indoor Soccer Tournament will                 altitude of 13,000 feet, during a tandem
 be conducted April 14–15 at the Kelly                    skydive with the U.S. Army Parachute
 Fitness Center on Camp Walker. Units,                    Team, the Golden Knights, March 14.
 organizations and individuals                      Cooley has become a regular participants
 interested in participating in this pilot            in USO-sponsored events like this, and
 program must register by close of                       has visited a variety of military bases,
 business April 10 at Kelly Fitness                            including: Camp Lejeune, N.C.;
 Center or the Crown Jewel Fitness                  Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba; and
 Center on Camp Carroll. The top two                               McGuire Air Force Base, N.J.
 teams will represent Area IV at the
 inaugural 8th Army Indoor Soccer
 Championships April 21–22 at Camp
 Carroll. For information, call Kim
 Chong-hwan at 764-4225, or Carlos
                                                                                                                                                                             STAFF SGT. BRIAN SCHNELL
 Algarin, 765-8118.
March 24, 2006                                                                                                                                                                             Page 21

HHC, Area III Support Activity

Headquarters Soldiers impact Area III and beyond
By Susan Barkley                               50, Army-issued individual equipment)                   we’re one unit.”                                    Bush noted that most of Soldiers are
Area III Public Affairs                        gear is issued to Soldiers in virtually                    “We have U.S. and KATUSA                      serving unaccompanied tours and
   CAMP HUMPHREYS – Members                    every unit on the Korean peninsula.                     Soldiers out there doing their jobs              thinks this allows them to focus on their
of one Camp Humphreys unit affect                 “Our Soldiers are mission-focused                    seven days a week,” she added and                jobs more. They also have excellent
the daily lives of Soldiers, civilians         and provide good customer support,”                     observed that many of the customers              opportunities to go to school.
and family members in Camp                     said Bush. “We support the installation                 really never see the Soldiers who                   “They are really good troopers,”
Humphreys, Area III and across the             and provide base defense when                           provide critical services.                       she concluded.
peninsula.                                     needed.”
   Without these Soldiers, others would           Bush noted that HHC Soldiers are
be waiting for official mail, waiting for      assigned to the official mail room, the
legal services, waiting for transportation     legal office, the chapel, the equal
for themselves or household goods,             opportunity office, transportation, the
waiting to land aircraft, waiting to fuel      airfield, the hot refuel point,
aircraft, waiting for clearance to take        Directorate of Public Works,
off in aircraft, waiting for clothing and      Directorate of Emergency Services,
equipment necessary to complete                Inspector General’s office – in short,
missions – waiting for a range of              just about every office or function on
services that are sometimes taken for          the installation that is needed by the
granted.                                       community.
   Headquarters and Headquarters                  There are five KATUSAs assigned
Company, Area III Support Activity, is         to the Republic of Korea Army
composed of about 71 U.S. Soldiers             headquarters who process paperwork
and 76 Korean Augmentation to the              and leave forms for all of the
U.S. Army Soldiers serving under the           KATUSA Soldiers assigned to tenant
leadership of 1st Sgt. Donna M. Bush           units. Recently a ROK sergeant major
and the command of Capt. Bernita F.R.          was assigned to HHC to assist with
Briggs.                                        training.
   These men and women daily fill                 Referring to the nearly equal number                                                                                                        F. NEIL NEELEY

jobs that support the installation and         of U.S. and KATUSA Soldiers, Briggs                     Sgt. Lee Ki-sub, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Area III Support Activity, consults
tenant units. They also staff customer         said, “Our KATUSA Soldiers do pretty                    with Chong Chong-sun, Area III Community Relations assistant, on paperwork to support the
service points in areas I, II and IV           much everything that our U.S. Soldiers                  public affairs mission. Lee’s work at public affairs impacts Soldiers, civilians, family members
where Table of Allowances 50 (TA-              do. Yes, they are KATUSA Soldiers, but                  and the local community.

