Illicit Discharge Unresolved Issue #1 by pmv10607


									          Illicit Discharge
        Unresolved Issue: #1
Staff Training
Controversial issue: Frequency and Level of
    Training Required
A.) Training event (given by permittee, program-
    wide, or outside provider) (1x/year)
B.) Inspector’s Network Meetings (within one bug
    city or county wide, BASMAA wide), to meet
           Illicit Discharge
         Unresolved Issue: #2
Reporting Requirements
Controversial issue: Level of detail and report format
A.) Require complete database of all illicit
    discharge incidents and the enforcement
    action including verbal warnings
B.) Summary of cases/investigations and the
    enforcement actions taken, excluding verbal
            Illicit Discharge
          Unresolved Issue: #3
Collection System Screening
Controversial issue: Effectiveness and frequency of
    screening inspections
A.) At strategic collection system access points once in dry
     season and once in wet season
B.) At strategic collection system access points once during
     pre-rainy season inspection
C.) Rely only on surveillance by Muni employees and
     citizens during other activities.

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