DACUM Research Chart for Culinary Arts by tzv97744


									DACUM Research Chart for
Culinary Arts


Rocco Basil                     Sponsored by
Sandscrest Foundation
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DACUM Facilitators

Carol Cornforth
Marian Grubor
Nancy Krupinski                                June 5-6, 2003
Ralph Lucki
James Hamilton, Team Leader
DACUM Research Chart for Culinary Arts
  Perform             A-1 Schedule     A-2 Check         A-3 Order         A-4 Receive       A-5 Brief staff
                      kitchen staff    daily inventory   daily food        daily food        on daily menu
A Managerial

                      A-13 Deter-      A-14 Deter-       A-15 Maintain
                      mine food        mine quantity     first aid kit
                      products         of food
                      needed           products
    Prepare Daily     B-1 Determine    B-2 Determine     B-3 Prepare a     B-4 Prepare a     B-5 Prepare a
    Sauces and        which sauces     quantity of       base beef stock   chicken stock     fish stock
B                     & soups are      soups & sauces
                      B-13 Serve
                      sauces and

  Prepare Baking      C-1 Prepare      C-2 Prepare       C-3 Prepare       C-4 Prepare       C-5 Bake
                      assorted dough   assorted          assorted          assorted          assorted breads
C And Dessert                          dessert sauces    dessert           dessert items
  Prepare             D-1 Set up       D-2 Turn on       D-3 Gather        D-4 Deter-        D-5 Prepare
                      buffet           kitchen           muse en place     mine breakfast    breakfast
D Breakfast                            equipment                           item needs        batters

    Prepare           E-1 Heat hot     E-2 Marinate      E-3 Portion       E-4 Prepare       E-5 Cook
    Lunch             food items       meats &           meats             sandwich          starches
E                                      vegetables                          condiments

    Prepare           F-1 Heat pm      F-2 Cook pm       F-3 Heat hot      F-4 Prepare       F-5 Prepare
    Dinner            sauces & soups   meat items        food items        dinner            dinner starches
F                                                                          vegetables

  Maintain            G-1 Monitor      G-2 Wash         G-3 Check          G-4 Store raw     G-5 Wash
                      employee         hands            food service       food              food service
G Kitchen             personal                          coolers and                          equipment
                      hygiene                           thermometers
  Maintain            H-1 Verify       H-2 Verify calibration on           H-3 Verify food service
                      dish machine     kitchen ovens & thermometers        refrigeration operation
H Kitchen             operation

    Continue          I-1 Read         I-2 Attend        I-3 Explore       I-4 Participate in continuing
    Culinary Career   culinary         culinary          culinary          culinary education programs
I                     publications     seminars          creativity
                                                                                           June 5-6, 2003

A-6 Conduct       A-7 Evaluate      A-8 Evaluate       A-9 Prepare        A-10 Train       A-11 Assure       A-12 Comm-
kitchen           food &            kitchen staff      daily prep         kitchen staff    kitchen quality   unicate with
employee          beverage          performance        sheets                              control           upper
meetings          reports                                                                                    management

B-6 Prepare a     B-7 Prepare a     B-8 Prepare a      B-9 Prepare a      B-10 Prepare     B-11 Prepare      B-12 Prepare
tomato sauce      brown sauce       veloute sauce      hollandaise        a béchamel       secondary         soups
                                                       sauce              sauce            sauces

C-6 Bake          C-7 Bake          C-8 Bake           C-9 Bake           C-10 Prepare     C-11 Prepare
assorted cakes    assorted          assorted pies      assorted           dessert cart     bakery case
                  pastries                             doughs

D-6 Prepare       D-7 Prepare       D-8 Prepare        D-9 Prepare        D-10 Prepare     D-11 Heat am
breakfast style   breakfast style   breakfast          breakfast fruits   breakfast        sauces &
eggs              potatoes          meats                                 breads &         gravies
E-6 Slice         E-7 Prepare       E-8 Prepare        E-9 Prepare        E-10 Order up    E-11 Set up
meats and         luncheon          salad stations     luncheon sides,    bakery &         sandwich
cheeses           specials                             e.g., Garde        dessert items    station
F-6 Prepare       F-7 Set up line   F-8 Prepare a      F-9 Prepare a      F-10 Prepare a
dinner            stations          la carte entrees   la carte salads    la carte
garnishes                                                                 specials

G-6 Rinse         G-7 Sanitize      G-8 Store          G-9 Dispose        G-10 Cool        G-11 Store        G-12 Clean
food service      food service      food service       of kitchen         food products    food products     kitchen floor,
equipment         equipment         equipment          waste                                                 shelves, &
                                                                                                             work surfaces
H-4 Identify damaged food           H-5 Report         H-6 Sharpen        H-7 Maintain
service equipment & attachments     damaged food       kitchen blades     time &
                                    service                               temperature
                                    equipment                             logs
I-5 Attend
food shows
General Knowledge and Skills                         Worker Behaviors

Sanitation skills              Safety skills         Stamina                    Intuitive
Basic recipe skills            Coordination          Lift                       Efficient
Basic knife skills             Menu skills           Flexibility                Conscientious
Food handling skills           Reading skills        Work independently         Confident
Knowledge of equipment         Hygiene knowledge     Discipline                 Able to handle stress
Basic first aid skills         Problem solving       Personable                 Dependable
Communication skills           Math skills           Creativity                 Intelligent
Time management skills         Research skills       Good hygiene               Analytical
Multi-tasking ability          Computer skills       Able to take orders        Quick learner
Culinary terminology           Delegating skills     Able to accept criticism   Concise
Stress management skills       Organization skills   Stand                      Logical
Food preparation skills        Crisis management     Perceptive                 Able to meet deadlines
Knowledge of MSDS                                    Assertive                  Team player
                                                     Able to teach              User friendly
                                                     Able to motivate           Sense of humor
                                                     Artistic                   Open minded
                                                     Curious                    Innate talent

Tools, Equipment, Supplies and Materials             Future Trends and Concerns

Cutlery                    Steam jacket              Learning versus doing
Cutting boards             Roasters                  Keeping up with haute cuisine
Miners                     Vertical chopper          Continuing education
Stoves                     Broaster                  Changes in dram shop laws
Steam tables               Steam kettle              Changes in health codes
Ovens                      Rotaisser                 Processing plants
Shams                      Walk-in cooler            Prepackaging
Steamers                   Ranges                    Nutritional awareness
Refrigerators              Shelves                   Convenience machines
Tenderizer                 Spices                    Computers (POS)
Band saw                   Food                      New equipment development
Chain saw                  Chemicals
Dish machine               Paper
Buffalo chopper            Safety equipment
Juicer                     Thermometer
Blender                    Hand tools
Slicer                     Uniforms
Food processor             Skillets
Garnish tools              Shaving equipment
Stainless steel bowls      Whisks

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