KATUSA chaplain’s assistant plans to become pastor
By Susan Barkley                               Army Soldier, a member of U.S.                          opportunity to use his time in the               He also prepares the Chapel’s Sunday
Area III Public Affairs                        Army Area III Support Activity                          service to benefit a large segment of            bulletins for the community.
  CAMP HUMPHREYS – One                         Headquarters and Headquarters                           the Camp Humphreys community                        Jang also sings and participates in
Korean Augmentation to the U.S.                Company, is enjoying the                                and continue in his chosen career                many special programs at the chapel.
                                                                                                       path at the same time.                              Jang can thank his brother, Jang
                                                                                                          Cpl. Jang Min-woo has been a                  Min-sung, for the idea of applying
                                                                                                       KATUSA for 13 months and is                      to become a KATUSA. The older
                                                                                                       assigned to the Area III Chaplain’s              Jang was a KATUSA Soldier from
                                                                                                       office. Jang plans to become a                   2004 to 2005, and was assigned to
                                                                                                       pastor, so his daily assignments are             the 618th Dental Company at
                                                                                                       helping him as he helps the                      Yongsan. He strongly advised that
                                                                                                       community. Jang is majoring in                   his brother apply for the program.
                                                                                                       theology and English at Baptist                     “The KATUSA Soldier’s life is
                                                                                                       Theological University in Daejon.                very meaningful because we can use
                                                                                                          He plans to complete his university           our time more usefully compared to
                                                                                                       studies and attend seminary in either            the ROK army,” said the younger
                                                                                                       England or Australia when his military           Jang. “After duty hours we can use
                                                                                                       service is complete.                             our time to prepare for the future.
                                                                                                          “I work at Freedom Chapel as a                We are all students so we study. I
                                                                                                       chaplain’s assistant,” Jang said.                appreciate that I have a chance to
                                                                                                       “This job is a continuation on my                learn to speak English in the two
                                                                                                       path to become a pastor. I think this            years that I serve as a KATUSA.”
                                                                                                       is a very rare opportunity for me as                An additional reason for liking
                                                                                                       a chaplain’s assistant.”                         where he is and what he’s doing was
                                                                                                          Jang is one of 76 HHC Soldiers                summed up when he said, “Compared
                                                                                                       whose everyday work has far-reaching             to the ROK army, the facilities here
                                                                                                       impact. In his case he touches all               are very high quality. I live like a ROK
                                                                                                       members of the Freedom Chapel                    officer would. I have my own room,
                                                                                                       congregation. He sets up the chapel for          bath and kitchen. We couldn’t have
                                                                                      F. NEIL NEELEY
                                                                                                       each of the services by preparing the            imagined in our dreams that army life
Area III KATUSA chaplain’s assistant, Cpl. Jang Min-wo, sets up the chapel for each
                                                                                                       sound system and setting up the altar.           could be so good.”
Freedom Chapel service and prepares the chapel’s Sunday bulletins.
   March 24, 2006
                                                 Area III                                                                                The Morning Calm Weekly

                                             Humphreys group visits DMZ
                                             By Susan Barkley                                  11 for a trip to the Joint Security Area.               Humphreys. Song’s goal is to educate
     Civil Gathering Alert                   Area III Public Affairs                              Song Young-kyu, KFLCC president,                     both the KFLCC members and students
  Civil gatherings are expected to              CAMP HUMPHREYS — Four                          joins with the Area III community relations             while showing appreciation for the
  begin tomorrow and continue                Soldiers and two civilians joined a group         program to sponsor a trips for KFLCC                    Soldiers continued support of the ROK-
  through Tuesday in the vicinity of         of about 40 members of the Korea                  members, high school students from                      U.S. alliance.
  Camp Humphreys main gate and               Freedom League Chonan Chapter March               Chonan and personnel from Camp                              “This was my first time at the DMZ,”
  Daechu-ri. The gatherings may                                                                                                                        said Sgt. 1st Class Timothy M. Martin,
  occur anytime between 8 a.m. and                                                                                                                     249th Military Police Company. “Just to
  6 p.m. The Camp Humphreys main                                                                                                                       be able to walk in the building was
  gate may be closed without notice.                                                                                                                   awesome. Now I’ve been to North Korea.
  Daechu-ri, Bongjong-ri, Wonjong-                                                                                                                     This all had a special meaning for me
  ri, Nae-ri, Dodu-ri, Hamjeong1-                                                                                                                      because my stepfather fought in the
  ri,Hanjeong 2-ri and Duejeong-ri are                                                                                                                 Korean War”
  off-limits to all personnel except                                                                                                                       Spc. John B. Friend, Camp
  those traveling to and from their                                                                                                                    Humphreys BOSS President, echoed
  residence. All personnel are advised                                                                                                                 Martin’s feelings.
  to avoid civil gatherings. Monitor                                                                                                                       “You can hear about it, know that the
  the command channel (Channel 3)                                                                                                                      enemy’s there but to look across and you
  and AFN radio and television for                                                                                                                     see them and you’re like WOW, the threat
  the latest information.                                                                                                                              is real,” he said
                                                                                                                                                           KFLCC members had similar thoughts
    DFAC RSO&I Hours                                                                                                                 F. NEIL N EELEY   and feelings.
  Camp Humphreys dining facilities           Pfc. Abbey A. Schallhorn, 249th Military Police Detachment, uses binoculars to peer into North                “It wasn’t easy in the past to come
  will serve meals during the                Korea during her tour of the Joint Secutiry Area March 11. Shalllhorn was one of several Soldiers         over here and make a visit to this JSA
  following hours of operation               and civilians who accompanied the Korea Freedom League Choenan Chapter on a tour of JSA,                  area, but nowadays it’s more convenient
  through April 5 in support of              Observation Point Dora and Dora Station. KFLCC uses the tours to let their members see the                to visit and for more people to see this,”
  exercise RSO&I.                            reality of the JSA and they often invite Soldiers and civilians to accompany them.                        said Young Mi-choe.
      Pegasus Dining Facility
       Breakfast: 8 to 9:30 a.m.                                       Wild deer captured at Camp Humphreys
      Lunch: Noon to 1:30 p.m.                                                                                         Pyeongtaek city firemen Kim Kyung-soo and Han Sang-deok (left)
        Dinner: 4 to 5:30 p.m.                                                                                         remove a Korean Water Deer from the Camp Humphreys hot refuel
                                                                                                                       point bulk storage area Monday. The animal is a small, German
     Blackhorse Dining Facility                                                                                        Shepherd-sized deer that grows tusks instead of antlers. Area III
       Breakfast: 8 to 9:30 a.m.                                                                                       Safety office personnel captured the animal without injury. Following the
      Lunch: Noon to 1:30 p.m.                                                                                         capture, safety contacted Humphreys Directorate of Public Works
        Dinner: 4 to 5:30 p.m.                                                                                         Environmental office, which called in the Pyeongtaek City fire
           Midnight Meal:                                                                                              department and city services. “The animal will be cared for and
         9:30 to 11:30 p.m.                                                                                            released back into the wild,” said Kim Jin-sung of the Pyeongtaek City
                                                                                                                       environmental office.
      Flaming Dragon Dining
       Breakfast: 8 to 9:30 a.m.
      Lunch: Noon to 1:30 p.m.
        Dinner: 4 to 5:30 p.m.

