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									                                             College of Culinary Arts

                                INFORMATION SHEET REGARDING

                Baking & Pastry Arts                                             Culinary Nutrition

Application Information and Instructions

The application and all necessary forms may be downloaded from the Johnson & Wales University

Applications will be accepted from Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts A.S./A.O.S./A.A.S. degree
holders and students transferring from other culinary colleges which meet Johnson & Wales University’s
academic requirements. All applicants are required to submit the following items.

    1. Application
    2. Resumé
    3. Recommendation forms (three)
       ▪ two from chef instructors
       ▪ one from academic instructor
    4. One letter of recommendation (suggestions: high school/college instructor, current/former
       employer, community service/volunteer experience, etc.)
    5. Change of Status form (Only needs to be filled out by currently enrolled Johnson & Wales
    6. Interview / Telephone Interview will be scheduled by Program Director. (Students must bring
       their Student Portfolio with them.)
    7. Student Degree Progress (Currently enrolled students can obtain their Degree Progress through
       uconnect. Students applying from outside of the University will need an official transcript.)

Note: Please be aware that an A.S./A.O.S./A.A.S. degree in Culinary or Pastry Arts is a prerequisite for
N-4 and P-4 baccalaureate programs.

If you have any question prior to filling out the application, contact the appropriate Program Director:

Baking & Pastry Arts: Chef Gary Welling (401) 598-2695 email:

Culinary Nutrition: Providence Campus: Professor Suzanne Vieira (401) 598-1881 email:
                   Denver Campus: Professor Marleen Swanson (303) 256-9539

         Application, resumé, change of status form, letter of recommendation and degree progress/transcript
                                      must be sent to the appropriate campus:

               Johnson & Wales University                                     Johnson & Wales University
                 Culinary Administration                                           Marleen Swanson
                      HAC Building                                           Hospitality College, Room 315
                265 Harborside Boulevard                                       7150 Montview Boulevard
                  Providence, RI 02905                                            Denver, CO 80220
                 Phone: (401) 598-1925                                          Phone: (303) 256-9539
                  Fax: (401) 598-1379                                            Fax: (303) 256-9371

 (Baking & Pastry Arts and Culinary Nutrition programs)                     (Culinary Nutrition program only)

                    Failure to provide complete information may delay processing your application.

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