Date of Interview 102308 Student Aaron Messuri, Senior at by tzv97744


									Date of Interview: 10/23/08
Student: Aaron Messuri, Senior at Central Academy
Program: Advanced Culinary Arts
Technical Center: Renaissance

                            What are your future career goals or dream?
                            “I want to own my own Italian restaurant.”

                            What are your plans after high school?
                            “I plan to go to a culinary arts school. I’m looking at Le
                            Cordon Bleu in Portland, Oregon.”

                            How did you hear about this program?
                            “through my culinary instructor at my high school”

                            What are you learning about in class right now?
                            “How to open a restaurant. Today in class we prepared a
                            lunch for a soft opening at Café Renaissance.”

                            Do you use the skills you are learning outside of class?
“Yes, for example at my work and at home cooking for the family. What’s helped me the
most is learning to convert measurements such as cups to ounces.”

Is there anything different about this class than your other classes?
“Yes, it’s much more advanced.”

What’s the homework like?
“We haven’t really had any. If so, it is to evaluate a recipe you cooked over the weekend.

How do you get to the class?
“I drive.”

What’ your favorite thing to cook?
“I make a garlic chicken alfredo pizza from scratch.”

What do you like most about the class?
“I like learning new things such as new methods of how to cook and new recipes.”

Describe your instructor.
“Chef Hickman is incredibly talented, nice, and humble.”

Do you have any advice for other students considering taking the class?
“Don’t let the stress get to you like messing up on a recipe. There is always something
you can do to fix it. I don’t recommend this class to all students but if you are passionate
about cooking then follow it.”

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