    Housing Office Moves
  The Area III Housing Office is now
  located on the ground floor of
  Building 133. Hours of operation
  and telephone numbers remain the
  same.                                                                                                                                                                              PHOTOS   BY   F. NEIL NEELEY

        Lent and Easter

                                                                                                                                                        Mmmm, Pi
  Freedom Chapel is holding Stations
  of the Cross services each Friday
  through April 7, at 5:30 p.m. A
                                                                                                                                                        Humphreys American Elementary School
  Stations of the Cross service will
                                                                                                                                                        third-graders celebrate National Pi Day
  be held at 4 p.m., April 14. This
                                                                                                                                                        March 14, by measuring the radius,
  service will be followed at 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                        diameter and circumference of a pizza
  by the Good Friday service Easter
                                                                                                                                                        and apple pie. Paige Crofford and
  Vigil will begin at 8 p.m., April 15.                                                                                                                 Ashley Burton (at left) record
  Easter Sunrise service begins at                                                                                                                      measurements while Paige Severino
  6:30 a.m. Easter Sunday, on                                                                                                                           measures a pizza. Parent Chona La
  Freedom Field.                                                                                                                                        Barretta (right) assists the students. Pi is
                                                                                                                                                        a numerical constant that represents the
        English Camp                                                                                                                                    ratio of a circle’s circumference to its
  Families are needed to host a                                                                                                                         diameter on a flat plane surface
  Korean high school student for the
  USFK sponsored English Camp
  Apr. 4-8. For information, call
  784-4044 or 031-661-4044
                                                                                                                                        NANCY TURNER
                                                                                                                                                          March 24, 2006
                  Area III
The Morning Calm Weekly                   23                                                                           

Humphreys ARC station promotes preparedness
By Susan Barkley                            makes it worth it for me.”                    Jon Emond, Headquarters and
Area III Public Affairs                        Staff Sgt. Dalmida Cooper, 618th           Headquarters Company, 2nd Combat
    CAMP HUMPHREYS – March has              Dental Company non-commissioned               Aviation Battalion is a CPR instructor
been celebrated as Red Cross Month          officer in charge, confirms that dental       trainer who trains others to be certified
since 1943 when President Franklin          health is indeed a readiness and              to teach CPR. He said his goal is to
D. Roosevelt made the first                 preparedness issue.                           ensure      all     instructors       are
proclamation. The theme for 2006 is            “She steps in where we don’t have          knowledgeable in the subject matter.
preparedness and the Area III Camp          a Soldier and that keeps us mission           The instructors he trains turn around
Humphreys American Red Cross staff          capable. That keeps our doctors               and train their unit members.
of two and about 40 volunteers are          working,” said Cooper. “Ms. Cryer                He said that having Soldiers trained
working to increase preparedness in         does everything that a 91E (Military          in CPR enhances unit preparedness in
numerous ways.                              Occupation Specialty of dental                field environments.
    “We are working on preparedness         specialist) does.”                               “The new battlefield is spread out,”
on a continuous basis,” said Sue               Amber Cookey volunteers at the             he said. “The better Soldiers are
Carter, station manager. “We offer          Humphreys American Elementary                 trained the better their survival
CPR classes and volunteers can              school. She helps enhance                     chances.”
complete individual self-paced training     preparedness by giving parents the               Emond said American Red Cross                                                     F. NEIL NEELEY

for disaster preparedness.”                 peace of mind knowing that their              enhances individual preparedness               Kimberly Cryer prepares instuments for a dental
    Some of the volunteers are              children’s medical issues are identified      because it provides Soldiers a link to         exam. Cryer is completing a 600-hour on-the-
increasing preparedness in the medical      and receive attention. Cookey has been        the States in times of emergency.              job-training course to bcome a certified dental
and dental areas. Kim Cryer is              volunteering at the school since                 “Every Soldier knows Red Cross              assistant. She is one of the American Red Cross
currently completing a 600-hour on-         November and has logged over 90               is there to support them,” he added.           volunteers who help servicemembers maintain
the-job training dental assistant           hours to date.                                   American Red Cross volunteers               preparedness.
course.       Upon      passing     the        “Right now I’m helping with health         have logged about 3,000 hours since
examination, she can be certified in a      screening, she said. “We’re making            July 1, 2005, and contribute $48,000
field where there is high demand for        very happy parents because we’re              in value to the community according
employees.                                  making them aware of any problems             to Carter.
    “I assist in all procedures such as     that their kids might have or we’re              Jackie Pace is the newest face at the
fillings, extractions and root canals,”     reassuring them that their kids are           Humphreys station. She began work as
said Cryer.                                 healthy and OK. They can face                 a Field Office Assistant March 13 and
    Cryer, who is about half-way            deployments or do their job better            already sees her role in facilitating
through the 600-hour course, said she       because their minds remain focused            preparedness by “being available when
feels that she is helping Soldiers stay     on the mission and not on problems            the service members and family
ready for their mission and she is able     at home.”                                     members need us,” she said.
                                                                                                                                                                               F. NEIL NEELEY
to make good use of her time in Korea.         Many of the units assigned to                 For information on other ways to
                                                                                                                                         Sixth-grader Jeremy Love gets his vision
    “(American) Red Cross is a huge         Camp Humphreys have CPR                       be more prepared for emergency
                                                                                                                                         checked by volunteer school nurse Amber
and awesome organization,” she said.        instructors who provide training for          situations, go to the American Red
                                                                                                                                         Cookey. Cookey has been volunteering at
“It’s an honor to help out and that         their Soldiers. Chief Warrant Officer         Cross Web site at
                                                                                                                                         HAES since December 2005.

A-Frame carrier played significant part in Korean War
By Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Frace                          farmers who haul hay or rice from the fields. The use
Area III Support Activity                                  of the A-Frame was a dominant feature on the Korean
   CAMP HUMPHREYS - As you drive or walk by                battlefield. Using the A-Frame, a man could carry up
the Humphreys Korean Service Corps headquarters in         to 50 pounds of ammunition, fuel, food or many of
Building T-633, a Quonset hut across the road from         the other items needed to sustain the troops on the
Freedom Inn, you may notice a significant item. It is      front-lines. They did what military vehicles could not;
called an A-Frame.                                         these men carried an enormous amount of supplies
   A distinctly Korean artifact, the A-Frame has been      for a minimum of 10 miles, up extremely rugged
used by Korean workers throughout the country’s            terrain, in harsh weather featuring extremes of cold
history in construction, farming and transporting          and heat, under extreme hostile fire.
goods. A-Frame use continues today.                           A key fact is that they were and still are today an
   In the summer of 1950, North Korean forces              unarmed labor force.
overwhelmingly invaded South Korea. The United                 Although the A-Frame is not used today, the Korean
States military presence was not large enough to sustain   Service Corps continues to provide a strong civilian labor
the war effort required and was in desperate need of       force on the peninsula and in your community. They are
manpower. Lack of roads and extreme grades on              men who know their history. They are very proud of
existing roads, made it impossible to send U.S. Army       their predecessors, the men who made those long and
cargo trucks to the front lines. Within weeks of the       historic travels to support the fledgling Republic of Korea
invasion the Republic of Korea had organized a civilian    and the forces of her United States allies.
labor force to help make up for the transportation            You will see many of our Korean Labor force still
vehicles could not provide. That labor force eventually    today providing needed support in the Logistical
became known as the Korean Service Corps.                  Support Areas during Ulchi Focus Lens, Reception,
    The KSC regiments served long and tedious hours        Staging Onward movement & Integration, and
during the war hauling cargo over increasingly dangerous   throughout the community providing customer service
and very mountainous terrain throughout the conflict.      to all.
The KSC laborers remained exceedingly organized and            As you travel around Humphreys, take a moment
played a valuable part in the United Nations mission on    to see the A-Frame and reflect on the great service
the peninsula. The average schedule for the KSC members    the men of the KSC provided. We are all very proud                                                                  F. NEIL NEELEY
was to build bunkers by day and haul out the dead or       of our history and we should share this opportunity           The Korean Service Corps became known as the A-Frame
injured by night. Much of this was done by the use of      with our comrades in arms.                                    Army because they hauled war materials to the field on their
what is known as the A-Frame.                                  We will continue to provide this historical data as       backs using an A-Frame similar to the one displayed (above)
   The A-Frame was a wooden framed backpack,               in our earlier articles as we build the future of Camp        at the entrence to the 22nd KSC Company at Camp Humphreys.
much like the ones you see today used by the local         Humphreys, STAY TUNED.
March 24, 2006                                                                                                                                                                Page 25

Pusan Commissary contends for top DeCA award
Facility vies for title                                                                                                                    what the customer wants on a special

of best OCONUS
                                                                                                                                           order,” Phillips said. “Our store is
                                                                                                                                           very supportive to the community
                                                                                                                                           helping with activities such as the
small commissary                                                                                                                           BOSS Program, women’s club,
                                                                                                                                           chapel, and other events.”
By Cpl. Park Kwang-mo                                                                                                                         The commissary also partnered
Area IV Public Affairs                                                                                                                     with Army Community Service for
   CAMP HENRY – The Pusan                                                                                                                  an international cooking class that
Commissary is competing for the L.                                                                                                         taught participants how to use
Mendel Rivers Award as the best                                                                                                            products carried in the store. Such
small commissary overseas in the                                                                                                           services are intended to help
annual Defense Commissary Agency                                                                                                           patrons feel more at home,
competition.                                                                                                                               according to Philips.
   Pusan is competing against the                                                                                                             The Best Commissary Awards
U.S. Army Garrison, Garmisch,                                                                                                              will be presented during the Defense
Germany Commissary for DeCA’s                                                                                                              Commissary Agency/American
top small store award overseas. The                                                                                                        Logistics Association Conference in
award recognizes excellence in                                                                                                             May in Norfolk, Va. The Taegu
commissary operations and service,                                                                                                         Commissary was the last store in
and the competition is designed to                                                                                           PAK TO-YONG   Korea to win the L. Mendel Rivers
improve commissaries.                     Pfc. Ashleigh Abbott, 552nd Military Police Company, looks over an item while shopping at        Award for the best small overseas
   Wayne Walk, the Korea Zone             the Pusan Commissary, which is competing for the L. Mendel Rivers Award as the best              commissary, taking the honor in
Manager from Yongsan Garrison,            small commissary overseas.                                                                       1999. It also competed for the
nominated the Pusan Commissary for        is truly an excellent achievement for C o m m i s s a r y C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e          award in 2003.
the     award.      However,       the    an outstanding effort well Survey score of 4.90 out of                                              The Defense Commissary Agency
commissary’s participation in the         deserved,”          Miraflor           s a i d . possible 5.0, and sales growth of               operates a worldwide chain of
competition wasn’t guaranteed until       “The management and staff have more than two percent. The                                        stores providing groceries to
Richard Page, the Western/Pacific         received many positive comments nomination package also included                                 military personnel, retirees and their
regional director in McClellan, Calif.,   on the outstanding services they photographs that depict people                                  families. Authorized patrons
selected it to represent the region.      provided to their most deserving engaged in a variety of commissary                              purchase items at cost plus a five
   Area IV Commissary Store               customers          and    the        P u s a n activities and a store profile fact sheet.        percent surcharge, which covers
Director Lito Miraflor attributes         Community on their day-to-day                      Charles W. Phillips, Pusan                    the cost of building new
the nomination to the contributions       operation.”                                      Commissary manager, credits                     commissaries and modernizing
and customer service provided to              The nomination touts the Pusan customer service for the store’s                              existing ones. Shoppers save an
the commissary’s patrons by his           Commissary’s outstanding annual nomination.                                                      average of 30 percent or more on
staff and management.                     inventory results, unit cost savings               “Since we are small and carry                 their purchases when compared to
   “Being nominated for the award         t h a t e x c e e d 1 5 p e r c e n t , i t s limited items, we work hard to get                 commercial prices.

                                                                                                                                           ‘Blue Ridge Boogie’
                                                                                                                                           U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet Band vocalist MU2
                                                                                                                                           A. C. Smith dances with Kim Yeon-yi, Korea
                                                                                                                                           Freedom League Busan Chapter women’s
                                                                                                                                           member president, during the band’s concert
                                                                                                                                           played before a standing room only crowd at
                                                                                                                                           the KFL Hall in Busan Monday. The band
                                                                                                                                           performed in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia,
                                                                                                                                           Singapore and Hong Kong during its two-
                                                                                                                                           month underway period around the western
                                                                                                                                           Pacific. Busan was the last stop for the
                                                                                                                                           Seventh Fleet’s USS Blue Ridge before
                                                                                                                                           returning to its homeport at Yokosuka, Japan.

                                                                                                                           KEVIN JACKSON
          March 24, 2006
26                                            Area IV                                             The Morning Calm Weekly

             Indoor Soccer
                                                 Volunteers help spruce up Daegu
   Tournaments Scheduled                       By Cpl. Park Kwang-mo
 The first ever Daegu enclave/Camp
                                               Area IV Public Affairs
 Carroll Indoor Soccer Tournament will
 be conducted April 14–15 at the Kelly             CAMP HENRY – Soldiers from Area IV joined the annual
 Fitness Center on Camp Walker. Units,         Daegu City Arbor Day ceremony with local citizens
 organizations and individuals interested      representing several civic groups and organizations to plant
 in participating in this pilot program must   trees on a hillside near Keimyung University in the city’s
 register by close of business April 10 at     western district March 17.
 Kelly Fitness Center or the Crown Jewel           About 60 U.S. and Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army
 Fitness Center on Camp Carroll. The top       Soldiers from camps Henry, Walker, and Carroll, led by Chief
 two teams will represent Area IV at the       Warrant Officer Brian E. Parrotte, commander of
 inaugural 8th Army Indoor Soccer              Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Area IV Support
 Championships April 21–22 at Camp             Activity, and Command Sgt. Maj. Patricia A. Keit, Area IV
 Carroll. For information, call Kim Chong-     Support Activity command sergeant major, contributed to
 hwan at 764-4225, or Carlos Algarin, 765-     the city’s ongoing forestation effort, which began in 1996
 8118.                                         with a goal of planting 10 million trees across the city. Six
                                               Daegu enclave Cub Scouts also pitched in. About 500 Daegu
       ‘AA’ Meetings slated
                                               residents from 13 different civic organizations participated
 An Alcoholics Anonymous group
                                               as well.
 meets at the Camp Henry Community
 Counseling Center, Bldg. 1220, 6:30 p.m.          The goal of the tree-planting event was to sow 2006 trees,
 Wednesdays and 11:30 a.m. Saturdays.          symbolizing this year, on the hill. U.S. and KATUSA Soldiers
 For information, call Mike at 011-9372-       were assigned to two sectors with the task of planting 100
 0199.                                         trees at each location.
                                                   Daegu City Mayor, Jo Hae-nyung, recognized the
              Estate Claims                    participating Area IV personnel in his opening remarks and
 Anyone who is believed to have claims         expressed special appreciation for their ongoing participation
 against the estate of Maj. Timothy P.         in local community activities.
 Auvil, Headquarters and Headquarters              “I would like to say to all of the participants here to put
 Company, 20th Area Support Group,             your hearts and wishes into planting every tree for our                                                                               CPL. PARK KWANG-MO

 Camp Carroll, may contact Capt.               future,” he said. “About 75 acres of pine trees were cut down                    Sgt. Erica McCullom, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th
 Michael Summers, summary courts               here where you are standing now because of a fatal disease.                      Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), works alongside members of
 officer, at 765-4095 or 010-9429-1278.        To be an environmental city it is important to plant trees and                   the Korean Vietnam War Veterans Association.
                                               care for them afterwards. (Including the trees planted here                      including painted maple, zelkova, mountain cherry and acorn,
                                               today to replace the lost pine trees) we will achieve our goal                   were planted.
   Speed Limits Lowered                        of planting 10 million trees throughout Daegu.”                                     Parrotte was pleased with the successful turnout and
 Maximum speeds on Camp Walker’s                   Other city officials shared the same sentiment toward the                    positive response from the community.
 Nebraska Street, Rhode Island Street
                                               Soldiers.                                                                           “We have a wall that separates our two communities,” he
 and Pennsylvania Avenue have been
                                                   “We remember working together with U.S. Soldiers last                        said. “But we can break down the wall by going out into the
 reduced to 25 kilometers per hour
                                               year and we are very happy to have a chance to work together                     community to show who we are, which further strengthens
 through April 3. For information, call
 Rolen Johns at 768-8650.                      again this year,” said Hu Tae-jo, vice president of the National                 our sense of belonging and alliance.”
                                               Forest Conservation Association. “We hope to have more                              Soldiers also understand the significance of their
    Outstanding Volunteer                      events with U.S. and Korean Soldiers participating together,                     participation in local activities.
     Nominations Sought                        including this event, so that we can strengthen our                                 “Local residents may not know what we are doing inside
 Nominations for the Daegu-area                relationship.”                                                                   the installation,” said Pfc. John M. Feoktisto, Headquarters
 Volunteer of the Year Awards are being            After a brief explanation on how to handle and plant the                     and Headquarters Detachment, 6th Ordnance Battalion from
 accepted through Friday. Individuals or       trees, shovels and gloves were distributed. Then, Soldiers                       Camp Carroll. “So it is good to come out and show that we
 units can nominate registered                 and citizens spread out to their designated spots to help make                   are here to help the community.”
 volunteers in the following categories:       the community greener. This year, six different kinds of trees,                                              rees,
                                                                                                                                                       See Trees Page 28
 civilian, Korean national, youth
 volunteer, organization, unit and
 Soldier. Nomination forms are available
 at Camp Henry Army Community
                                                 MSC-K employee remembered at service
 Service. For information, contact               By Master Sgt. Kimberly Williams                          few words “not                             was diagnosed with a terminal illness.
 Bonnie McCarthy at 768-8126 or                  19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Public Affairs                                                                           given to much                              “(Foley) told me that he had lived a
                                                  CAMP WALKER – Soldiers and                               talking, but when                          good life, and that he had no regrets,”
        Apple Tree Hours                       civilians from Area IV gathered at                          he did, it was                             he said. “Foley was truly one of the
 The Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop           Soldiers Memorial Chapel on Camp                            best to listen to                          good guys, and all of us at MSC-K
 will be open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.            Walker March 15 to say goodbye to                           him.”                                      will truly miss him. I know I will.”
 Tuesdays through Saturdays until              Foley Bourland, the director of Support                        “A       quiet                             Bourland was born June 17, 1930 in
 April 1. For information, call Tami           Operations at the Materiel Support                          professional,”                             Central City, Kentucky. He moved to
 LeJeune at 764-4152.                          Center - Korea.                                             was how Brian                              Korea to work as a Department of the
                                                                                                                                  Foley Bourland
                                                  Bourland, who worked for the                             McClenning,                                Army civilian in 1976.
          Bass Tournament                      Department of Defense for more than                         deputy commander at MSC-K,                    It was in Korea that he married his
 The Second Annual Area IV MWR                 53 years, was medically evacuated                           described Bourland.                        third wife, Su Ok, at the age of 67.
 Bass Tournament will be 4:30 a.m. – 3         from Korea to Arlington, Texas, where                          “You could always count on him             Bourland is survived by his wife,
 p.m. April 1, at the Jang Chuk Gi             he died Feb. 6 from an untreatable                          to show up ready, willing and able to      Su Ok Bourland; daughters, Carol
 Reservoir, about 45 minutes south of          lung disease.                                               tackle the toughest problems,”             Stellmach, Donna Lathan and Terel Su
 Daegu. Cost is $20 for entry fee and             “Foley was a number of things to                         McClenning said.                           Bourland; sons, Daniel Bourland and
 $10 for equipment rental. Food and            many people, but what I remember most                          However, family was the most            Darrand Bourland; grandchildren,
 drinks will be provided. This event is                                                                    important thing to Bourland, he said.      Tammy Balkcom, Bobby Stellmach,
                                               about him is that he was a father, a
 restricted to the first 40 to sign up at
                                               husband, a leader and, for many years,                      “If you really wanted to see Foley light   Jeremy Bourland, Jamisha Bourland
 the Camp Walker Community Activities
                                               a loyal and dedicated public servant,”                      up, you just asked him about his           and Chelsea Bourland; great-
 Center. Registration deadline is
                                               said Col. Scotty Allison, commander of                      family.”                                   grandchildren, Haley Balkcom and
 Thursday. For information, call Luis
 Rios at 764-4440.                             MSC-K, during the memorial service.                            McClenning described his final visit    Persephone Lynch; and his sister, Jean
                                                  Allison said Bourland was a man of                       with Bourland in the hospital after he     Jenkins.
 The Morning Calm Weekly                                                 Area IV                                                                                                               March 24, 2006
Waegwan road-widening project a ‘win-win’ situation
Army provided land to                                                                                                                                                      earlier this month. It included expanding
                                                                                                                                                                           the road to four lanes from the old
help ease conjestion                                                                                                                                                       Waegwan interchange to the Gwaseon
By Kevin Jackson                                                                                                                                                           Bridge, and construction of gardens and
Area IV Public Affairs
                                                                                                                                                                           retaining walls along the thoroughfare.
   CAMP CARROLL – Area IV                                                                                                                                                  Soundproof walls were also added to
Support Activity officials joined Republic                                                                                                                                 minimize noise for residents.
of Korea Grand National Party                                                                                                                                                 Bae expressed his appreciation to
Chairwoman Park Geun-hye and other                                                                                                                                         Chilgok and Seongju Counties’
government representatives for the                                                                                                                                         Congressman Yi In-ki, other members
Waegwan Gateway Road ribbon-cutting                                                                                                                                        of the Grand National Party, and U.S.
ceremony March 17 in Waegwan.                                                                                                                                              Army officials during the ceremony. He
   William E. Christman, Area IV                                                                                                                                           said the support and cooperation
Support Activity deputy to the garrison                                                                                                                                    provided by all organizations was critical
commander, joined the ROK lawmakers                                                                                                                                        to the project.
and Chilgok County officials for the                                                                                                                                          “It enabled us to protect the
ribbon cutting. The U.S. Army was                                                                                                                                          properties of residents who live along
invited to participate because it gave                                                                                                                                     the roadside,” he said. “This road-
Chilgok County 1.7 acres of land along                                                          LEE SANG-HEON   PHOTO COURTESY OF   CHILGOK COUNTY PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE   widening project is one of our plans
the southern perimeter of Camp Carroll       An aerial view provides a perspective of the $20 million project that expanded the Waegwan                                    to improve our urban infrastructure.
to widen the heavily traveled road from      Gateway Road from two to four lanes between the old Waegwan interchange to Gwaseon                                            This project has greatly changed the
Gate One to downtown Waegwan from            Bridge. The U.S. Army provided 1.7 acres of land along Camp Carroll’s southern perimeter                                      shape of Waegwan town and also
two to four lanes.                           enabling Chilgok County to upgrade the heavily traveled road.                                                                 reduced the chronic traffic jams
   In exchange for the land, Chilgok         manager. “Chilgok County received land        Agreement Joint Working Group                                                   during rush hour.”
County provided the U.S. Army with a         to widen the road leading into Waegwan        Facilities and Area Sub-Committee in                                               The governor said the project was
$3.9 million compensation package that       town and Camp Carroll received some           October 2002. The agreement was                                                 necessary because Chilgok County is
included construction of three buildings,    new and renovated infrastructures.”           signed by Chilgok County Governor Bae                                           emerging as a transportation and
a new perimeter wall along the road,            The Ministry of National Defense,          Sang-do and then 20th Area Support                                              logistics hub for North Gyeongsang
dedicated lanes to enter Camp Carroll,       Chilgok County and the U.S. Army              Group Commander Col. James M.                                                   Province.
and renovation of two guard houses at        began discussions for the project in April    Joyner, who was responsible for U.S.                                               Bae presented plaques of appreciation
Gates One and Two.                           2001. A joint working group was               Army base operations in Area IV, in                                             to Plumley and Kevin Jung, director of
   “It’s been a win-win situation for        organized in September 2001. The              March 2003.                                                                     the Area IV Support Activity Camp
everyone involved,” said Wilfred             project was endorsed by the MND and              Work began on the $20 million project                                        Carroll Directorate of Public Works,
Plumley, former Camp Carroll installation    was adopted by the Status of Forces           in March 2005 and was completed                                                 during the ceremony.

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          March 24, 2006
28                           Area IV                                                  The Morning Calm Weekly

Trees                                                                                                                     from Page 26
   Participants enjoyed digging and          (Expeditionary), to a Korean                    This was the 34th consecutive year                 NEWS & NOTES
putting new life into the barren hillside.   Broadcasting System radio crew.              that Soldiers from Area IV have
   “This is my first time ever to plant         National Arbor Day is held throughout     participated in the city’s Arbor Day event.                  Volunteer Awards
trees so I wanted to name the trees I        the Republic of Korea April 5 each year.        U.S. and KATUSA Soldiers from                     Camp Carroll Army Community Service
planted “Lewis,” said Spc. Bernard D.        The City of Daegu, however,                  Camp Hialeah, Pusan Storage Facility and             will conduct its Volunteer of the Year
Lewis, Headquarters and Headquarters         traditionally gets an early start on the     Pier 8 will take part in the Busan City              Awards ceremony, 5:30 p.m., April 13
Company, 19th Sustainment Command            annual ritual.                               Arbor Day event April 5.                             at the Community Activity Center on
                                                                                                                                               Camp Carroll. Categories include
                                                                                                                                               military, civilian, spouse and KATUSA.
                                                                                                                                               Units must submit their volunteer
                                                                                                                                               hours and nominations by April 5. For
                                                                                                                                               information, call Yi Tae-yoon at 765-

                                                                                                                                                       PSB Field Exercise
                                                                                                                                               Charlie Detachment, 516th Personnel
                                                                                                                                               Services Battalion, will be conducting
                                                                                                                                               a field training exercise April 7-10. The
                                                                                                                                               PSB and the Camp Walker Post Office
                                                                                                                                               will be operating at minimum staffing
                                                                                                                                               during this time. For information, call
                                                                                                                                               1st Sgt. Tirrell Hickman at 768-7899.

                                                                                                                                                         Safety Course
                                                                                                                                               The Camp Carroll Transportation
                                                                                                                                               Motor Pool will conduct a Motorcycle
                                                                                                                                               Safety Foundation course from April
                                                                                                                                               11 – 14 at Bldg. S-934. A Basic Rider
                                                                                                                                               Class will be held April 11–12. An
                                                                                                                                               Experienced Rider Class is set for April
                                                                                                                                               13. Motorcycles are available to the
                                                                                                                                               first six people who sign up. On April
                                                                                                                                               14, a Moped Class is scheduled. All
                                                                                                                                               mopeds will be provided by the TMP.
                                                                                                                          CPL. PARK KWANG-MO   For information, call Wilfredo Santiago
Lee Dae-won, a resident of Daegu’s Bukgu district, and Spc. Bernard D. Lewis, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Sustainment          at 765-7717.
Command (Expeditionary), shovel side-by-side at the annual Daegu City Arbor Day ceremony March 17.

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         March 24 , 2006
30   Korean Language                                                The Morning Calm Weekly

                                                                       Learn Korean Easily

                                                                          Language Instructor
                                                                            Kwon Min-sook

                                                                       Word of the week :

                                                                       The phrase of the week :

                                                                      “When do you have the cherry blossom festival?”

                                                                      Boet-goht chook-jeh ohn-jeh-eem-nee-gah?
                                                                      the cherry blossom             festival                When is?

                                                                      Conversation of the week
                                                                                                                      When do cherry blossoms
                                                                       Boet-goht           ohn-jeh                    bloom?
                                                   Fire strikes        pim-nee-gah?
                                                 Yongsan facilities
                                                                                                                      In a few days.
                                                                       Myoe-chil           hoo-eh-yo.

                                                                                                                      I like cherry blossoms.
                                                                       Joe-nuen boet-goht-ul

                                                                                                                      Let’s go to the cherry blossom
                                                                       Boet-goht           chook-jeh-eh               festival.

                                                                                                                      Where is it?
                                                                       Oe-dee-soe               hahm-nee-gah?

                                                                                                                      At Yoido.